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NTs: You're overthinking things. Just be yourself!
Me: <relaxes a bit>
NTs: Why did you do *that*?

(...which is my way of saying what NTs might phrase as "I enjoyed that essay".)

@woozle @fallerOfFalls This is a very good representation of many moments in my life!


@cassolotl @fallerOfFalls Somehow, I thought you might relate. ;-)

I'm thinking further such mini-dialogues might be therapeutic and a good idea. Otherwise the experiences upon which they are based are allowed to pass without comment, and tend to become internalized. :-/

Me: I wish I had more people to engage in meaningful dialogue.
NTs: You need to get out more! Have some fun!
Me: <goes to party> <can't find anyone to talk to> <has breakdown from overstimulation>

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@woozle Re: making mini-dialogues, that sounds like a great idea. It's basically what my webcomic is for. :P I have gotten really really good at drawing stick people for this very purpose!

@cassolotl You remind me a bit of drazahoib (aka Kimball Anderson) -- I freehost their comic (though lately they do all the web stuff; I just keep the daemons happy): outside-life.com/c/

@woozle Interesting. I should rummage around on that site. Thanks!

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