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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

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Foxsan48 on Twitter & Github
Discord: Charlotte#0086
I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.

Cambridge is nice by the way, as expected, oops xD

Peterborough is weirdly rough seeming, cops everywhere... not what I expected.

Cambridge though, as expected



It's literally gotten to the point of people torrenting crochet patterns

Firefox twice now has closed tabs (multiple) for seemingly no reason..just so confused

Top 10 sandwiches god doesn't want you to know how to make

personal finance op-eds like β€œjust don’t eat! you’ll save so much money”

personal finance op-eds like β€œdo not, my friends, become addicted to water, or food, or seeing doctors ever at all,,”

Breath of the Wild stuffs 

Graveyard Keeper is a really good game heck, to me at least

takes all the stuff I found hard from other games (SDV, Harvest Moon) and makes it easier for me :3

US Politics, 2016, suicidality 

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