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Hello, everyone! If you've been following @maloki for updates on the ongoing effort to , then you may be happy to know that we had our first meeting on Saturday and are still planning out governance and infrastructure before the project "officially" starts.

If you're looking to follow the progress of the fork, or you're looking to get involved, follow here for updates!

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i think it is time perhaps for us to devote much more time to #Florence and perhaps develop a usable albeit unstable fork asap 🐘

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@forktogether Hey I'm Charlotte but most people call me Lottie, I've previously worked on Mastodon (tootsuite and glitchsoc) and would love to help here too!

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something i only recently learned, and i think is worth while to be aware of, is that the florence fork attempt (this means #forkofftogether, #forkoff, #florence, whatever name you’ve heard) went through a reboot. this reboot solved my personal issues with it, all of them. it’s also got a repo up already you can start working on instead of dealing with the G man. give it a shot, imo. see @forktogether,,, and for chat about it, and asking questions might get you the information you need to be more comfortable considering stepping away from upstream if you’ve been hoping for an alternative

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two feature requests added to Florence-Issues

feel free to port these feature requests to any mastodon fork / tootsuite if you desire to. beware though, using my name might get your issue removed by gargron, since he doesn’t like me

Did you know that we're working on a list of Major Changes to add to our fork?

You're welcome to provide any feedback of changes from other forks you'd like to see in

Don't forget to provide links when you do!

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@forktogether Hello! 👋 I’m Alana, a product manager who wants to see communities be the primary decision-makers regarding the things we use.

The #Florence #MastoFork is set up well to continue Eugen’s good work — but, formally disseminate power and control. I hope to see it grow, and serve as a good example for other projects and forks! (:

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hi, im skrlet, i use they/them pronouns. im studying computer engineering.

I love the idea of an ethical fediverse so I wanted to help if i could.

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In case anyone's missed it, #Florence's mattermost is open for everyone who wants to work on a community driven fork for #Mastodon.

You can join it here:

We're currently working on a living document to decide what the goal of the fork is going to be, and how we want to work, this is the best time to contribute to that! #MastoDev

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@forktogether I'm a technical writer, and spent five years as a Java/Python/C# microservices developer for big corporates. I still work with virtualization & cloud technologies, and in my spare time code a desktop client called "Mastodome".

I'm looking forward to #Florence becoming a friendlier choice for non-techies that has more open decision-making.

For now I'm just keeping an eye on this #MastoFork for where I can jump in and contribute, so have subscribed to every Mattermost channel! 😅

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@forktogether Hello, my name's Johannes. I study computer science and have been involved in free software for quite some time now.
I have volunteered to help with the infrastructure, but am doing whatever is needed for now. A Fediverse project with a great emphasis on community is a fantastic thing and I want to help getting it running!
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Hi! You may remember me from hit series such as “Mastodon has a Project Manager”, “I've returned as Project Manager for Mastodon - a love-letter”, and “Time to Fork This Stuff”.

Now I'm working on getting Florence off the ground, putting the power back in the hands of you the community which uses the software, and taking your anti-harassment and accessibility concerns seriously.

Mastodon work was always a passion project of mine, now it can keep being just that.

#Florence #Introduction

Also, feel free to introduce yourself to the project, by responding to this message, and telling us why you want to work on and what you wish to see accomplished by this Community focused

And we'll boost your introduction!

We will try to use this account a little bit more now for some public announcements and stuff.

Feel free to tag us by the account name if you want to talk with any of us about anything.

Welcome to

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We've started working on a document, for #Florence, about what we want out of this fork work, and what we want to contribute to the landscape of fediverse software, but also to our contributors etc.

And if you want to join the conversation, about how to make a better community driven fork of #Mastodon feel free to join us:

This is your chance to help shape our future.

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Today's meeting was short and productive. Meeting notes will go back up on the wiki within the next few days.

And we'll start using @forktogether again for updates. As a temporary in between.


If you missed this month's blog post,

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