all the time i am thinking “this would be better without prices” and “this is worse because profit” so much so that it has become a sort of background noise to existence

the basis for any instance of the question “how will we pay for it” is fealty to price as an organizing principle

like do you understand that it isn’t money who works? you don’t build a house with money

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it’s fucked up to see governments say “how will we pay for it” because it just means they’re owned by capital. capital gets to say what they can and can’t do. you can’t solve poverty, an entirely artificial condition, because it’s too expensive. you can’t build homes for the homeless, it’s too expensive. you can’t own networking infrastructure, only comcast and verizon can do that because — you guessed it — it’s too expensive. “it’s too expensive” means you have to let The Market decide who lives and who dies.

we could just not organize on price. only propaganda claims it has always been like this.

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@garbados i wonder how many countries still have the infrastructure to build a road, an electrical grid and buildings without buying anything

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