EinkBro: Web browsing for E-Ink devices

I'd recently run across this via a Reddit post. A web browser designed specifically for e-ink devices. Features:

  • Pagination rather than scroll-based navigation.
  • Reader mode.
  • Font bolding.
  • Font size adjustments.
  • PDF export (missing entirely from Fennec Fox, annoyingly hidden on Chromium).

Base seems to be Chromium/Blink. GNU GPL.

I'm still mostly browsing via Fennec (better privacy and ad controls), but for quick reading or generating printed/PDF copy, EinkBro is quite useful.

Oh: and immersive full screen mode, so that there are no browser or Android decorations.

Installable via F-Droid.

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Also to clarify: EinkBro does, of course, have scrolling.

It's just that it's also got a pretty good pagninated mode for viewing documents, with sensible touch zones for using them.

(Better than the Onyx Navigation Ball controls by far.)

On E-Ink, since page paints are expensive, you're better off doing one big paint (a page advance) than a bazillion small ones (scrolling). It's faster, a lot less messy, drains battery slower, and leaves fewer artefacts on screen (E-Ink does not fully clear though the result is usually pretty tolerable, there's a full refresh every so often.)

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