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Asking for a set of friends: where do AMAB folks in the UK get feminizing HRT meds when they don't yet have a prescription?

Boosts welcome cuz kinda urgent -- they have 6 days' worth of regular dosage left, 12 if they skimp... and there's probably going to be delivery time on top of that...

Each pair of socks start at the tippy-toes!

Aaaand after 4 starts, I have the socks cast on & all you get is this crappy picture. Don't worry, there'll be more ;)

NTS: Don't cast on socks when sick ;p

Ohright, I *did* talk myself into winding my sock yarn.. and I even cast on the socks! :D

It's Cascade Heritage SW Merino in the Citron colorway ^_^

Finished my socks, wheeee!

Now to talk myself into winding the yarn for the next pair.. that frequently is the most difficult part of starting a new pair 'cause i have to get out the swift, hook it up, make sure it has enough spinning space, get the winder set up, undo the hank of yarn, get it on the swift, find the beginning of the yarn, realize i have the *end* of the yarn, find the Actual Beginning of the yarn, & then wind it.

But I'm not done there! Because I knit my socks 2 At A Time, I need to half the skeins by weight & then rewind 'em.

It's a Good Time, honest.


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where is selfloathing.dll, I want to delete it

Finished the mitts fiiiinaaaalllyyyy.. I really really hate knitting thumbs and weaving in ends or I'd've been done 3 days ago >.>

Anyway, have pictures including one with Kestra as a backdrop because we have a Power To Annoy™ war going on, we two do ;D

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New Patreon post: patreon.com/posts/33018701 - wallpapers, personal anniversaries, new web site, bonus silliness.

Unrelated to anything in the post: should I do a separate for toot.cat?

Let the Self-Striping Begin!

Yes, of course I had to post a picture when I got to the green so everyone can stop saying "Where is Harena & what have you done with her??" ;D

The test knit version of the Erwin Mills mitts I made all those years ago are finally starting to come apart, so I decided to make another pair, only I’m doing them the Lazy Way this time around by using self-striping rainbow yarn instead of doing color changes >.>

To offset this, I decided to cast them on 2aaT and that’s how I’m going to knit them! So far, So good! :D

@JulieSqveakaroo I feel that. I do have another Weather Widget I was using before so I've reverted to it until i get something better, but thanks for the suggestion!

(I've had Dark Sky rec'd so I think I'll be trying that next)

For the past year (approximately), I've been using Wunderground's weather app & loving it so much that I had been giving them $1.99/yr to take away ads.

This morning, i noticed it wasn't running (my new phone has the annoying tendency to stop apps to save battery power despite my best efforts to tell it to Not. But that's another story) so I started it & suddenly I was looking at a completely different app with many of the features that I adored Just Gone. (Also was suddenly informed by the splash screen that it is now an IBM company, which apparently happened in 2016 unbeknownst to me)

So I unsubscribed & uninstalled it & my question to everyone is this:

Do you have a weather app (for Android) that you find wonderful? The things I loved about Wunderground were (to name a few):

1) Being able to hook up to weather stations that people had set up in their yards, etc

2) Having the temp show up in my status bar

3) Giving me the precipitation chance for the day in the pull down menu

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Please welcome @xenon to the admin team! :scipio::kitty_trans:

We're hoping that her experience running dialup.express* will enable us to be more proactive against spam and more responsive to abuse reports in general.

Thanks also to those who responded to the poll about advertising accounts; we will be generally taking a more active stance against them. ⛔​ 💰 🚫​

Happy Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing Day, and we hope this season finds you with pleasant company that sees you.

* dialup.express/about/instance

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- we've had these clementine plants for years, ever since Benjamin saved out the seeds (maybe a decade ago?) from a clementine he'd eaten and declared that he wanted to plant them.

@Harena sprouted them and left them on the kitchen window sill until they got too big, and then we moved them outside...

...and now we need to bring them inside every winter, where they get in the way but also make the hallway a bit like a jungle, which is actually kind of nice.

For the second year, we're using the smaller one as our Saturnalia tree.

Finally packaging up this year's Xmas gifts! My procrastination game is slipping... it's only the 23rd!

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darkpi pitch, boosts appreciated. 

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Happy Josh's Birthday, everybody! He's 29 today & I get to see him on Sunday when his grandparents throw a party for him. His older brother got him the new Mary Poppins movie, so we get to see if he likes it or not! 🎈

(Josh is my non-verbal autistic son who lives in a group family-style home with people who can give him the supports he needs. He loves all musicals but Mary Poppins is his all-time favorite! ^_^)

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We all pretty much have stuff that needs fixing.

In a decent society, that wouldn't be a source of shame. It'd be a matter of course for people to be helping us to fix them.

Like... it isn't a stigma to need a bandaid when you cut yourself.

...but imagine if people were all "But you did it to yourself! Why do you think you deserve help with that bandaid? Other people have far worse injuries than you do -- those bandaids should be saved for them! What's wrong with you? You need to stop accidentally hurting yourself, if you want to live in this world."

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