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silly, video, personal 

So I made a thing, just to let you know this fact about me

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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

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Foxsan48 on Twitter & Github
Discord: Charlotte#0086
I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.

foss hell 

something @LottieVixen has been pointing out now that she's running Linux on her main computer, that I am now increasingly more annoyed about, is that a lot of command-line tools don't really output anything once they're run.

for example, even commands making major changes to your hard drive will just output nothing and return a "success" status code to indicate that they were successful. if your command prompt doesn't show status codes, you have to manually check this, or else you have no idea if it worked correctly.

unix intentionally has three main streams of data for every process: standard input, standard output, and standard error. honestly, "error" is a terrible name; rather than storing errors, it's mostly just a place to log things happening (including errors) since programs may output actual data on standard output, and it's good to be able to distinguish when loading a file if the file's contents contain an error, or an actual error occurred.

since standard output and standard error both go to the terminal when run interactively, it's perfectly acceptable to just log helpful information there. it wouldn't kill you to print "hey, I successfully did the stuff you asked me to do" just so that you know that it was done and no errors are being suppressed.

now that i am a famous person, i think it's finally time for my nyt opinion piece on cancel culture

is there a website that will show you a world vaccination progress bar?

you know how in movies when a character is being hacked and they open up some source code for something and all the letters are being jumbled in real time?

that's definitely not how computers work, but imagine how terrifying it would be if that happened to you in real life?

payday 2, modding, C++ 

gah I wanna learn C++ and how to make a mod loader/fix them so I can do PRs to essential mod loaders for games I play

if ur company thinks that "every month is pride month", why do u only ever talk about it during june?

nobody will ever pass through the same space as you are right now.

lewd, a little silly, yearning cuddles 

cuddles with clothes are just
naked cuddles with less steps

(since ya need to strip)

once again disappointed that this isn't the size of an average man


hackers wear a black hoodie and balaclava actually just statistical error
real hackers wear a maid costume and an uwu mask

USA reporters article about Brits buying more automatic cars - not 100% accurate as reason we are buying them isn't (yet) because of EV's/wanting to be "green", its because driving stick really isn't fun on congested roads (including motorways!)

Most EV/hybrid buyers are boomers/later Gen X who have already been driving automatics; the younger folk in driving schools are more likely to buy small petrol cars with dual clutch transmission when they get their licences..

yooooooo, wtf is this country and why are all the great hackers from there ???

drugs, birdsite 

the twitter ads are basically encouraging me to make a meth lab

tinder, being trans is extremely fun 

won't post the full story here as the tldr is more than enough, but my "let's quickly try out tinder again" experiment ended like this:

tinder shadowbans trans people for recreating their accounts (no name change option), support will tell you that nothing is unusual about your account (so they dont have to admit to shadowbanning) but actually lift the restriction on your account.

I feel like a bit of a dick tbh,
made extra discord servers to count how far I was from the 100 limit,

answer btw, I'm in 98 servers, and upon making the next server (that'd push over 100) it crashed the discord client multiple times

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