I should probably / myself and pin this!

Hi! I'm Kat, and I'm a queer/trans Puerto Rican!

I'm and I'm an open source dev and wannabee artist. I really like Rust and have released several libraries for it on, some of which are a bit popular.

I used to be really into JavaScript and even spent a couple of years as the lead dev on the NPM cli (the node_modules one).

On the art side, I keep trying to get into the habit of doing both 2d and 3d art. I love Blender, and I like using CSP for 2d art stuff. I suck at both, but it's still something I want in my life.

I've been on Mastodon for a while now, also going in and out of it, but I tend to crosspost between here and Twitter just to keep this space alive during my "breaks". I also really like Matrix for decentralized chat. I'm over there, if you want to say hi. I also run a little community of folks who just wanna hang out with chill vibes.

@zkat hello there, I really wonder which one do you like more #rust or #javascript , I find rust more fast and reliable 🤓

@zkat @kat aren’t you the shithead who tried to fork nodejs and failed? apparently maintaining an opensource project is harder than cutting off your dick

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