/r/relationships: my lich partner (???nb) seems to be constructing a kind of portal in my (30f) basement but when i ask what it's for they cackle and shout "ETERNITY BECKONS"

@amsomniac come to /r/immortalrelationships and help comrades within and without the mortal coil find interpersonal peace and joy

@amsomniac sorry, i haven't actually used reddit in years. just goofing 🤷‍♀️

@garbados ah, it's just saturn is aligned with orion, don't worry

@garbados i just want to know what i should do. and do NOT say i should break up with them! it is not that kind of situation!!! i like that we have different interests i just wish i understood theirs more...

@tcql i want to write a short story about this relationship that ends with her becoming a lich too and them both stepping through the portal to whofuckingknowswhere

@garbados it's too hot to chortle heartily please reign in the wit

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