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Knitty has added a beta search page for their patterns! It has two categories: yarn weight and basic type of pattern, but that’s a big help right there.


#knitting #FiberArts #FibreArts @fiberarts

Brain (and hands) were cooperating this evening so i got 2 "lace" rounds and 2 knit rounds completed! Now I just have 2 more "lace" rounds left! Full of ktog's & ssk's! Yay!

(No, really, feeling good again about this doily ^_^)

I have reached the point with the doily i'm knitting for my sister's birthday in June, where it's 12 repeats of mostly yo & ktog's and yo & ssk's.and each repeat is 23 stitches. 😣​

Thread decreases are one of my least favorite things in knitting even before my hands decided to be pains.

I'll get there, I just have to allow myself to only do one or two repeats at a sitting... and there *are* what i call "rest" rounds when it's knit all the way around!

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lyrics finished

(from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Musical)

When you're all finished working it out
millions of years from now
will there still be any electricity
so you can print the question you see?
While you are busy doing those sums,
will I have things to do?
What can the answer possibly mean, sir
when it's forty-two?

I'll just wait for you.
And when it's all spelled out,
what is next to do?

Will I know exactly, in every detail
how I'm supposed to be?
Will there be instructions to explain my life,
mapped and laid out when I arrive?
Will there be answers filled in a form
that tells me what to do?
Will I still be so hopelessly ditzy
when I'm forty-two?

Maybe then I'll really understand just how to get along
in this messed-up place.
We can work it out!
Recalculate the world
Fix the human race.

Give me a clue now, show me your work --
how far have you got?
Have you squared the circle, found the end of pi,
got it cut and hung up to dry?
Just how close are you to getting it solved?
Please give me a clue.
I'm getting impatient - I need the equation
which equals forty-two!


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So... back in February, this guy, who lives down the street from us, announced to the neighborhood listserv that he had a piano to give away. I, quite naturally, volunteered to help remove it for him, selfless opportunist altruist that I am. 😇

After considerable house-rearranging, it arrived this morning. $275 for the mover.

@Harena's 2nd-youngest is out in the living room hogging it now -- I think maybe he likes it, a bit, possibly. We've heard Beatles, "Mad World", REM, a few video game themes I think? These kids and their modern music...

Suddenly it occurred to me (per my usual) that i have a knitting progress picture to share, so I give you the doily i'm knitting for my sister's birthday in June!

Really loving the way the colors are sorting themselves ^_^

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Once upon a time, Pooh and Piglet wandered wistfully into the lake and cleaned the moor. He gamboled rapidly into the park and mangled the World Trade Center. He strolled cleverly around the atomic vector plotter and along the White House. "Great unexpected mortality distribution centers!", they exclaimed.

The End.

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post: Trans Day of Visibility

(h/t to @cwebber for inspiring the last line)

CW: double-headshot, but no eye-contact

cc: @Harena, who was a trooper in going along with me posting this in hostile territory

And hm, my sister's birthday is in June so maybe i should start working on knitting that gift now too? >.>

Made my sister's Xmas brioche dishcloth in purple, green, blue, & white variegated yarn! I was worried it was too busy, but so far the people i've shown it to were enthusiastic, so it's a Go! ^_^

Slim pickings this year but as I am wont, here are the year's first Daffydillys! ^_^

So I knit dishcloths (to go with my homemade soap & lipbalm) for xmas gifts for family and this is this year's edition!

Just a basic brioche stitch and variegated yarn for the win! ^_^

So, remember those socks I posted about on January 24?

Welp, I not only finished the heels (padded version of 's Sweet Tomato Heels) and got past the ankles (next green stripe, yay!) and they fit nigh on perfectly!

So happy! ^_^

And Project #2: A lap blanket I'm knitting from some Simply Soft yarn that was a Xmas gift from some of the bestest people I know (you know who you are 😉 ) The pattern is called Mistral and can be found on Ravelry here: Mistral Blanket

Once again, i've realized i haven't posted much of the knitting i've been doing so here is Project #1:

Rainbow Socks! Finally got to the yellow stripe! It's not clear in the photo but it has just the hint of green in it which delights me to no end ^_^

Doing my usual Two at a Time on 2 circular needles 'cause i'll never knit one sock at a time on dpns again!

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Did you hear about the airline pilot who sidelined as a boxer?

He was always in fight-or-flight mode.

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I did a music.


It's not finished, and yet for some reason I decided to do a video. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Also, I can think of at least 4 other songs that it reminds me of, or that I've sort of used bits of -- not enough to be derivative, though, I think.

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@dredmorbius I'm trying to decide if this is funny enough to be worth re-recording, adding suitable documentarian music, etc.

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Isn't it weird how "common sense" isn't that common at all? 😂

Oh & also, I made my mother some wee caps to go atop her cat wine bottles to hide the necks (web search "cat wine bottle" to see what I mean).

I held a strand of red bedspread weight thread and a strand of some mystery white slightly heavier weight thread together to get the variegated look.

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