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I did a music.


It's not finished, and yet for some reason I decided to do a video. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Also, I can think of at least 4 other songs that it reminds me of, or that I've sort of used bits of -- not enough to be derivative, though, I think.

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@dredmorbius I'm trying to decide if this is funny enough to be worth re-recording, adding suitable documentarian music, etc.

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Isn't it weird how "common sense" isn't that common at all? 😂

Oh & also, I made my mother some wee caps to go atop her cat wine bottles to hide the necks (web search "cat wine bottle" to see what I mean).

I held a strand of red bedspread weight thread and a strand of some mystery white slightly heavier weight thread together to get the variegated look.

ohhey, it's knitting! a thing that i do!

Making myself yet another pair of felted slippers (I go through a pair every couple of years 'cause during the cooler months i seriously live in them; indoor & out!)!

This is the first one finished and ready to be felted. I'll finish its twin and then felt 'em together ^_^

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I'll crosslink a GUI library in DropBox, see if I can integrate the remote DNS address...

My favorite "indoor" fingerless gloves started unraveling at the top cuff (stupid moths >:/) and I cannot emphasize how much i Do Not Sew/Darn but I lost access to my favorite darner and I didn't want to lose these mitts so I snagged a bit of wool (camel, if the label is to believed) and kluged a repair.

Now I don't have to worry about losing them anymore :D

Every year on this day, I make a post in memory & celebration of my little sister's birthday. I started this tradition way back in the days of G+ and it's carried along the decades.

On this day, I encourage people to hug a tree in her memory because Jenny was a huge fan of trees; a love that i've always shared with her.

Oaks were her favorites, but any tree will do.

Happy Birthday... we miss you, Jenny 💚

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Welcome to grassy, conservative Falcon Valley Court, where the early bird shall inherit metaphors!

It's been a while but here's the dishcloth I've made for my sister's xmas present.. loving on the color combination ^_^

Green balloons 'cause Halloween is my birthday ^_^

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In honor of the month of Halloween, i have appropriately updated my avatar & banner 🎃

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So, upcoming dental expenses have combined with a reduction in income to create a looming fiscal crisis here at Hypertwin Manor -- so I thought I'd better do one of these: gofundme.com/f/woozle-teeth-re

Boosts welcome.:boost_ok:

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While looking for something mostly unrelated, I came across some old recordings of mine that @Harena had stashed on a hard drive which was backed up on another hard drive.

I think the emotional distance from the headspace I was in at the time has helped me appreciate them a bit more.

This one was recorded on an actual grand piano (but with a tape pre-echo effect) at Guilford College, sometime during the 1982-3 school year.

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I seem to have got my audio recording setup working again. This is just a bit of piano noodling...

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We have every confidence that the apparent security instability is due to primary health limitation, and it has been determined that the apparent health failure is due to reasonable socialization therapy.

So, i have this really shiny wireless keyboard that @woozle got for my birthday? Xmas? i forget.. which i really love (the keys glow green :D) but it doesn't have a power switch so i inevitably accidentally press keys (and sometimes wreck havoc) when i'm either plugging it in or unplugging it. (separate gripe: i loathe microUSB soooo muuuch :P)

So i wish there were some way to ... dunno, rig one in but i'd be terrified of breaking the keyboard.
</end rant>


...and you haven't even had breakfast yet :/

PS doin' that now

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