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I’m Sorry For Liking Your Tweet 31s After You Posted It. I Never Log Off

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I started reading this tonight and I'm suddenly deep in my feels. It's very good.


rustc, but it just writes compliments to stdout.

No joke I just had a thought that I kinda wanna code tonight just so I get to interact with rustc because it's so nice about messages

Folks who are not cis && white && dudes. Would you still work in tech if it weren't for the money?

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I'm really curious about the cross section of this with non-men in tech. (I guess I'll make a poll for it next tweet)

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People who work in tech:

If not for the money, would you rather be working in a different field?

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He continues to terrorize my community!!! 💧💧💧

LRT: Welp, I guess that settles it. I won't be getting the new NieR. :(

so I got this AMAZING commission from @ChoroskiArt@twitter.com who did such an amazing job and I'm practically in tears. Thank you so much, your art is so good!!

Please follow @ChoroskiArt@twitter.com asap and get your commissions from them too!!

Good morning, I already want to scream and cry

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Puerto Rico has no jurisdiction to close its airport & control the influx of entitled tourists breaking COVID guidelines. Consequently cases skyrocketed & hospitals are at capacity. Im sick of colonized Boricuas sacrificed for gringo leisure. this is dehumanizing @RobertWalzer@twitter.com

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They're not open source licenses and I don't want them to be open source and I don't pretend they are.

We can make better models for source-available, community-oriented software that minimizes exploitation.

Anyway open source is bad, actually. Particularly permissive licensing

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Unpopular opinion: if you choose an license with a thought in your mind in the form of "to prevent X from doing Y", you might be thinking about open source the wrong way.

Open source is always permissive.

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This bitch just wants to to have fun and live their ideal yuri lifestyle

Lol so they admit life begins at birth? 😎

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no i wasn’t you don’t know me

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Wow the new NieR raid looks really stressful

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