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I should probably / myself and pin this!

Hi! I'm Kat, and I'm a queer/trans Puerto Rican!

I'm and I'm an open source dev and wannabee artist. I really like Rust and have released several libraries for it on, some of which are a bit popular.

I used to be really into JavaScript and even spent a couple of years as the lead dev on the NPM cli (the node_modules one).

On the art side, I keep trying to get into the habit of doing both 2d and 3d art. I love Blender, and I like using CSP for 2d art stuff. I suck at both, but it's still something I want in my life.

I've been on Mastodon for a while now, also going in and out of it, but I tend to crosspost between here and Twitter just to keep this space alive during my "breaks". I also really like Matrix for decentralized chat. I'm over there, if you want to say hi. I also run a little community of folks who just wanna hang out with chill vibes.

what I want: motivation ⟷ desire ∨ need
what I've got: motivation ⫫ desire ⫫ need

so, like, I know I'm not a _terrible_ programmer. But am I really doing/able to do work that is proportionate to someone with 15 years of experience? I don't know about that.

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just realized I've been programming for 15 years as of this year and still kinda wish my self-perception of my abilities aligned better with the abilities I expect of someone with that level of experience heh.

People who moved to Mastodon from Twitter in recent months:

How you feelin about it?

Please don't feel I'm asking you to pledge allegiance or Engage In Discourse
There's an obvious selection bias cause you're still here to read this, anyway.

Just, we've all had the welcome wagon out and the fediverse has been praising itself a lot. But like, I dunno. Curious how it's sitting with y'all on a personal basis

like, if you load a page, and it happens to do a measly 10 db requests to load (and transactions in this case count as db request, so each begin and commit call is also 70ms)... comes to 700ms before you even get to the latency for sending a response back to the user?

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uhhhh... is it normal for individual db requests in a cloud provided to take ~70ms+ each? Is that like, expected and acceptable latency in production?

(I genuinely don't know. I'm not really used to doing services. I am but a humble tools dev)

So... #KDL ( ) is all commands with arguments and properties... has anyone made a frontend for one of the make-like build systems that uses KDL as the syntax?

I learned that exists this morning while doing some #rust hacking and just thought of the potential of having a way nicer way to specify the tasks.

Fire Emblem? An Emblem made of fire wouldn't be that useful!

is there a quick-and-dirty one-stop-shop error handling/definition guide for that people can just point to when they want to learn how to stop doing .unwrap() on everything?

If not, does that mean I should write one?

Please, I'm begging you. Stop using .unwrap().

I continue to marvel at what a fucking mess user agent strings for browsers have become and how fucking indecipherable they are to mere mortals.

let's play a game.

Explain my own job to me, in your own words, as far as you happen to understand it, and I'll tell you how close you got to nailing it.


definitely feeling increasingly stressed out at the number of unmasked people gathering in public, completely unmasked, while we go through what is looking to be a MASSIVE spike.

Went to the gym yesterday, and me, my partner, and our trainer were literally the only ones wearing masks??? And the place was packed.

But like, it's actually important for me to go to the gym, both for mh and ph, so I don't have _that_ much of a choice on whether to go, but it does mean I definitely have to wear a full-on N95 while doing fairly arduous exercise, which is *hard* and makes a huge difference vs a surgical mask :(

Somehow, I don't get the impression we're gonna get another mask mandate, and even if we do, it'll just be lifted prematurely, again.

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Seeing onself through the eyes of the other in the neoliberal city, housing project residents, welfare recipients, and food program participants take a central role in these reflections....It is in these places of the modern/colonial city where the damnés' dreams, actions, prophetic imaginations, & yearnings rub raw against the material conditions of the coloniality of capitalism- Daphne Garcia

Image mine

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anyway they're about to become horrible little goblins because we just determined they're ready to start getting meat in their diet lol

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And of course the real kicker is that this all piles more expectations and responsibility on me, so now the moment people realize how much I’m *not* doing, it’s going to be a long fall down and it’s not gonna be pretty

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