So basically, I have a third cat now, so I'm basically a cat lady blow

I think part of being an adult is being able to make incredibly brash, sudden decisions on the spot that you usually couldn't make and get away with it

Seriously, hire them. I never thought it was possible to have such a well-oiled process for communication between marketing and development. It was thrilling, exciting, and just plain fun to sit in planning meetings with them. I have very fond memories of the release. 💚

One of the things I really enjoyed in my time at npm was how I used to interact with the marketing department and how damn good and were at comms and PR, and seeing then in action through all sorts of tough incidents and awesome product releases.

My favorite phrase I learned from is definitely "juicy nothingburger". Used when you use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing of value. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


holy shit the space bar onmy basically brand new macbook is being garbage what is this fucking nonsense

Sekiro is like Groundhog Day: The Game jfc

Third weekend in a row spent crying and I'm just so tired. This is the worst I've felt at a job in a very long time.

Laws are the number one cause of crime

Ya girl is back in the Bay! Hell of a couple of weeks but it's good to be back home. See you next time, NYC!

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