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I don't know what I am, but I'm here.

I write a lot about feelings (especially grief) and dissolving the plutonomy. I code; I record original music; I build shelves; I pull out wisteria; I parent; I friend.

In suspended transition from 2000-2016, struggling towards transgirl since then.

It took decades after the passage of America's landmark antitrust laws - the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act - for trustbusting to occur in earnest, and what spurred the action wasn't mere corporate bullying, not just price hikes and labor abuses.

What tipped America over into a state where a leader (FDR) who told activists "I want to do it, now make me do it" found the political will to "do it" was the corruption that attended the extreme concentration of wealth.


#retrocomputer in need of a new home

This Zilog Z80-based TRS-80 MC-10 came to me in 2018 from a stash of "new old stock" someone found in Texas.

I added the MCX-128 expansion cartridge to beef it up to 128KB of RAM along with an updated, more capable MCX-BASIC ROM.

It works fine but I have other Z80 machines to love and it deserves to be used more than I ever will.

US$75 and I'll cover shipping in the US. That's what I paid for the MC-10, so it's like getting the MCX-128 expansion for free.

Need financial help, please boost! 

Hey there, my boyfriend and I are both unemployed and we aren’t getting much each month. I’m actively looking for a job and it’s a pretty painful process for me.

The end of this month is going to be a bit rough for us, so a little help would go a long way into making sure we can get groceries for the rest of the month and start the next one on a more stable base

here’s my PayPal:
and my ko-fi:

Thanks for your help 💗

People will bring up how family is the only support lots of people have, or how family, even if terrible, is the only support many people can find or how most families are broken up and are just one person struggling alone to raise kids

these are literally all part of the reasons why organizing our social bonds around "family" messes ppl up

hundred single parents struggling as individual units to meet the basic level of care, alone, right beside each other, with no norm of mutual support...

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Inspired by Discovery s3e1 but not a spoiler:

"The United Federation of Peoples" seems like a good phrase to encapsulate what we need to be.

re: PHP issue 

...aaaand apparently it has to be the first statement in the file, even before namespace? This is also never mentioned.

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PHP issue 

Apparently you can do

declare(ticks=1) {
[ ...code... ]

instead of

[ ...code... ]

but you can't do

declare(strict_types=1) {
[ ...code... ]

instead of

[ ...code... ]

...or at least not in PHP 7.4.

This isn't mentioned or explained in the documentation, as far as I can tell.

It also leaves open the question of how to turn on strict typing globally.

Less than $2000 left! I'd also love for us to breach the goal, and shoot past it, because she's still not going to make enough money every month. I know we can do it!

TL;DR: Disabled Native American has less than 30 days to pay back US Govt Disability for having earned “too much money” to collect disability (but not enough to live on).

$4 and a share on your socials will save her life.

Kestra showing her consistency (in a rather circle-forming kind of way ;D) across the decades:

Picture on the left is her lying on my laptop in 2013 & the one on the right is her lying on my eldest's laptop in January of this year =^_^=


Arguing with myself in code comments:

2021-01-14 Restored fcUserStatus because apparently we need it.
Actually, maybe we don't.
2021-01-20 Yes we do.

It turns out today!me was wrong -- it was cRecordStatus that we (still) need, not fcUserStatus.

Today!me has been assigned to do the dishes.

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code: calls a method which has been renamed
error message: This method has been renamed A.
me: changes code to call A()
error message: This method has been renamed B.
me: changes code to call B()
error message: call to undefined method

Oh, past!me... what have you done now.

(Answer: misread the 2nd name. It was GetAccountStatus(), but I typed in AccountStatus() because ADHD or something.)

Normalising cis people changing their name 1/2 

Been given a name at birth should be just that, your birth name, with the idea that as people get older, if they feel another name suits them better, for whatever reason, it’s ok to change it. That caregivers/parents don’t own you and your name. It’s up to you, it’s your identity.

I say this because I believe it, and because yes, I’m cis and I have changed my name, both first and surname*. This was back in 1985, the day after I turned 18 (I couldn’t do it on the day because workmates took me out to lunch). It wasn’t the done thing, but it was incredibly important to me as it was part of me defining my identity that wasn’t based on other people decisions, rules, perceptions etc. And it really helped me forging my own path.

After all, lots of cis women changing their surname upon marriage has been around for some time and no-one is bothered about that. So why should it matter if you change your first and/or surname?

As others have said, it’s ok to change your name. Let’s normalise the shit out of this.

#NameChange #CisPeopleCanChangeTheirNameToo

accessibility, tech 

Is there a way to save images and its image description in a way it would appear automatically when you upload pictures somewhere?

I know you can add "comments" in jpeg, but's not really that. And I have had the annoyance that if I export it in GIMP and for some reason have to re-export it, it says "Binary comment" instead of what I previously added there [at least for my pictuers coming from my DSLR]

#accessibility #a11y

when people in your life tell you they would prefer you use a different pronoun for them;
instead of complaining, protesting, and making excuses for why it's too hard for you to do, why not try being like these kids?

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