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Hello, everyone! If you've been following @maloki for updates on the ongoing effort to , then you may be happy to know that we had our first meeting on Saturday and are still planning out governance and infrastructure before the project "officially" starts.

If you're looking to follow the progress of the fork, or you're looking to get involved, follow here for updates!

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mastodon fork (boosts appreciated) Show more

We are utilizing all the feedback from previous discussions to make decisions and move things along.

We will still fork Mastodon’s code, and we’re reaching a decision about the details around that in the end of this week.

We've prepared an org on GitHub, where the work will start.

#ForkTogether is dead, long live #Florence

I still view us as an interim-group working to get this off the ground. So we started with the basics. Most of our decisions will be based on the discussions we’ve already held during the meetings and in between about what we want, the ones you’ve joined for.

So we’re starting with a name.

#Florence, as for us it represents the community, and the acronym was just too good to pass up. Florence Loves Open Responsible Ethical Networks for Communicating with Everyone.

Now, We want to utilize all the good work we did, by rebooting the project. I’ve rescinded my rejection of managerial positions, and I’m getting my hands dirty, because you deserve it and honestly so do I.

By we, I am referring to @PaulFerence @lightdark @Satsuma and myself.


What I have found joy in has been the support and enthusiasm around #ForkTogether when we kicked that off in June.

Unfortunately a few issues arose, and we got kind of stopped in our tracks. As you know by our icon, a lot of us were spoonies. Which meant when energies ran out, it was hard to continue.

Mastodon does no longer spark joy. You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it.

Now it’s time to recognize what Mastodon has given us, but leave it behind. Mastodon has brought us a community and friends we did not have before. We’ve connected across worlds and fallen in love, we’ve experienced heart ache, and loss.

Today, we thank you Mastodon for everything we’ve had, and everything you’ve given. We will leave you here.

Ok, it's time shape Funkwhale's future, in terms of moderation and anti-abuse tools!

We can and will reuse tools from existing projects, but there are also things we'll have to work out ourselves.

If you want to be a part of that, the whole discussion will take place here:
(you can answer this post as well but please read the issue before!)

Take the time you need to read / contribute. the issue will remain for at least a few weeks before any implementation happens.

A friendly reminder that the #ForkTogether project is basically run by a bunch of spoonies at this stage.

If you're interested in helping move things along, feel free to reach out to @lightdark and @Satsuma or @paulference and they'll probably be able to introduce you to the rest of the group, and help you find a place you can help out!



We're not voting on the bylaws, yet. We're still researching a location (either Holland or Norway) and need to finalise a name for the project.

You can help by taking a look at our current bylaws and providing feedback!

Please message us with your comments!

Here are the results of my recent survey of Mastodon users. :) The bits about gender and race are particularly interesting, I think!


You can get access to the @forktogether discord by asking @clar or @PaulFerence

You can get an account on our wiki by talking to @woozle or @ryliejamesthomas

If you want to help, but aren’t sure what needs being done, ask in the discords #general channel or check (if you have a project you’re working on for #forktogether and need help, feel free to post in both of those places as well!)

Here’s a survey about the social network #Mastodon. You are invited to take part regardless of your level of involvement or how often you use it or how long you've been here.

I don’t work for them, I’m just curious.

#meta #survey

@eliotberriot @forktogether thanks! We’re in theory gonna pick a different name and therefore logo eventually but at this point we’ve had both a while so inertia might end up winning :)

@forktogether Hey there, I just wanted to tell out loud how much I love your logo. It is so cute!

Ability to translate toots inline.
Ability to block an entire instances from federating your toots. (Like I want my toot to only be seen on X,Y,Z instances and not TechBroSphere or something)
Ability to ONLY post to my instance. (Glitch-Soc I think has this already)
Ability to post a toot publicly where you can block all replies, or some replies. (Sometimes you need to vent and don't want DudeBros sliding into your replies)

Hey, everyone!

Right now, I (@clar) am working on actually listing down all of the features that we deem "important" for the fork. This way, even though we don't have any formal sense of what's prioritised, at least we have something vague written down.

If you have any specific things you'd like to mention or clarify, please feel free to reply to this toot with your thoughts!

I'm having trouble remembering everything, as there's quite a lot. The current list:

We're also still working on the code of conduct, which you can find at and discussing what the future infrastructure for the #forkoff project should look like (general consensus seems to be open source as much as possible, but we haven't worked out exactly what will fit our needs yet)

So if you'd like to help with either of those, please do! The discord is at:

& you can message @woozle or @ryliejamesthomas for an account on the wiki

During today's @forktogether meeting we elected a team of four people (me, @Laurelai @e and @hoodie ) to head the work on the bylaws, since very little had gone done with the previous method of disorganized volunteerism but we're still taking suggestions from members of the provisional #forktogether organization (anyone who's attended a meeting, done work on the wiki, or helped in the discord work groups)

You can read the current draft of the bylaws here:

Just finished our second meeting! Thank you to all who participated. 😊

Meeting minutes will be up later this week.

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