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> Abdul-Mahdi said the Iranian military leader had flown to Iraq to negotiate, and claimed Trump had asked the Iraqi government to mediate

that’s the account of iraq’s prime minister — he’s saying trump lied directly to the government of iraq in order to assassinate suleimani, who had come to *negotiate*

the US is a rogue state. how do you walk back from this, as a future administration? whoever deals with you has to confront that your government might about-face after an election and start offing its enemies in ice cold blood.

re: uspol, iraqpol; correction 

i appear to have been mistaken in my analysis. here's wapo on the same abdul-mahdi interview:

> Abdul Mahdi suggested Sunday that Iran and the Saudis had been engaged in dialogue to tamp down their feud, with Iraq playing the role of mediator. Abdul Mahdi said he had been expecting to meet with Soleimani on the day he was killed. “He came to deliver me a message from Iran, responding to the message we delivered from Saudi Arabia to Iran,” the prime minister said, without providing details.

so suleimani was in iraq on a diplomatic mission, but he wasn't there to negotiate with the US. unless more details come to light it's too early to say the US lied to set a trap.

re: uspol, iraqpol; correction 

@garbados still seems a lil too convenient

re: uspol, iraqpol; correction 

@Moss yeah like

i still wouldn't be surprised if they lied to set a trap 🤷‍♀️

re: uspol, iraqpol; correction 

@garbados If anything it’s the Saudis who set the trap and used the US to do the hit.

re: uspol, iraqpol; correction 

@foxwitch seems plausible

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