Just in case anyone is worrying:

We here at are in this for the long haul. I've personally kept several public-interest web sites running continuously since 2005, despite all kinds of life chaos, and those hardly ever had any users at all.

TootCat, by contrast, is an active instance with over 800 users (and growing), and my plans are both to expand the services we offer and, eventually, to have it governed and operated cooperatively.

(We now return to our regularly-scheduled stream.)

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(...having completely run out of characters with which to ramble any further.)

@woozle wish I could keep my instance up, but I'm going to have to shut down temporarily due to finances, but I plan on making it a cooptly run instance once it is back, I also want to have the server with me so I can more easily get stuff done.

@codeawayhaley Is this that we're talking about? Also, €20 plan?

@woozle and I'm on dedicated plan, but AUD is weak to euro so 20euro ≈ 40 aud which is still too expensive for rn.

@codeawayhaley Ah, ok.

If there was a way to host multiple Masto instances (there's got to be, somehow...?) I'd loan you space on the server that runs but I'm not at all sure how that would work, technically.

@codeawayhaley I mean, host multiple masto instances on the same server. (Darn not being able to edit toots...)

@woozle I'd imagine it is possible using vms but I don't want to be a digital moocher

@codeawayhaley The technical work involved would be the main cost, from my POV; the actual server space (etc.) would very likely not be an issue.

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