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I don't know what I am, but I'm here.

I write a lot about feelings (especially grief) and dissolving the plutonomy. I code; I record original music; I build shelves; I pull out wisteria; I parent; I friend.

In suspended transition from 2000-2016, struggling towards transgirl since then.

software dev funding idea 

Basically a GoFundMe in two stages. The software starts out proprietary and hopefully becomes open-source.

Stage 1: Anyone who contributes over $X automatically gets a lifetime usage license.

The $X gradually goes up as development nears completion. (This process can be repeated for subsequent major versions, possibly.)

If funding is still at this stage by release time, then licenses for the software will be sold commercially at something over the latest $X (or possibly pay-what-you-can, with the site offering to recommend an amount based on your income).

Stage 2: If funding exceeds $Y, the project is released under a FOSS license.

While the software will be free, we can still sell support packages for some smaller amount (also PWYC/income-based).

This works best for projects in compiled languages, where you don't have to force central-server dependency in order to prevent unauthorized usage.

I'm thinking specifically of desktop apps where there's an open-source program that works but was designed by people who don't understand GUI (like... most of Linux).

More specifically, I'm thinking of multitrack audio editing, video editing, image scanning, file management.


asking for money, boost appreciated 

So uhm I just lost my job in the middle of a global pandemic while trying to deal with a lot of mental health stuff, if you wanna help to move the date where I run out of money further back then pls go here:

Pls only send me something if you have enough.

Also, this is strong evidence of why the distinction between "transwoman" and "trans woman" is important, even though it shouldn't be. :-P

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term for a transphobic argument 

Proposal: "seahorsing" as a synonym for dictionary-lawyering, specifically: using one set of word relationships (a "seahorse" is not a type of horse) to falsely imply the same relationship in a different set of words ("trans woman").

Hey @emsenn , are you doing the food distro thing as usual today? We have to go out in a bit to drop off @Harena 's eldest at the polls (he's been working them since early voting started), so we could swing by your neck of the woods with some accumulated stuff, if you'll be there.

Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

hot take on religious hatred 

The ugly parts of religion exist because if there's no controversy, then it doesn't get talked about. An ideology which doesn't get talked about doesn't spread.

In other words...

Religion-driven hatred is social clickbait.

Is it just me, or is the new WYSIWYG editor in really fragile?

I've gotten it working several times, only to later find that it's not working.

It doesn't work at all on my home server.

Where are the diagnostics?

mutual aid for a queer who needs essential dental work 

hi y’all, bringing this back around again-

last time i boosted this y’all were able to raise about $410 which covered a little under four fillings, which i am super grateful for. i still owe $2250 for the next two fillings and two crowns, so if you have money to spare this queer would really appreciate it. please don’t donate if you’re BIPOC or struggling yourself.

my venmo is @ juicebat ❤️

I've had to take HubCat ('s Hubzilla instance) down temporarily to make room on the server (different server from the one that runs Mastodon).

I'll be resurrecting it as soon as other stuff is fixed (the server upgrade broke all the WordPress installs, and I didn't notice until yesterday).

-- @woozle

Antitrust enforcement is virtually a dead letter in America (it was killed 40 years ago by Reagan's court sorcerer Robert Bork, better known as the Nixonite criminal who couldn't get approved for a SCOTUS seat).

But even when we WERE enforcing antitrust, we tended to pump the brakes during economic crises: no one wants to put additional constraints on business during a downturn.

That's wrong. Antitrust enforcement isn't an economic drag, it's an economic STIMULUS.


file-scanning software which somehow find a file which it then decides doesn't exist, causing the scan to fail on that file, at which point it quits scanning. No way to resume.

(How about, you know, just skipping that one??)

Lookinatchu, :kestraglow:

bandcamp link 

hey yall i just released a compilation of all my long singles from the past couple years !!

Object permanence is knowing an object exists when you can no longer see it.

ADHD is knowing an object existed in your hands no more than five minutes ago but where it is /now/ is one of life's greatest mysteries.

Hey folks, I'm finally healthy enough to start working again. Most gig-site freelance writing work involves trying to sell stuff which, honestly, I suck at.

But I'm great educator and that's where I'd like to focus. Please help me reach people who could use my services:

Specializing in informational/educational writing.

Short term projects preferred.

Experience writing: Relationships, medical, mental health, self care/coping skills, parenting, social justice, more.

DMs welcome

Pls boost

So, I ran this command maybe an hour ago? --

openssl dhparam -out /etc/dovecot/dh.pem 4096

...and it's still going.

Should I expect it to be done before the heat-death of the universe?

A percent-complete indicator would be nice, but I guess that's for weaklings.

i'm starting a group for trans and nonbinary and otherwise gendery farmers, land people, food people, etc. it's focused on southwest Wisconsin, and right now is a Facebook private group but will expand eventually. DM me if interested.

news of violent punching down 

via @maloki :

Violence continues to escalate against Mi'kmaw lobster fishers on the East Coast as a fire destroyed a lobster pound in Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia."

Read up on it, and share it around.

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