As far as wonderful speaker gifts go, this Polaroid by is definitely one of my favorites, from Not to mention the gorgeous bag and the amazing coffee 😍😍😍😍

Fire alarm just went off at MIA airport. O.o


Ravelry: "we're banning open support for The Cheeto"
Cheeto Lovers: "HOW DARE. I AM LEAVE"

I mean like... That's literally the point?

Back in Miami!

Do I have time for more Cuban food? 🤔🤔🤔🧐

Goodbye Medellín! I love you and I'm so happy I got to visit and meet so many of you! You all inspire me to do my best and I hope we'll see each other again!

Reparations is the right thing to do, as late as it's coming. But it's time.

And it's on us in the tech world, where so much wealth is concentrated, to take part in that push for righting the greatest wrong this country has ever done.

I always chuckle at how hard Puerto Rican slang is for people to understand but I have never witnessed something as incomprehensible as Medellín slang my goodness. had a laugh about it.

Hola Colombia! Llevo aquí una hora y ya te amo 😘🇨🇴

god fuck this job, and fuck this company

also for icing out women of color because of a white lady's incredibly fragile, spineless ego.

Hold your leadership accountable for shitty opinions such as "people who speak up about work conditions are underperforming snowflakes".

I, personally, intend to.

Oh, and racist white ladies are the worst. Everyone knows you're racist. Go away.

I remember when I couldn't cry when I was upset. I remember that point in high school with my usual crying in reaction to hurt was replaced with anger as a survival tactic. I got made fun of so much.

And really, a really big part of transition for me was the experience of opening up my feelings and letting myself express them. I felt like I very much was not allowed to have them as a guy. It was an incredible experience to be *allowed* now.

I guess anger just stands out more than the moments of sheer joy, of love, of sadness. And I imagine people just don't know what to do with women who express anger openly, besides label them negatively.

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