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I should probably / myself and pin this!

Hi! I'm Kat, and I'm a queer/trans Puerto Rican!

I'm and I'm an open source dev and wannabee artist. I really like Rust and have released several libraries for it on, some of which are a bit popular.

I used to be really into JavaScript and even spent a couple of years as the lead dev on the NPM cli (the node_modules one).

On the art side, I keep trying to get into the habit of doing both 2d and 3d art. I love Blender, and I like using CSP for 2d art stuff. I suck at both, but it's still something I want in my life.

I've been on Mastodon for a while now, also going in and out of it, but I tend to crosspost between here and Twitter just to keep this space alive during my "breaks". I also really like Matrix for decentralized chat. I'm over there, if you want to say hi. I also run a little community of folks who just wanna hang out with chill vibes.

alright that's it. I've blocked all of I've reported the spam issue to them several times and I'm still getting spam follows, and honestly I don't think anyone I actually want to talk to is on there, so no big loss. That's my first instance block!

has anyone else seen an influx of fake accounts coming from Should I block the instance altogether?

oh yep there we go here comes the post-vax brain fog ☁️🧠😩

Any call for liberation without intersectionality is a call for a new group of masters, the dream of the second and third tiers of privilege to join in the top echelons. It is always bullshit. Feminism without intersectionality gave us white supremacist, classist/corporate, and trans-exclusionary feminism. Queer liberation without intersectionality resulted in white supremacist queer spaces and movements. Anticolonialism without intersectionality became neocolonialism. Accept nothing but full solidarity. Fuck the fuck off with baby steps, patience, and trickle-down justice. If you're not for liberation for all you're only another master-in-waiting and a user, fuck you.

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Me: *sees one of our water bottles in the trash* honey? Have we given up on this water bottle?

Wife: yes, I don’t like it

Me: ok

Wife: it has bad vibes


Looks like KDL v2 is going to get a new feature after all, where you can escape literal whitespace in strings like so:

node "f\

== node "foo"

it's just a nice experience and I hope this little experiment of theirs pays off because I think it's done a lot of good. I was a huge fan of the Steam controller and this is like... all the things I liked about it and more.

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mind you, I definitely used to be someone who would spend hours setting bullshit up, messing with linux, etc, and I was afraid I'd have to do some of that if I wanted to do more interesting things with it... but others have already packaged things up nicely or you???

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I spent a nice long while today playing Front Mission 5, which is honestly very good, because emulation is incredibly convenient on this little machine. Everything just _works_ with minimal fuss. I expected more annoying tweaking, but no? Only the occasional preference?

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I honestly can't say enough nice things about the Steam Deck. It's an absolute dream. I've been playing games so much more, picking up games that I'd left on the sidelines, and it's so much better for pick-up-and-go-and-pause gameplay. I can stop anytime and suspend the game?

It's definitely going to be a small release, but any non-trivial change to a spec that isn't just fixing, like, a typo, is ultimately a breaking change, so we have to roll a 2.0 for those small fixes. Implementations will need to be updated, but not too heavily?

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Is there something you'd really like to see in ? Is there some part of its grammar that you find confusing or hard to implement? Now's your time to speak up! We're gearing up for a KDL 2.0 that addresses some pain points:

Please help me get stable while I am in a bit of a financial bind

"As I work to complete my program, I realize I cannot work any kind of “regular” job. Since I am trained as and enjoy working as a photographer, I intend to freelance to sustain myself as I study. These last couple of months have been particularly difficult as I’ve tried to maintain."

You can read the story and share and donate pls
#mutualaid #GFM

For those curious, yes, we're still working on final touches before launching the closed beta! If you want more specifics, we have a public MVP roadmap over at that details everything we're planning and what we're working on right now!

It’s 21:30. I’ve been up and running around doing work and chores and tasks nonstop until just now. I’m so exhausted.

I’m so tired

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