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I don't know what I am, but I'm here.

I write a lot about feelings (especially grief) and dissolving the plutonomy. I code; I record original music; I build shelves; I pull out wisteria; I parent; I friend.

In suspended transition from 2000-2016, struggling towards transgirl since then.

We all pretty much have stuff that needs fixing.

In a decent society, that wouldn't be a source of shame. It'd be a matter of course for people to be helping us to fix them.

Like... it isn't a stigma to need a bandaid when you cut yourself.

...but imagine if people were all "But you did it to yourself! Why do you think you deserve help with that bandaid? Other people have far worse injuries than you do -- those bandaids should be saved for them! What's wrong with you? You need to stop accidentally hurting yourself, if you want to live in this world."

The problem with these instructions is that they don't give you any information on how to diagnose what's happening when it doesn't work:

How can I tell if the server is serving properly? How can I tell what the client is doing when it's looking for a scanner? No information at all.

Setting up an image scanner for use over a network should be as easy as setting up a network printer, dangit... but it's no easier now than it was 10 years ago. .

This seems like a silly thing, but...

I wish I had an app where I could enter in the pieces of lumber I have (usually leftovers) and the lengths I need, and it could tell me what lengths to cut from which pieces so as to minimize waste.

A similar app for postage stamps would be good too (enter in current stamp inventory and how much postage I need, and it figures out how to get that total with the fewest stamps... with an option to remove those stamps from inventory, and maybe even a feature which projects how soon you're likely to run out of each denomination at the current rate so you can order more ahead of time).

(Yes, we still use postage stamps occasionally for sending things too small for Priority. fite me.)

Toxic masculinity, question, boosts OK 

Relationships stuff, repost:

Mastodon munged that link when I posted it last night, so I've taken the opportunity to add a bit more. The URL should work now whether or not the '.' is included.


I've decided to offer myself up as a voice coach for trans people who need it free/cheap.

No matter what you desire to work towards, you come to me as a friend I would like to help be comfy. Whether that be feminising, masculinising, or a voice made of various different elements :)

We will do exercises, talk about posture, be hydrated, apply it to real life, and I promise to tailor things to meet your needs.

I will do this over discord. DM me if you fancy this.

Boosts appreciated

Did take away the autoplay off-switch, or is it just me?


There is no "i" in "knda".

...because I was typing too fast and didn't notice I left it out.

tired: using "fren" to mean "Far Right Ethno-Nationalist

wired: using "fren" to mean "Friendly Reasonable Empathic & Nice"

metal: using "fren" to mean "right-wingers suck in general and can go clean my toilets, except I wouldn't trust them to do a decent job anyway so really they can just knda fork themselves"

The first time I got a universal remote control I thought to myself, "This changes everything"

re: breakup poem #2 (-, twisted) 

Actual complaint about : you can't typecast classes.

That is, you can't treat an object of Class1 as being an object of Class2 (so as to have access to additional/different functions (methods) for handling its data)...

...even if Class2 is a descendant of Class1.

...unless that has changed since the last time I tried it.

Dear fellow cis people,

Trans women are women.
Trans men are men.
Nonbinary people are people.
Respect pronouns.
Respect names.
Respect people.


PS. Cis is not a slur. You are not being oppressed for being cis.

breakup poem #2 (-, twisted) 

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