lmao sorry @yoshuawuyts I just blasted surf with random PRs :P

configuring git to use bat instead of cat has been an incredibly sound decision. Look at this gorgeous diff! With method-aware context display!

Trying a new taquer铆a. Feeling pretty good about it so far. You should try this place out, @natfriedman!

Hey @rustlang, do you know if anyone's implemented a portable /bin/sh interpreter in Rust that I could use?

Just sent out a new GitHub Sponsors update to all my sponsors! Not signed up yet? You can sponsor me at github.com/sponsors/zkat and get access to archives and discussions!

This month: Some updates on progress, as well as a bunch of stuff about .

Do you want to help make happen? Please consider sponsoring us on @opencollect opencollective.com/entropic -- funds will go towards hosting costs and paying contributors and collaborators for various tasks!

It's 2019 and I'm still grumpy that one of the most popular operating systems standardized its new lines based on the metaphor of a typewriter literally having to do two things to go to the next line.

Literally furious

Like, I say she/they usually because I'm not really bother by she/her, but sometimes I just say they/them to compensate for people usually defaulting to she/her. It's a nice treat when I get they'd 馃グ

My team at work has consistently started using my they/them pronouns without me having to ask them repeatedly. All I did was ask one person to put my pronouns next to my name in the office room entrance and everyone just... picked it up 馃槶馃挌

Do you have opinions about monorepos? Help out by sharing your expertise and experiences! I want `ds` to have state-of-the-art monorepo/workspace support and while it's a ways off, I want to get a head start at designing its support for it: github.com/entropic-dev/ds/iss

I've been taking more time to project-manage `ds` stuff and it's... kind of overwhelming just how much work a package manager is to write, especially when you have to write a lot of the underlying tools. I'm really hoping all this work benefits the @rustlang ecosystem in the end.

Interested in helping? Help out with Surf and help make the Rust http ecosystem better, and you'll help in the process! Wondering where to start? Check out github.com/http-rs/surf/issues and pick something to do from there!

I've added more detail to the tracking issue for the http client that we're gonna use to talk to the registry. github.com/entropic-dev/ds/iss tl;dr there's two major components that need writing before we can get to this.

Cc @yoshuawuyts because I basically see you as a quasi mentor for my Rust stuff 馃挌

Has anyone designed an interesting error code system in @rustlang besides rustc itself? Any learnings or example code I can look at? I'm trying to design the error system for a CLI application that also has an API.

This is a blocker for what I'm trying to do but I don't want to shift gears to work on it if I don't have to.

I will literally pay someone from my GH sponsors money to get this project over the finish line. Are you familiar with the codebase? Do you think you can handle finishing the VersionReq parsing bits? Ping me and we'll talk.

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