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I don't know what I am, but I'm here.

I write a lot about feelings (especially grief) and dissolving the plutonomy. I code; I record original music; I build shelves; I pull out wisteria; I parent; I friend.

In suspended transition from 2000-2016, struggling towards transgirl since then.

uspol (workshopping imagery and slogans) 

Thinking about a variant of "DEFUND POLICE" that speaks more directly to the idea of "stop giving all our money to cops and invest it in helping poor people instead".

Suggestions for improving these images, as well as other visual metaphors for budget allocation, are welcome.

I have to type up a post about the amusing thing which happened just now which proves (a) procrastination is sometimes the best way to get stuff done and (b) online banking software is often just... so very bad. ...but first I have to make breakfast for @Harena and meself.

Experts have determined that the primary nuclear deficit is due to temporary socialization enhancements, and it has been determined that the catastrophic trade instability is due to primary technical facilitation.

revive old memes for no reason.
[insert house ASCII art here because I can't be bothered because it's 2020]

We need a news organization that can run without any outside money or sponsorship.

Note that if you are in the process of eradicating a nest of and they suddenly begin placing editorials in major newspapers -- explaining how they are just repackaging natural supplies of hemoglobin1 and redistributing it as a value-added service, allowing hundreds of other bedbugs to earn a living from otherwise-worthless unprocessed corpuscles -- you are dealing with an entirely different kind of parasite: a capitalist.

Unlike bedbugs, which carry no diseases or toxic beliefs, capitalists are silent2 killers who can destroy an entire way of life in weeks, leaving a trail of broken dreams behind them.

...which will probably be made into a docu-drama on Netflix.

1. It was just lying around, and they discovered it free and clear. They have paperwork to prove it's theirs. They were the first bedbugs there, so they had a right to it.
2. except sometimes at night when you may hear their mating-call, which sounds kind of like "jerbs... jerbs..."

Hey, social scientists -- does "normal" have a scientific meaning that isn't a term of art in math or chemistry?

Wikipedia disambiguates the word to many things, but the only non-math/chem senses I can see that might remotely fall within the sphere of science are "social norms" and "normal behavior", neither of which appear to have precise descriptive definition (i.e. some objective way of determining whether someone's behavior falls within the definition or not).

Admittedly, I haven't read either article fully, but then again I'd probably want to go to the sources and read them, and at that point it seems like time to ask someone who is actually conversant with the, uh, norms in the field...

Peertube received around 27.000€ from their latest crowdfunding, but the lead developer thinks that I should invest my own time and money to implement working mod tools. Sure they have fixed some issues, but not nearly enough.

I wish someone would fork Peertube.

By the way, the issue that was closed as "irrelevant" is this one, which asks how to deal with Nazi instances. The answer from Framasoft seems to be "not at all".

congratulations, you have been visited by the Fluffy Tummy of Prosperity. soft pats and warm cuddles will come your way, but only if you reply "thank you fluffy tummy" in this thread

An acquaintance of mine from Google+ turns out to have some rather TERF-y views. (I won't go into those views here, hence lack of CW.)

She has acknowledged that I substantially helped her out once, so she at least won't dismiss me as a troll or something; likewise, I know she's not just a paid provocateur. @Harena and I even spoke with her over Zoom last week, trying to get things straight.

She's been ignoring me since then, so I felt it was time to escalate a bit -- I responded to her pinned Tweet on for readability reasons, and tagged her in a Tweet with the link.

I wouldn't be spending this much time on trying to communicate if there weren't this rare circumstance of actually knowing the person who is expressing these views, and having some claim to credibility with them.

I am nonetheless not optimistic; I feel like she's the sort of person who "knows what's right", and you're simply being unreasonable if you disagree.

I hope I'm wrong.

I started to connect it (the power supply has an indicator light, yay!), but then heard something else rattling around inside.

Went and fetched the hex wrenches again, got it opened up -- and found a loose nut under the main board. (Took a bit of doing to get it out.)

@Harena spotted what was loose: there's a transistor with a heat-sink (you can see the heat-sink on the right in the interior photo), and the screw+nut were supposed to attach them.

Reattached now. Good thing that got fixed before trying to use it. The transistor looks pretty replaceable, but I'd still hate to have to mess with taking it even further apart to re-solder that (not to mention identifying that as the problem and finding the right replacement part).

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There was a spare internal-sized screw loose. I don't see any possible place it could have come from; maybe it got left inside by the factory, and the owner just never bothered to remove it? Mysteeerious.

Construction seems solid. It was easy to get apart (once I found the correct-sized hex wrenches -- 2 different sizes, 10 screws) and put back together.

I shall probably attempt to power it up tomorrow, unless my life decides to interfere.

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The Device has arrived. It's early -- I wasn't expecting it until July.

It sounds like there's something loose inside, so I'm going to take the cover off to see what's up before I connect any power.

deadnaming retraining, support materials for your trans allies, boosts appreciated 

Via @sesshire, on how to train parentals to use your chosen name and identity.

(Today's attempt to do boldface inside of italics with Markdown, without a preview feature, is brought to you by ARRRGHHH#$%$%$.)

Today's coverage of pandemic denialism has been brought to you by DiBanjio's Pizza.

"It's not Deliverance - It's DiBanjio's™"

anti-SRS article from 2004, looking for analysis 

Does anyone know what the deal is with this article? It runs against every bit of clinical evidence I'm aware of, but I never collected any such evidence because I'd never seen a serious challenge to the idea that SRS is effective when it is desired by the patient:

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