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hi holy hell we're back!!!! that was much smoother than expected, direct all issues to me at @kity thanks!!

hi friends, just letting you know we're gonna actually migrate over to the glitchsoc fork of mastodon (github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon)!!!

while this is a very exciting change and will bring many new features, chances are it won't be perfectly seamless and we might be down for a bit. @woozle is running a backup right now, so don't worry too much

after the update, i'll be around to help people get acquainted with the new features and take care of any bugs that might pop up <3

- ash

if anyone has any problems since the upgrade ping me or whatever ;;

weh hi im gonna update the instance so hold onto yr kitty butts


Hey all, the images should be back for toot.cat.

I forgot we are still using my personal s3 account for that. Had to pay $40 in back payments to evil Seattle man to get the cat photos back 😿

Remember to support the toot.cat admins:


and if you want help me out you can checkout my pay what you want music album qiana.dance

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it's nice being on a small instance where the local tl only updates like 5x/h

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