It's gotten too big for the needles! Can't quite see it, but it's got new color now too ^_^

Had a minor pattern ACK moment, but I *think* I have it sorted now, thanks to Ravelry (forgot about the knit rows that aren't noted directly)...


Got taken on a Great Yarn Expotition today & here's the loot!

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*Finally* starting my sister's birthday present.. here's hoping I can get it done in time, wheeeee!

It's Doily With Spiral from the marvelous Yarn Over site

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Like a graying hound from the smoldering pits of heck, my first album hath been released!

It should be on all the major services (I've linked a few on that page) -- let me know if you can't find it.

Also, links to its presence on additional services would be most welcome.

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Hey, folks.

So, I am currently unemployed (again) and in the middle of a second emergency move since the beginning of the year. I'm also broke and still dealing with my violent, stalkery soon-to-be ex husband.

If anyone can help me out with storage and transportation expenses I would be forever grateful.

@kestra lay pointedly down on my mouse pad as if to say "Okay, you're done with it this evening" ;D

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I am very grouchy and irritable today but I'm glad of it because I think it always happens as you come out of depression as your like...self regard and boundaries start to return.

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They like sitting together even if the space available is Not Large!

. o O (There be birbs out there! and oooo, a *squirrel*)

The kitties where I am staying are being very photogenic so you get pictures before it's even close to Caturday! ;D

Road trip! So progress has been made & you get a crappy car picture! ;D

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FACT: it is ok to be proud of the things you make.

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