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In commemoration of the second hundred kilodeaths from COVID-19 in the US (which is either happening soon or possibly has already happened, depending on your source), here is a revised & snappier version of everyone*'s novelty favorite, "Mister Virus"!

* @Harena and about 3 other people

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omg, drive-in movie theaters should totally become a thing again, because of social distancing.

The experience could be much richer, too -- there could be live text-chat that you can join by scanning a QIC code located on-site...

And you could use mobile devices for the audio, instead of a thing on a wire -- though if you wanted to use the theater's speaker instead of your phone (because quality), it could be connected wirelessly.

Finished the moebius bag I was making to commemorate Cat Bordhi & finally wove in the ends so i could show everybody!

Plus found the perfect button to cover the terrible grafting job i did on the applied icord >.>

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Things that happen :

The scene -- kids are out in the living room playing video games. I'm tidying off a thing so I can disassemble and move it. @Harena is in the office, next to the living room.

The following reconstruction is approximate, but at least partly accurate:

Kid 1 (yelling at game): Why!!
Me: 🎡 did they send her 🎡
Kid 2: 🎡 over anyone else 🎡
Kid 1: 🎡 how... 🎡
Me: 🎡 should I react? 🎡
Harena: 🎡 These things happen 🎡
Kid 2: 🎡 to other people 🎡
Harena: 🎡 they don't happen at all 🎡
Me: 🎡 in fact. 🎡


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Apparently there's a thing going on at today where they donate all profits directly to the artists.

[coughs delicately]

I have a thing on Bandcamp!

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Having problems with no less than three of my instances this morning -- can't get through at all. (Fortunately, the TootCat server seems to be ok.)

Anyone else having DigOc issues?

Finished the moebius strap, did a terrible job grafting the two ends of the applied icord together, & now have picked up the stitches the waste yarn was holding & am now knitting the actual bag itself! ^_^

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Found a couple of frens when I went to drain the tarp over the emergency generator.

@Harena says the grey one is a Cope's grey treefrog, and the green one is a green frog.

We definitely hear the Cope's calling a lot, especially in damp weather.

Oh & remember that market bag i made a while back? I haz use for it now :D

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niche celebrity terminal disease 

So, a week or so ago, I got the sad news that my best beloved knit designer, Cat Bordhi, was dying from cancer.. & I decided i should knit one of her moebius patterns in commemoration & I decided on a cotton sling bag, which i, of course, am knitting in bright green.

Here's the cast on & the first row being knit with the waste yarn (for the body of the bag) already in place.

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Musical idea: a compilation album of cover songs, where the lyrics are tweaked (anything from just a few words to outright filking) to be about trans themes.

...plus I've got a couple of trans-themed original songs I could contribute, preferably for the purpose of re-recording them better than the demos I've posted.

Ideally, tracks would be recorded collaboratively -- each musician contributing whatever is a particular strength for them. (e.g. I'm pretty sure there are people on fedi who are much better at rhythm tracks than I am, not to mention guitar)

Example: "More Than a Woman" -- change the line "Suddenly you're in my life" to "suddenly you've come to life". (There may be other tweaks that would be good as well, but that was the one which stood out for me.)

Another example: "Careless Restroom"

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Finished another square! This color variation is for the kids' grandmother ^_^

Thank you Tropical Storm Isaias for this thunderstorm.. sooo soothing for my poor brain ^_^

There was a loud explosion and and then no power...

*cheerfully knits by a generator-powered Ott light*


Finished the dishcloth for my sister! Really loving how it came out! :D

Color variation on the dishcloths I'm making. This one is for my sister.

Have I mentioned I like playing with colors? 'Cause I like playing with colors ^_^

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