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  • Woozle: Supreme Uberwensch, general support, web hostess
  • Charlotte: tech support, apprentice in warp-drive arcana (aka Mastomaintenance)
  • ash: backend stuff, gay crimes

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Code of Conduct

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason

Limited servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
gleasonator.dev same people as gleasonator.com, a Freeze Peach instance
glindr.org instance belonging to Graham Linehan, noted transphobe
neenster.org promotion of GC/TERF disinformation
pieville.net Very ugh. A glance at the public timeline reveals anti-semitism, mysoginistic name-calling, spreading of election disinformation. https://pieville.net/public
shrike.club https://archive.ph/PetvA

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
7td.org Nazism, fascism, slurs, etc.
activism.openworlds.info Eugenics, non-moderation, etc.
angrytoday.com "There is NO 'The Right to not be offended.;. Free Speech by the letter of the law. Only offensive speech needs to be protected," antivaxx, ableism, racism, etc.
archivefedifor.fun Run by the ligma.pro admin [r000t] transmisia, data scraping, etc.
bae.st Harassment, slurs, fascism, etc.
baraag.net Sexual depictions of children, Nazism, etc.
beefyboys.win Transmisia, etc.
boseburo.ddns.net "This instance stands for Freedom of Speech...This instance stands against politically correctness and censorship in any form"
buckeye.social Transmisia, Gab support, etc
budsbots.com Antivaxx conspiracies, etc.
canberrasocial.net "...we do not censor based on ideas or political views," racism, queermisia, etc.
catgirl.life Nazism, racism, queermisia, ableism, sexual art of minors, harassment, etc.
cawfee.club Queermisia, kinmisia, etc.
coom.club Non-moderation, queermisia, fascism, etc.
counter.fedi.live Non-moderation, Soapbox instance, etc.
crypto-group-buy.com Spam
definitely-not-archivefedifor.fun Run by the ligma.pro admin [r000t], transmisia, data scraping, etc.
detroitriotcity.com Racism, slurs, etc.
d-fens.systems Fascism
dickkickextremist.xyz Fascism
djsumdog.com COVID-19 denial, calling for violence against renters, etc.
dogeposting.social Fascism, white supremacy, right-wing conspiracies, etc.
eientei.org Harassment, slurs, fascism, etc.
expired.mentality.rip Ableism, Gab friendly, etc.
fedi.gealdor.space Racism, harassment, kinmisia, run by the former cryptids.online admin (skeleton/socialskeleton)
fedi.n0id.space Defending fascists, anti-moderation
freeatlantis.com Transmisia, fascism, etc.
freecumextremist.com Nazism, ableism, etc.
fuck-man-i-just-want-like-one-friend.xyz Run by the ligma.pro admin [r000t], transmisia, data scraping, etc.
gab.protohype.net freeze peach instance
gameliberty.club Nazism, racism, queermisia, ableism, sexual art of minors, harassment, etc.
gamers.exposed Joking about sexual assault, racism, etc
gearlandia.haus Harassment, slurs, fascism, etc.
gitmo.life reports of fash-leaning ideology, lack of moderation; user poll supported block with 3/10 in favor, 7/10 abstaining - https://toot.cat/@news/105776013377341436
gleasonator.com Soapbox instance run by a spinster.xyz admin, TERFs
gnusocial.club Issued veiled death-threat to one of our users -- see https://toot.cat/@woozle/106117336378952428
hagra.net Nazism, pedophilia, etc.
hitchhiker.social Racism, TERF, etc.
honkwerx.tech admin advocates anti-trans violence
hunk.city Spam, harassment, etc.
husk.site Fascism, etc.
icyphox.sh "I care about freedom, both in software and speech. I police no opinion."
iddqd.social Racism, antisemitism, transmisia, Nazism, slurs, automated follows, etc.
jaeger.website Run by the jpop.club and hedgehoghunter.club admin, transmisia, non-moderation, etc.
jmizzle.com Transmisia
jojo.singleuser.club Racism, ableism, etc.
justicewarrior.social Fascism, COVID misinformation, etc.
kartoffel.cafe Praising FSE for being "What gab.com wishes it could be," along with listing itself with fascist instances and instances containing sexual imagery of minors
kawen.space Sealioning transmisia, antisemitic conspiracy meme
kenhbit.com Cryptocurrency spam
koyu.space Defending fascists, anti-moderation
lets.bemoe.online Hosting neckbeard.xyz admin (username: sjw)
liberdon.com Hosting fascists, COVID denial, spreading the "voter fraud" myth of recent US elections, lack of actual moderation, etc.
librenet.co.za Antivaxx, racism, ableism, etc
ligma.pro Transmisia, data scraping, etc.
lor.sh Ableist slur in /about/more, "Respect free speech, but do not abuse it."
loveforlandlords.com Classism, supporting colonialism, etc.
masthead.social Pro-Trump content, defending fascists, spreading misinformation that the US white supremacist coup attempt was done by antifascists, seemingly inactive staff, etc.
