I've refused to vote for a war criminal for a while now, and I'm not going to be changing that.

One of my tweets got DMCA'd for playing a clip of FUCK THE POLICE in the background lol

Let's be clear: I fully support ass eating for anyone who wants some of that. I also support hand washing habits in this time of the roni. I'm not trying to actually shame anyone here. Have a fucking buffet in there

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gen z: "time to eat ass!"
Also gen z: "omfg must constantly wash hands and fear for my hygiene"

No but seriously it feels like I just got the energy sucked out of me and even walking around feels like a lot of effort. I'm gonna rest so fucking much

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My brain is fried and I'm taking two days off so I guess that means you end up with explicit gay shit on your timeline sorry I don't make the rules

In all seriousness I find it very hard to trust anyone who hasn't had to live in the shoes of a woman in this society in some form or another when it comes to relationships :/

I think that's the right wording for that

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I'm bi that means I'm attracted to not-cishet. I guess.

I didn't know I could get horse'd over a nearly year-old tweet

Help I've been drinking too much MSFT koolaid 😅

(sorry, that was more of a brag than I intended. What I mean to say is that this is possible and you can do it too)

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So I donated a bunch of sealed n99 masks and nitrile gloves I've accumulated due to fire season to an org that's been distributing them to hospitals.

Yesterday, I left a bag of n99, surgical masks, and gloves for my instacart delivery person (plus a huge tip)

This is STILL one of my favorite boss fights ever. Also my favorite boss fight music:

quarantine finally got me thirst trapping!

hello, lesbians. sapphics. wlw. nblw. im smoldering at y'all

selfies. first has ec, last is suggestive, all are sfw (for everyone who still has to worry about that right now), boosts are an essential public service

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