Looks like our DSL internet finally died for good, so now hopefully I can convince Frontier there's a real problem.

However, first I want to figure out how to route everything through my phone, so we can have internet while we wait for them to repair it (which could be days).

I have a spare wifi hub which is configurable in multiple ways, but my previous attempt to config it for this purpose did not succeed.

Trying again...

I'm never sure whether I should be using "Bridge with AP mode" or "Client mode". I mean, what actually is the difference? In both cases, client machines go into the device's wired ports to get internet.

I tried "Bridge with AP mode" previously, so maybe I should try "Client mode" this time...

...but really, what I'd like to do is confirm that the device itself is at least able to get internet from the phone.

It claims to be connected, but "ping" from the device times out.

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...and I know the phone has internet, because that's how I'm connecting now (laptop <- phone (tether) <- cell data).

Since I've actually got it right here on my workspace, that at least makes it easier to reset and start over.

Gaah... the layout pushes some critical links outside the visible frame, and resizing doesn't help... (ok, there was just enough of a sliver of the link to click it)

Now, do I let the phone do DHCP, or should I enable it on the device...

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