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silly, video, personal 

So I made a thing, just to let you know this fact about me

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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

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Foxsan48 on Twitter & Github
Discord: Charlotte#0086
I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.

its really... surprisingly good for a game I wrote off for years because the community I felt pushed away from being mostly younger people.

turns out if you play these games without voice chat for randoms, it gets a lot better lol.

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The queen (British, deceased) should be added to fortnite.

D/S kink talk 

If nothing else, I'm glad the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil seems to have mainstreamed the idea that wanting to be dommed is fine and acceptable, actually

Fortnite, positive, long 

so I've been playing fortnite lately on Sypherpk's PIT for the last few hours, and I got to the point of just going for assisting others, throwing down shield kegs everywhere.

seeing people confused, kill me and then start throwing fish at me and dancing and emoting, was sweet.

really made me smile, a few people weren't having it though and kept killing me, was still fun as heck though trying to throw kegs up from the ground onto people's builds.

Confuse them with kindness :3

weird feeling, mortal media 

mortality of digital media.
like lost episodes of recent TV series' and such
its just fucking weird

weird to witness it happen
horribly uncomfortable for some reason i don't really know

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defensive weapon tests, youtube, weird feeling, mortal media 

watched a video of a C-RAM/CIWS test on youtube and then the whole account got terminated.

it's weird to potentially be the last person ever to see something, and worse yet... not even know that was the case at the time.

I dunno anyone else who plays apex legends here on fedi but gosh the new game mode, gun run, is so hecking fun eee. I love it so much

its like C# cut into quarters and half discarded

deadname reveal of someone else (im really fucked up) 

meta used to be called facebook before transition

ah gosh this rocks, makes me a lil home sick good public transit :3

this is an amazing resource to share to others explaining Sydney's coverage. I look forward to more.

oops had an issue open on something I made on github for nearly 2 years,

2 days ago the original issuer closed it.
no comment.
no idea if it was fixed. lol

Thinking about ethics in computing/IT, schooling, racial issues 

I only got into ethics in college way after high school

trying to bring up ethics in high school, being a kid of colour, was just dismissed and told i was disrupting the class with politics

I'm like while yeah it can be politics, and is in many cases, its still important especially in computing.

thinking back to it, I got told to be quiet a lot on racial issues.

Youtube showing me the hour-long dead grandma streams under "breaking news" is really stretching the definition

every technical advancement by lockheed could have equally happened in my bedroom if i had money

PC Hardware, anxiety 

bleh... I can hear the fan on my GPU again... anxiety. i feel sick

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