Hello, everyone! If you've been following @maloki for updates on the ongoing effort to , then you may be happy to know that we had our first meeting on Saturday and are still planning out governance and infrastructure before the project "officially" starts.

If you're looking to follow the progress of the fork, or you're looking to get involved, follow here for updates!

You can now follow @forktogether for any #ForkTogether updates, and you can mute that account if you don't want to read about it at all!

Other previous official hashtags have been #ForkOff and #ForkOffTogether.

Keep Calm and #ForkOn!
Stay strong! 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿


thx. hope this also brings more of the discourse back into the fediverse, since it can be enriching for the culture here.

@donblanco possible that your server hasn't found it yet.

I dunno if Amaroq supports pasting links?

@donblanco np. new accounts can take a while to show up tbh

LB: We're still working on a logo, though there are some good basic ideas under discussion and I'm sure we'll have something soon.

@forktogether @maloki I have three questions.

1) is this going to be a fork, or a patch-set to Gargon's work?

2) if it is a fork, is there a plan to merge changes from Gargon's work?

3) I assume if people switch right now it'll be an easy migration path, but what about admins that want to migrate in (for example) a year?

No decisions on these need to be made right now, of course.

@phessler @forktogether We have a workgroup who are looking at details like this atm, but we're really focusing on community over code fork.

We are taking it slow, because we want to get it right from the start.

fork musings, rather than actual info. 

@phessler @forktogether Either way, we'll still be part of the fediverse. So it wouldn't be too big of a worry.

I do believe that we may be cherrypicking our favorite stuff from different already existing forks (like glitch and switter), and see what we can make from it, and then go from there.

As long as we keep developing on mastodon, it'll probably be merged upstream, if G doesn't refuse cooperation of that sort, which will be his own prerogative.

fork musings, rather than actual info. 

@maloki @forktogether if these things can be merged upstream, that would be excellent! I'd be super happy if everyone can benefit from the fixes :flan_squee:

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