this is the ultimate hacker form

you may not like it, but this is what peak H A C C E R looks like

@garbados I'm looking at that computer and it looks really specific but I can't quite place it.

@garbados the cat is very dangerous, using the computer with only the keyboard is very complicated

@altairdiv ah but you see, the cat is also a mage. the mouse floats at their behest 🐱 🔮

@garbados yes, well ... if then you need a mouse to use the computer ....

@garbados there is something about this picture that I absolutely love.

@garbados @art
i know an awesome code crone but i'm not a strong enough theorist to be her student. the forest crone i knew as a kid was more approachable.

I love this. She looks just like my favorite math professor in college

@Pyretta @garbados @woozle As Ferret On The Spot, I can confirm this is, in fact, exactly what W looks like, black cat & all ^_^

@woozle @garbados awwww! cute fuzzy black kitty <3 a good and proper familiar recieving the good and proper care. <3

@garbados indeed ... there's more and more psychomagic... as the #P2P networks get more crowded and dense ?

@garbados I know this person in the present while she is still smol in years

(gosh they even look alike XD )

wow, how have I *not* seen this til now??

this is stupendous

@garbados *someone* had to come up with the idea of surrounding a password database with a ring of salt to keep out the mischievous fey

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