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"Being cared for when sick is a benefit of sociality that can reduce disease and improve survival of group members."


@weird_hell @iliana @catoutofbed if stats from “netops I know” are to be trusted, 99% of the internet runs thanks to (trans) women (and eggs), furries, leftists, anarchists, cute bi guys, and “kinksters”. The tech bros, who claim all the credit and are the well-known ones in popular culture, actually contribute very little to the whole thing and are mostly an hindrance to the whole thang. There are, of course, exceptions, but they are few and far between.

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So, young Benjamin presented an idea to the staff of his school about how the school could respond to the recent Florida incident, and apparently got applause and overwhelming approval, and a staff-student committee is being formed to plan some sort of school-sanctioned walk-out-related event on or about 4/20 and possibly other dates as well.

I believe we may have successfully raised us an activist.

cc: @Harena

Got "sir"ed just now for the first time in several weeks, and it has made me frowny.

You might *think* that an app minimized to the task tray would kindly pop up in the current workspace regardless of where it was originally opened.

Friends, you'd be wrong. MATE Alarm Clock Knows Where It Belongs, by Gub, and you're not gonna lure it into some other disreputable venue without opening the window, clicking on the window menu, and telling it to move there in proper accordance with basic standards of decency and propriety!

Remember the Maine, Plymouth Rock, and the Golden Rule!

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What about the thousands of people doing exactly this, but ending up on the wrong side of success then?

It's always easy to give these kinds of advice after a success. At least put a disclaimer that this worked for you, but not always for others.

Nothing against Cuphead nor the devs, they did a tremendous work. But what they proclaim isn't a truth, it's at best a half myth.

TLDR: "Work hard, save money, stay true to vision" - makers of Cuphead.



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I just remembered my dad mentioned Billy Graham in his memoir thingy

1954, England:
The only other thing I can remember from this event – which apparently was a very big hit at the time – is [BG] saying, in his broad American accent “and they hung the prophet IsAYah [not IsIah, as the Brits would say] from tree to tree...” gesturing broadly from one side of the great arena to the other. “Quite a stretch” we said. Alas, we were not brought to Christ, though many were.
(last line not serious)

So I have to come up with $600 by the end of the month and about $400 the week after that, and I could use your help. Please contribute or boost. ❤️


"Charges Dropped Against All Durham, NC, Confederate-Statue Protesters"


*Good* Durham. You get a cookie. Once more, I'm glad to be here.

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owait, that's wrong.

[ retoots ]

This is completely typical. It's asking if the student received a particular form. I remember Z handing me a form which might have been that exact one, and I put it in a pile to scan. The pile isn't there anymore, which means I scanned it... but I can't find it anywhere in the scans.

Part of the problem is I have too many different folders where I put "scans to file", and no way to keep track of them all yet.

I started to write one, but got interrupted.

I love it when you go to one place on a college web site and they say you have an enormous credit -- like, there are all these charges, but loans and scholarships brought it down pretty much to zero, and every one of the last few payments you made ends in a positive balance -- and then you go to a different place and it says you *owe* an entirely different (but not-as-large) amount.

Can I rewrite their accounting system for them, plz.

oh gosh! oh hey! oh hi! #introductions

my name is meg!! :magicfrog: i am a witchy vegan living in the deep woods. i like stretching like a cat, living mindfully, n singing to my plants 💘

i am going through some Troubling Times at the moment, and was in desperate need of a cozy place to record my adventure surrounded by positive and safe people. i stumbled upon this lovely lil site, and i just look forward to sharing my silly life with you all!! 😻 :heart_pan: :sloth:

Tax forms and ADD: a perfect match.