@zkat @juliobiason @rust that's a sort of prototype for groups in ActivityPub. It basically just boosts whatever you address to it, so those that follow it will see it.

I'm aware of @rust_discussions bot, which might be used to spark topics to talk about.

I'm interested, but have not get my hands dirty yet.

@zkat I've played with TimelyDataflow a while back, and the incredible no-std support (async!) and pointer providence work means I'm probably coming back soon!

@zkat i don't know, but i know there are active rust users. Like myself.

@zkat Yes; if you subscribe to hashtags, also look out for #RustLang.

@ksietsma @zkat I'd love to use something like more federated hashes (that'd allow precise meaning, possibly backed by a full URI, like rust-lang.org vs rust.facepunch.com), but so far haven't seen anything in that direction, or found time to push the issue.

@zkat I do #rust things and am brand new on here. I’ll be posting about it just as soon as I get my footing 😁🦀

@dbanty @zkat same here. I have a few "redo in Rust" projects on my whiteboard, I anticipate asking some naive questions along the way

@michaelcoyote @zkat well.. I'm active these days! I can retoot kat's toot so people show themselves if that's a thing you'd want?

@zkat community, I don't know. I'm an active user. Loving miette, btw.

#noxp either

@zkat will proceed and add everyone who responded to your toot 😅

@zkat at this point I used it for an internal demo of a test binary. I took the opportunity to show off the cool stuff you can glue together in Rust for CLIs at practically no dev cost. Should I start a new project, I'd consider miette to implement the diagnostic system.


New here but following people from this thread for Rust!

Also hoping to post more Rust related stuff as I get started

@zkat Not that I've found yet but goodness knows I'd like to do more with Rust.

@zkat I’m trying to learn it! But being kinda disabled is not super conducive to doing so…

@aurynn <3 always happy to help and answer questions if you ever get the spoons to give it the ol' college try again <3

@ManniCalavera @zkat Hi, yes I'm a fan of #rust, and soon-to-be working full-time with rust. Although I recently have been rather quiet on the fediverse, there are many more rustlings here, many of whom already answered to your toot. Others I remember from the top of my head who are worth following: @kornel @liw @kubikpixel @jgoerzen @federicomena @jonhoo @minoru @Halbeard @killercup - There are many more for sure.

@silwol @ManniCalavera @zkat @liw Hello Kat! Yes I am one that enjoys #rust (see also #rustlang for some reason). Can't say any of my crates are popular, but I've written some for tunneling TCP/IP across #LoRA and #XBee SX long-range, low-power radios using PPP or tun/tap. (see lorapipe, xbnet). Currently working on an asynchronous Unixy job queueing system I hope to announce in a few days. Been using Rust at work for a few years now also.

@ManniCalavera @zkat I was already wondering where the flood of new followers came from. 😉

@zkat i've seen it, they have their own instances. But i forgot, sorry

@zkat I think about half the folks @janriemer boosts are doing Rust, so that might be a good way to find them.

@VincentTunru @zkat Haha, quite true 😇 😄
Thank you for the mention, Vincent.🙂

Hi, Kat! 👋

@zkat 👋 I use Rust for most of the programs I make.

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