2 minutes remaining and I can finally stop sweating bullets 😅

I have an important meeting in 5 minutes. Am I screwed?

modern au where the different classes are actually kendo teams and Byleth is a rokudan that shows up and beats everyone up with bamboo sticks

Sending much 💚 to my moz friends today 😔

I think my Tamagotchi is starting to get old. I feel like its hearts are dropping faster after it got to ~14 days and I'm worried.

Inspiring #Entropic team meeting tonight. Going to spike out something enough to get some benchmarks.

I stan @ynab@twitter.com so hard. I feel so grown-up after (maybe?) mastering it.

Briefly interrupting your regular wholesomeness, FE, and tech programming to make a brief statement about all the stuff going on right now surrounding GS and whether you should do this or that or someone said this or the other:


It's obvious "alchemy" came from Arabic but... I didn't expect Arabic to have gotten it from Greek? I wonder what other Arabic loan words did this round trip

Every day, around 5:30-6p, Moana climbs on me and doesn't let me work anymore. Then, when I get up, she sits on my computer.

Edelgard can have a little war crimes. As a treat.

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