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And in the Tiny Bit of Fame Department, one of my doily pictures was used for the pattern page on Ravelry!

Second from the top :D

My current workspace...

...I may have gone a bit overboard finding a good color match for my sister's cloth >.>

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Thanks to everyone's help, we were able to afford stuff like therapy and vitamins this month.


tldr - total is $4559.31 after it's all said and done ($3,736.86 for engine repairs, $822.45 for replacing the ball joints in the steering assembly), and after paying for the second chunk we're afloat but not by a lot.

If you're able to, please boost here, share on other social media, and if you have extra past survival and health, send a few dollars our way.


The internet was out for five days due to lightning, and I'm behind on...everything. Ko-Fi, Patreon, Liberapay, the works, it's all out of date.

We won't starve this month, even though they withheld @sesshirecat's EBT, and that's...a relief.

From the depths of my tarnished soul, thank you, friends, for your help with this.

We've survived another financial tsunami with your help.

For those who are interested, here's my project page for this cloth: ravel.me/Harena/utn01u

A couple of days ago, in a flash of belated panic, I suddenly realized it was the end of July & I hadn't started/made any progress on Xmas gifts this year.

After giving up on my original idea(s) from back in February (and got set aside because of lack of spoons to focus on it 'em), I remembered that I had a search saved on Ravelry & took a look.

I found a pattern and quickly ditched it for multiple reasons & then settled on this one....

....which was also a bit fraught largely owing to the way the pattern was structured and it seemed I was the only one having a problem with it.

TL;DR: I did the pattern My Way & here is dishcloth #1

Am now almost done with #2 and it's gotten mindless enough that I only need to occasionally glance at a previous cloth to double-check where I am! YAY!

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Follow-up to @eryn's post -- I can verify much of the narrative in the GFM -- which I recommend reading, although I should note that it may be rage-inducing :kestraglow:​:


I first started working with Tessa when they were dealing with threatening messages from their former partners at Red Thread (issuepedia.org/Red_Thread_Stud) -- I recognized bullying/lying tactics from my own experiences with problematic business associates.

I remember them going through brainfog from the mis-medication. I remember the eviction. I remember the delay in disability payments which led to that, and almost killed them. I remember a lot of the other events mentioned.

Tessa is sometimes described in news articles as "mentally unstable"; this is... just wrong. (I could go off about that all by itself... but I'll just say that I'm more than familiar with being misunderstood because of not thinking the way most people do.)

If you know anyone who could help, please reshare. 🕯️ 💜

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I need help.

My family is facing over $4k in unexpected repairs for an engine problem with our truck.

Please boost.
Please share to other social media.
Please help us survive this assault on our resources.


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Today is my 2nd SRSniversary! 🎉

(need to update that a bit)

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Welcome to sunny, prestigious Pine Point Down, where an apple a day are better than metaphors!

@gannet Help! This doily pattern I'm making for my sister has really tripped me up by tossing a P4tog repeat *26* times on the round I am on now! I can muddle through a few of these but not that many without losing my mind (and causing much pain.. cotton thread has no give at all :/ )!

Please Please tell me there's an easier way to do this decrease that doesn't involve trying to shove all four stitches on the needle at once & purling them? Pleaaaaassse...

It's gotten too big for the needles! Can't quite see it, but it's got new color now too ^_^

Had a minor pattern ACK moment, but I *think* I have it sorted now, thanks to Ravelry (forgot about the knit rows that aren't noted directly)...


Got taken on a Great Yarn Expotition today & here's the loot!

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*Finally* starting my sister's birthday present.. here's hoping I can get it done in time, wheeeee!

It's Doily With Spiral from the marvelous Yarn Over site

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