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silly, video, personal 

So I made a thing, just to let you know this fact about me

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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

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Foxsan48 on Twitter & Github
Discord: Charlotte#0086
I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.

meta, shitpost 

introducing the new mastodon colour!

Worst person you know makes a good point... it's happened again to me.

moderators ... $2
asked for features ... $0
someone to click the logo with the bucket tool ... $800,000

someone help me budget this my mastodon is dying

OMFG, , don't give me false hope by sending me celebratory emails about selling something when it was just me buying my own stuff.

(Planning on giving a couple of "annoy a Republican" stickers to our egg-delivery guy, because he was admiring them when he delivered on Monday and we haven't paid him in... a long time.)

bad UI 

i hate the UI trend where the screen is filled with unsafe places to put the cursor. something will pop up or change, or when random non-link surfaces, both underneath the actual buttons or links and not, will load something else because when the cursor was off the the actual link by a couple pixels

i feel like i have to constantly be precisely aware of where the cursor is laying at all time, and i'll often leave it on another monitor to avoid activating something without meaning to

-- freya raccooncat :freya_heart:

The world would just be a better place if straight guys were allowed to hold hands with each other

took an hour but I fixed steam/gpu issues thanks to @lily

am so happy aa

activitypub could be so much simpler if we stopped cargo culting whatever we see being done first by an implementation

ageing is weird 

i'm nearly fifty, and honest to god i have no comprehension of how the hell that happened. the only times i even feel like an adult, let alone like a relatively senior one, is when something new starts aching - and even then i mostly just assume i slept in a weird shape. nor do i have any kind of sense of having lived for almost five decades. i mean i know objectively that i *have*, it just doesn't feel that long

I don't know how its possible but my gosh fabric (minecraft) is magic damn.

so fast

So my chair broke, one of the wheels just got completely fucked and my GPU might be on its way out... so uh good week so far i guess

selfie ec boosts ok 

i don't have fun personal anecdotes i have deep & engaging lore

One of more minor tragedies of colonialism is tricking people all over the world into thinking "having a british accent" counts as a personality.

long ish, delivery driver, silly 

was being a little lazy wanted soft drink and Ice cream, couldn't be bothered getting dressed

ordered from the restaurant across the road

literally watched the delivery driver pickup my order, the restaurant tell him I was literally across the road

he drove around the block fuck

when he delivered it he realised he saw me at the window before he left and he goes

"you ordered this, you serious? you should have just shouted out the window"

he had a smile on his face i guess at his own sillyness but fuck that was funny

I'm crying
best delivery driver of the last 2 years

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