mastodon.bgzashtita.es Violent and somewhat incomprehensible pro-Russia takes from what I assume is the admin. https://mastodon.bgzashtita.es/@fsb/107985121831667692 https://mastodon.bgzashtita.es/@fsb/107985120463250468 etc.
mastodon.hatthieves.es Run by the social.hatthieves.es admin, mass following
mastodon.org.uk COVID-19 conspiracies, racism, nationalism, etc.
micca.xyz Racism, transmisia, etc.
midwaytrades.com Fascism
mstdn.io Has become a haven for 9chan incels [the moderator appears to be active, but has not taken action], queermisia, misogyny, etc.
mu.zaitcev.nu Supporting harassment, threatening violence, antifatness, transmisia, etc.
neckbeard.xyz Fascism, non-moderation, etc.
nicecrew.digital Harassment, slurs, fascism, etc.
nnia.space Pedophile instance
nobodyhasthe.biz Nazism, transmisia, joking about sexual assault, etc.
norge.social Racism, generally full of fascist content, etc.
peertube.bittube.video No moderation
peertube.quaylessed.icu "censorship free video platform"
peertube.satoshishop.de Instance for what appears to be a cryptocurrency clothing shop/hosting company
peertube.tech Monetized by "...the new attention economy..." cryptocurrency, financial and cryptocurrency instance
peertube.uno "[translated]...we are not interested in censoring you for political or philosophical opinions."
peervideo.club Nazism, racism, queermisia, ableism, sexual art of minors, harassment, etc.
pleroma.com Run by the admin of bikeshed.party, fascism, spam, etc.
pleroma.comfy.moe Hosting neckbeard.xyz admin (username: sjw)
pleroma.jeder.pl Nazi imagery [Pepe], ableism, etc.
pleroma.mouse.services Admin owns an account on rape.lol
pleroma.uwah.moe pleroma.uwah.moe (Queermisia)
pl.skyn3t.in Fascism, queermisia, fatmisia, ableism, imagery of assault on the marginalized, slurs, nazism, etc.
pl.tkammer.de TERF ideology
poa.st Non-moderation, fascism, etc.
pooper.social Transmisia
posting.lolicon.rocks Sexual depictions of children, Nazism, etc.
princess.cat Run by a freespeechextremist.com user, fascism, ableism, etc.
prout.social Nazism, KKK, etc.
qoto.org "An inclusive free speech instance," transmisia, COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, etc.
rage.lol Queermisia, slurs, fascism, etc.
raplst.town Sexual assault instance
rdrama.cc Transmisia, ableism, etc.
scrapist.xyz Reports of scraping by r000t again
search.fedi.app Followbot instance, most likely indexing
smugloli.net Backup domain of smuglo.li (Sexual art of minors)
sneak.berlin Harassment, Gab friendly, possibly data scraping
social.beckmeyer.us Soapbox FE instance
social.byoblu.com Fascism, right-wing conspiracies, etc.
social.hatthieves.es Automated public timeline posting and followbotting
social.hendrixgames.com Trumpism (silenced 2021-10-26; escalated to "suspend" by popular acclaim on 2021-10-28)
social.sphere.com.ai Spam instance
social.thisisjoes.site "Freedom of speech and association are valued here."
social.tinfoil-hat.net Racism, nazi symbolism [Pepe], etc.
socnet.supes.com Non-moderation, fascist content, transmisia, racism, etc.
solagg.com Following TenForward's lead here -- https://tenforward.social/@guinan/106998486031559233 If there was a way to just prevent them following our accounts, plus silencing their posts, I'd do that.
spinster.xyz Gab instance, TERFs
springbo.cc White supremacy, etc.
stereophonic.space Racism, ableism, slurs, etc.
thewired.xyz Gab and FSE friendly, transmisia, etc.
toast.cafe Ableist slur, etc.
tube.chatelet.ovh No moderation
tube.gnous.eu "[translated]...any type of political video is accepted regardless of political orientation..."
tube.lain.church Code of conduct links to ASCII art, no moderation
udongein.xyz Sexual art of minors
us.tv Hosted by fascist platforming company 'Epik,' "To allow people to upload their content without censorship."
uwu.social Facism, transmisia, hosting Gab users, etc
varishangout.net Harassment, slurs, fascism, etc.
video.autizmo.xyz Ableism, non-moderation, fascism, etc.
video.fediverso.net MRA, anti-feminism
video.galacticstrip.com "We allow to host...more controversial material as we honor freedom of speech..."
video.nobodyhasthe.biz Nazism, etc.
videos.libreha.sh "...there has been much anger and frustration in the crypto space regarding the apparent 'censorship' of certain blockchain influencers. Thus, we've decided to establish this instance..."
videos.lukesmith.xyz Fascism, slurs, etc.
wetfish.space Hosting neckbeard.xyz admin (username: sjw)
witches.live Racism, harassment
wrongthink.me Reports of non-moderation, Nazism, misogyny, etc.
www.canberrasocial.net "...we do not censor based on ideas or political views," racism, queermisia, etc.
zetamu.club zoophilia and child-abuse content; banned from Twitter