Spotted by our youngest whil's't out on a Pokémon Go walk.
cc: @Harena

@woozle That's next to Cocoa Cinnamon on Chapel Hill Road

@woozle @Harena brick walls are litteraly made for that purpose :3 cool reminder, and beautiful piece !

@woozle @Harena
Hm, either one word (too) is still missing or we are back into tribalism and that would by any means be a repetition of history just with other parameters. To me "ALL LIVES ARE SACRED", otherwise nothing except the colour(s) has/have changed.


The "too" is understood.

You should probably be aware that "all lives ..." has become a bit of a catechism on the Right (here in the US, at least) because it implies that there is no need to specifically recognize that certain groups (be that Black people or, in this case trans people) are widely regarded in society as lesser, and their lives are not seen as mattering as much.

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" (Orwell) and all that, you know?


@woozle @Harena Yes, that is true. Orwell's Animal Farm also turns up in my mind. Especially with the situation in (not only) the US we actually see how easily even the best minded words can be missused. So yes, stay alert and step on someone's toes every no and then to make things clear.


I'd think of this less as {stepping on toes} and more as {refusing to stay in the back of the bus} ;-) ...though I'm sure the 'phobes will frame it as oppression somehow. To them, their privilege is sacred; how dare we demand a free and equal society...


@augustusquindecimus of course all lives are sacred, you utter fool. highlighting and uplifting a minority that is frequently hate-crimed and dies at a higher rate than the general public, IS NOT SUPPORTING "NORMAL PERSON" GENOCIDE as you seem to be implying. this whole framing is awful

"all lives are sacred" is obviously true and correct

that is why murals like this exist --- to support minority groups that matter less in the eyes of society and the state. legislation against trans people is very very real and very harmful, and so is societal bias against and hatred of trans people.

"all lives are sacred" is obviously true and correct BUT if it's said in response to the support of an oppressed group, it's just a dogwhistle.

all lives matter, and that is why we must support those who are minoritised in our current societies and political realities. that is why we must explicitly and unashamedly support those minorities.

@augustusquindecimus @woozle @Harena nobody said non-trans lives weren't sacred, though. saying "cats are cute" doesn't mean you think dogs are worthless pieces of shit, so how is it different here? it's just an affirmation that trans people, who often face violence and are treated as if they are less than human, do in fact matter

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