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I don't know what I am, but I'm here.

I write a lot about feelings (especially grief) and dissolving the plutonomy. I code; I record original music; I build shelves; I pull out wisteria; I parent; I friend.

In suspended transition from 2000-2016, struggling towards transgirl since then.

Hey, since Mastodon is a kind of a dating place, I announce that I am single and I'd love to meet new people, especially trans women, talk about everything we would like to, get acquainted etc.

Sounds nice to you?
Is it okay to do this?

Come, I'm shy, but I don't bite (except if you ask for it).

And boost this toot as much as possible!

Thanks :blob_cat_heart:!

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It's become clear that I don't have the resources to fight the horrors of this world on my own, that was naive.

I love free software, but working at that level does not help us transition away from the insane capitalist world we're currently in, I want to work at a lower and more human level.

Are there any good socialist and or lgbtq+ organisations that need a programmer, systems engineer or system administrator?

One of the primary jobs of government is (or should be) to protect the weak from the strong.

Government should never protect the strong from the weak.


Progress! NC just made it easier for trans people to correct the sex marker on their state IDs:

I wonder if I actually have to get my doctor (who is sometimes hard to reach) to fill out that second part, or if I can just attach my surgery letter... or the two recommendation letters I needed in order to get the surgery...

ytmnd sounds like it should be a resource for newly hatched trans guys

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Mastodon does no longer spark joy. You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it.

Now it’s time to recognize what Mastodon has given us, but leave it behind. Mastodon has brought us a community and friends we did not have before. We’ve connected across worlds and fallen in love, we’ve experienced heart ache, and loss.

Today, we thank you Mastodon for everything we’ve had, and everything you’ve given. We will leave you here.

We seem to have a bit of a disagreement about how long the battery will last at 98% charge.

I kinda don't think I believe either one, tbh.

So I feel like with all the focus on helping trans folks out today, this might be a good time to remind people I still have a fundraiser going for gender affirming surgeries. Please consider donating a few bucks. Thanks! ❤️ #ThanksGraham #TransCrowdFund

I think I have a drinking problem.

(It's just been that kind of day.)

look i know we always say "i hope this year will be better than the last one" but like. this feels like a good omen kinda. this stream is legit making me feel really good

I just thought I'd draw attention to the latest upgrade, which now lets you edit the names of your Lists(!) -- as implemented by our very own @kity (ash) in less than a day and now part of the GlitchSoc distro.

I mean, like, wow -- how long has it been since Lists were introduced, and they couldn't be renamed until now? dafuq.

Anyway, I sent ash a tip for adding that leetle oversight; please feel free to contribute to ash's future work on this and other projects (see @kity for links).

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