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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

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Foxsan48 on Twitter & Github
Discord: Charlotte#0086
I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.

So uh apparently OESC (Oklahoma unemployment agency basically) is jerking me around and I really have no money for food or bills. I have no idea at this point if or when I'll be able to collect unemployment again, and I don't have any work prospects til the 15th.

Please help? I'm desperate.

So I had a date on ACNH with a cutie, it was so fun and gay, I hope we can again :3

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Progress! Working on a Python-based demodulator for High-Altitude Balloon telemetry.

the fediverse: where you can yell "that's gay" at gay things and the people doing those things will yell back "thanks i had forgotten"

Hey Fedi, any recommendations for an MP3 player that's really accessible for people who are blind?

building a pc, my friend's gonna send me a GPU

so anyone got a spare case, motherboard, cpu, cpu cooler, RAM, storage, PSU,

money request for vet 

I know there's a lot going on right now but if anyone wants to help contribute to this vet bill we're about to have that'd be cool

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