Just need one last push to write some more example doctests and add some test coverage and I can release cacache@3 but it's so hard to be motivated to do those (very important) parts :(

Benchmarking cacache a bit, and did some "baseline" benchmarks to compare against. Found some great numbers for @asyncrs@twitter.com!

Left: 1 sync read vs 10 sync reads at a time
Right: 1 async-std read vs 10 async-std reads at a time

No surprise, but concurrency does actually scale well!

crates that do I/O-related tasks synchronously are useless to me, and useless for most cases. Please stop doing sync-only.

and because I'm a massive stan, this is all based on @asyncrs@twitter.com, because the APIs are so fucking nice if you're already familiar with the Rust stdlib.

The sync APIs aren't gone, but they're all suffixed, and I strongly recommend not using them. As this PR moves along, I'll make sure all the various examples at the top level prioritize the (un-suffixed!) async APIs. Let's do this, folks! We can make Rust be awesomely async!

I'm overhauling cacache-rs' API to be async-primary now. I'm kinda tired of the Rust ecosystem doing so many things synchronously by default and treating async as an afterthought. Let cacache be the change I want to see in the world: github.com/zkat/cacache-rs/pul

If I were a CEO I would simply not flagrantly violate labor law. Any openings?

And the main course -- mofongo de churrasco y arroz mamposteao

Looking at a flamboyán with your crack out, the typical pastime

(thank you everyone. It went well. Healing takes time and this was a first step)

Send me cute things please. I'm about to do something pretty hard. 😣

I deeply appreciate The Wire Cutter, as I do have that urge to over optimize every component of my life, and they let me delegate that to someone else. 🙃

I'm kinda irked that nobody gives credit to calagator.org/ for having been an open source alternative to Meetup for more than a decade already

I'm really excited to release my first crate using async-std, and also a library crate using the Parity license to help make development more sustainable! /cc @LicenseZero@twitter.com @stjepang@twitter.com @yoshuawuyts@twitter.com. (Thanks, y'all!)

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