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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

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Foxsan48 on Twitter & Github
Discord: Charlotte#0086
I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.

The fact that a typo in OpenStreetMap lead to the existence of a 212-storeyed skyscraper in Flight Simulator 2020 towering over the Melbourne suburbs (instead of a simple 2-floor house) is the funniest thing I've learned this week

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Someone needs to teach game developers that if a game isn't fun with garbage graphics, it won't be fun with raytracing.

those three little words every girl wants to hear 

good girl~

(the tilde counts as a word)

So erm, I got into the code vault! :O :D mew

How do you type w with a circumflex on Mac??

The internet tells me option + 6 and then type w, but that doesn't work.

Other letters I use alt + i and then type, but that works on vowels and *not* w.


[ #cymru maybe? ]

i am so happy the fediverse has been a part of my life for over three years now

Hi new folk

You're cuties

Be safe

I care about you

If you want to support me for whatever reason, I have paypalme and kofi links set up.

I don't currently need help, just redrafting the post to pin it again because the links got broken. Preferably donate to like bail funds or homeless people or something instead.

mental health 

how can i develop self worth fast

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