Hey y'all, I've written a bit about our recent npm Enterprise announcement, why it matters to the community and why talking about business models of the companies providing your services is so important!


So the prototype of my @npmjs@twitter.com interactive updater is ready for now (it'll be finished at a later date), and you can try it right now using the npm canary!

$ npx npmc pick-updates

ah yes, the fun ol' game "is that dude bi/pan or a straight chaser"

things you can do with time travel:

$ npm i lodash --before 2018-03

things that you can do with aliases:

$ npm i underscore@npm:lodash

$ npm i jquery@1 jquery2@npm:jquery@2
$ node -p "require('jquery2').version"

$ npm i spoon@npm:@fork/spoon

$ npm i something@github:your/notsomethingrepo

Shiny new @npmjs@twitter.com Release! Back To The Future Edition!

latest: 6.8.0
next: 6.9.0-next.0

It includes several new features, including package aliases (aka `npm i foo@npm:bar@1.2.3`), and time-travel installs with --before!

Changelog: npm.community/t/release-npm-6-

OH: “I run my endocrine system like the Netherlands runs its waterways - entirely by hand”

I've personally been hoping for this one for a pretty long time, so

The aliases support bit is two different features, by the way:

1. a new `npm:` protocol for packages, so you can `npm i underscore@npm:lodash`
2. *any* package installation with `foo@` prefix, including non-registry deps, will now be installed *under the specified name*

Some things to look forward to with the next @npmjs@twitter.com release (6.9.0):

* aliases support
* time travel installs with --before
* flattening of semver-compatible git packages
* --package-lock-only implies --package-lock=true

Prerelease is coming *this week*!

the crack epidemic was a deliberate genocide of black americans by the US federal government. calling people "crackhead" as an insult is unbelievably fucked up because that is 100% racialized and classed. crack carries a MUCH heftier sentence than cocaine. i WILL be tearing into you if i see you using crackhead as an insult like this is tumblr and there are no rules. this is your only warning.

I'm pretty happy with where this is at, now. It'll be a little while before this lands in npm, since we're doing a somewhat more thorough examination of our UX and wanna make sure things are more unified going forward, but you can expect this to land in the next couple of months.

it is my birthday. the free market will get me my boosts if that's what people want

tbh state machines are still one of the most useful things I've learned

Really enjoying playing with npm.im/ink 2.0 prerelease while writing a particular upcoming @npmjs@twitter.com core feature~

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