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Hi friends,

I've been having a hard time lately for mh reasons and I think I'm going to stay away from social media and some other things for a bit.

I'll be back soon! Have a good one and if you need to contact me you probably have other ways to do so (I'll be off discord too)

that booster seems to be hitting me pretty hard, damn. I feel like shit lol

The LGBT community:


Post your most recent saved image and say “The LGBT community.”


It's been a couple of weeks now where my *main computer* has been a tablet and I couldn't be more pleased. I don't know if I'll ever want a laptop again. AMA

added the awesome-uxn link to the #uxn tutorial main page

a lot of very interesting things have been created already! <3

uxn tutorial - external resources:

this this this

RT nobody will say it but rust's community has survived mostly intact because a lot of keystone people have expressed at least some anti-capitalist sentiment and are wary of all that garbage


(to clarify, I'm _agreeing_ with

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lmao imagine thinking falling for the cryptocurrency/blockchain trap makes you a protected class.

Cry more.

That commit was great imo.


tbh this is why any code of conduct that's enforced as "don't be mean to anyone" is useless. we must not tolerate fascism or turbocapitalism.


Not the white transes going to bat for pigs p.s. maybe would be useful for your assembler? ;)

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I'm just gonna try it out for my work journal instead of my main journal for now, because I'm not super hype about having to write all my journal stuff in thick gel ink, but if the fine point pens I got work out, I might just have to make the switch!

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I kinda wanna write an assembler and vm for' uxn in Rust now aaaaa

switching gears for the evening because I'm not feeling great, but uxn sure is doing its best to cheer me up. <3

starting a new one because I'm tired of drawing head after head and getting it wrong.

And realizing that I'm doing head construction wrong but I don't get how that construction method can even work.

(note: this outline is based on a 3d model bc I need that crutch rn)

anyway I just learned about this uxn thing and it looks like so much fun! I feel like it's still so far over my head, but I've always had a desire to try out retrocomputing-flavored stuff like this.

having another extremely impostor syndrome day and it's got me real down man

This was definitely not on my bingo card 10 years ago

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