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Welcome to pleasant, sunny Heath Down Trail, where the road to confusion keeps a fall!

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Welp, @kestra decided that my desktop was the Place to Snooze again just in time for a post! ;D

It seems all i have to say these days are epigram quotes >.>

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Once upon a time, they slipped hastily beside the house and beneath the atomic vector plotter. The creature walked wistfully beneath the fence and thought about the spaceship. "Great miscellaneous catastrophic warpage techniques!", they exclaimed.

The End.

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Welcome to warm, friendly Wood Point Field, where the postman gathers the cat!

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A thorough investigation has established that the temporary health failure is due to reasonable technical facilitation, and it has been determined that the temporary vehicle fallout is due to gross political distortion.

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Experts have determined that the catastrophic health deficit is due to total political distribution, and it has been determined that the primary vehicle deficit is due to reverse security negotiation.

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Scientific tests have proven that the primary health failure is due to catastrophic facilitation measures, and it has been determined that the particle trade instability is due to catastrophic health empowerment.

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Today is a special day. I give you what I posted in 2011 on G+:

Today is my little sister's birthday. She loved trees. I've decided to commemorate her birthday by declaring it Hug a Tree Day. Hug as many trees as you can! Especially oak trees.. she liked those in particular.

Happy Birthday, Jenny. I miss you.

Jenny in the weeping willow tree in our Omama's backyard circa 1974
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As the shit in life gets deeper, and the world gets uglier, I've decided to start offering a service:

Free hugs.

So drop me a message, public or private. Whether I know you or not. We're all in this disaster called life together.

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So, um, I have some t-shirt designs available on Spreadshirt now. These are mostly trans-oriented so far; I'm working on some other more political designs.

I'm still learning how Spreadshirt works, so feel free to ask if anything is confusing.

So @Pip has decided that my slippers are the Bee's Knees and has taken to sleeping on them.

This morning, I caught him snuggling one and was forced to take a picture ;D

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Inquiries have conclusively shown that the national trade deficit is due to controlled appliance fallout, and it has been determined that the primary radiation disassembly is due to catastrophic health disassembly.

To Quote He-Man:


Welp, power did NOT come back on last night and this morning they're back to "assessing damage" :P

At least most of today we'll be portaging B&Z from WW, i just hope the fridge & freezer will be able to coast on whatever power we give them this morning before we leave to when we get home :p


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