Hi @staticsafe -- I've been trying to follow the Mastodon setup instructions here: ...and have been running into a consistent problem with the idn library.

@LottieVixen and I have each tried both Ruby 2.5.0 (which I gather is Masto's current requirement) and Ruby 2.4.1 (as specified in the instructions) and they both run into the same issue.

Details here:

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

(ref tag for me: )

@woozle I had to use 2.5.1 before I could upgrade Cutie Space. I don't know what bearing this has on the issues being touched for you though.

@sina We're gonna give that a whirl while waiting to hear back. ^.^

cc: @LottieVixen

@woozle @staticsafe I believe it's possible a dependency is missing from the documentation, maybe idn is already present on some systems hence missed in docs, this has been an issue with masto docs in the past

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