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#2290 "Homemade Masks" 

This is in theory going to be a square and i was vaguely thinking for Xmas gifts but it seems boring... have i set a way too high standard for myself? ;D

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trans visibility, correcting the discourse 

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feature request: the ability to react to posts with emoji

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@news ....aaaand we're back!

We now have twice the CPU, twice as much RAM, and twice as much disk space! Hopefully the site will stop being as sluggish as it has been recently.

Now... I have to apologize, because on Patreon I had stated (in a patron tier description) that the site costs $40/month to run. I do spend a lot more than that for hosting various public-service sites I operate (including Issuepedia, CWRE, and HTYP), but itself was (until just now) on a server which was only costing $20/month. It now *actually* costs $40/month.

I regret the error, which was entirely my own confusion. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make up for this.

Stay safe, and keep on tooting. :tootcat:

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There’s a general strike going on, tomorrow, dontcha know?


Lift together, trenchmates.


This is the cusp.
This is the end.
This is rebirth.

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Can anyone recommend a multitrack audio recording interface that works well with Linux?

Would prefer something that uses USB, so it can work with a laptop...

...and would prefer at least 4, preferably 8, inputs (only need 2 outputs but for some reason these things tend to have at least as many outputs as inputs)...

...but I'll take any recommendations I can get.

(The 4 and 8 are mainly for digitizing old reel-to-reel recordings, cuz I have a 4-track and a 1/2" 8-track player and a lot of old material I'd like to bring into the digital realm.)

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can now accept donations via LiberaPay 🎉 -- so now there's an alternative to Patreon for those who are able and willing to contribute to expenses.


I also need to set something up on OpenCollective, when I have the headspoons.

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Word on the street is...

(Activism is a way of life; teach it to the young, and maybe the world will have a chance after this.)

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  • fiscal conservatism: people are going to the bathroom too much, so we're going to cut back on toilet paper. (That'll teach 'em.)
  • Catholic Church: God gave you one roll of toilet paper; you can never get another. You can have eternal life if you never use it.
  • Republicans: Liberals are trying to take away your toilet paper! Give it to us and we'll keep it safe for you.
  • Democrats: people have been deprived of toilet paper for so long, and this has been a terrible burden. Clearly they need time to heal before we can make any dramatic changes like letting them have toilet paper again. We're just not ready for that. There isn't the political will to support everyone having a roll of toilet paper, so please don't vote for someone who wants to give it to you, because they might win.

(#TPconomics #ViralHumor 2)

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#TPconomics #ViralHumor

  • capitalism: You have a case of toilet paper. You loan one roll to someone in exchange for regularly receiving more rolls from them.
  • vulture capitalism: You buy up the world's supply of toilet paper, and sell off the individual pieces at a steep markup.
  • free-market capitalism: You have a roll of toilet paper, which you are free to use as you wish... or you could sell it, if you want to eat. You have total freedom of choice in the matter.
  • late stage capitalism: You have one roll of toilet paper. Some people have none. I have warehouses full, but I worked hard for those rolls and I'm not going to hand them out just so a bunch of lazy people can wipe their damn butts.
  • colonialism: you have two rolls of toilet paper. A foreign country invades you, takes one roll, then says you owe them the other one to pay for the invasion.
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Plague Nineteen --
Now we can't dance together
Now we can't hug at all
Just keep me alone as I slide on down...
(apologies to Steely Dan)

(P.S. We're fine here so far at . Y'all stay safe.)

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dailykos.com/campaigns/petitio -- this is the kind of thing I mean. It's not just about abusive housing practices; it's about leveling the playing field for everyone, across all the things we need in order to maintain a society of equals instead of falling back into oligarchy.

(And yeah, I know we were never really a society of equals -- but the internet *can* be a great leveler, if we can prevent and reverse its takeover by the oligarchs.)

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covid-19: retail workers, petition 

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...this morning, someone posted a Really Neat Thing (on alternative game dev stuffs), and now (thanks to Masto scrollback limits and lack of anything resembling search) I can't find it.

A little help here?

I thought I boosted and/or fav'd it, but either the system ate my request, or I didn't actually complete on that intention.

If you know of lightweight web interactive media creation tools, or literally anything that would let me build a choose-your-own-adventure style HTML game (without writing the raw html myself or trying to manually maintain the decision tree), please let me know?

Finished the Sweet Tomato Heels on my Citron socks today. Wish the picture came out clearer but take my word for it, they came out well! :D

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