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We all pretty much have stuff that needs fixing.

In a decent society, that wouldn't be a source of shame. It'd be a matter of course for people to be helping us to fix them.

Like... it isn't a stigma to need a bandaid when you cut yourself.

...but imagine if people were all "But you did it to yourself! Why do you think you deserve help with that bandaid? Other people have far worse injuries than you do -- those bandaids should be saved for them! What's wrong with you? You need to stop accidentally hurting yourself, if you want to live in this world."

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Welcome to warm, prestigious Wood Valley Trace, where early to bed and early to rise makes Jack twice!

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Why couldn't the lifeguard save the hippie? He was too far out, man.

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I think you may have misapprehended my purpose, then. I wasn't asking for help with the app; I found I was able to do what I needed to do in Caja*. I was objecting to its design.

I have to register a strong disagree with the "if you don't like it, don't use it" meme (rather similar to the "if you don't like it, fork it!" meme much beloved of ).

Bad GUI design is basically an accessibility issue, because a lot of people (like me) need a graphically-intuitive interface in order to be productive.

Major apps such as take up a lot of concept-space in the open source ecology and tend to draw interest (user and dev) away from alternatives, as well as setting trends for other apps.

Problems need to be pointed out, not ignored.

* It wasn't as intuitive as click-n-drag, but it was workable. I went to thumbnail view and then used a file-naming scheme for sorting.

...so basically, a file-manager did a basic light-table op better than Darktable currently does.

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Happy Birthday, -Ghost 🍰
(today would be her 54th)

@Harena's eldest recently rescued several boxes of family photos from H's mom. I've only had time to go through a few of the envelopes in one box, but these photos particularly took my breath away.

There's also a nearly-complete sequence of school photos here: wiki.hypertwins.org/Category:J

Today is Jenny's Birthday. She loved trees. Since she was one of the most awesome people in my life, years and years ago, I decided to commemorate her birthday by hugging a tree in her memory. She especially likes oak trees, so that's what I usually seek out to hug.

So I say to you all: Go out & find a tree... give it a hug!

I finished knitting another thing, yay! It's actually the *third* Hitchhiker shawlette I've made & the second rainbow one. It's super snuggly 'cause it's made with a merino/alpaca blend yarn; Super Happy with it ^_^

Ravelry project page for more info: ravel.me/Harena/48f7yc

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thorn valley, ongoing update, boosts appreciated 

Finished knitting (and felting) these slippers last year but only got the finishing touches done last month (by the wonderful @woozle who sewed on the soles 💚 ) ...

..and then it got cold last night so I wore them for the first time this morning & I was all "Oh hey, I should share these!" ^_^

Ravelry project link for more info: ravel.me/Harena/opia9x

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it's okay and normal if you're not who you thought you'd be by now. it's okay and normal if you're not what you thought you'd be by now. stuff happens that you couldn't have prepared for and couldn't have known was coming. society isn't structured so many of us can succeed inside it. go your own pace.

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It's Halloween now, so I've changed my avatar to reflect this! :D

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Wake up Wall Street, I think I got somethin' to say to you.
It's late September and it really should be getting cool.
This weather has got me confused
And I feel we're being used
Your megacorps just don't work anymore

You said they would give us wealth
But they're bad for our mental health
Our future's sold, and that's what really hurts.

The morning sun melting icebergs tells you that something's wrong
But the CEOs won't change 'cause it might spoil their fun.
Any progress, they just refuse
with propaganda on the right-wing news
Those megacorps just don't work anymore.
They said they would give us wealth
But they've taken away our health
Our future's done, and that's a loss we could do without.

[ guitar solo ]

[no room for another verse]

I applied for all of their jobs
But they're always crowded out with mobs
Oh megacorps just ain't workin'... anymore...
They'll never admit the truth
They blame our problems on our youth
They've blown their chances and blown all ours as well.

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I fairly fell over laughing at today's fortune cookie fortune...

... @kestra "helped" with the photography because apparently she knows all about such things ;D

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And in the Tiny Bit of Fame Department, one of my doily pictures was used for the pattern page on Ravelry!

Second from the top :D

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