We had a brownout this morning, and it took several tries to get my session back. As of now, the bookmark toolbar is still invisible.

...which leads me to a kind of bloody obvious question: Why is there no way to export/import a browser session? The only answer I can think of feels unfairly cynical, but possibly true.

The bookmarks dialog lets you import/export them, and there are extensions which let you import/export the current set of tabs (though typically with some hoop-jumping) -- but as far as I cant tell there's no way to import/export form-fill data, and there's notably nothing at all which packages this stuff all together (so you don't have to remember each of the pieces and do it separately)...

...except the sync feature, which goes through their server and of course doesn't let you manage the data. (...unless you can do that via web UI after creating an account; I've never done that because I don't trust them not to just discontinue or paywall it at some point.)

(Yes, you can change the server and set up your own, but it's difficult and nondiscoverable and apparently not based on some common standard like WebDAV. It feels like they went out of their way to keep all sync activity under their control.)

Even the migration process -- and I think this is not unique to Firefox, though I have relatively little recent experience with other browsers -- only works smoothly under certain narrow conditions. It never bothers to ask you where your files are, so you could import cleanly from a backup or copy; it just assumes you're importing directly from a deployment on the same user account.

Am I the only one who thinks this is... just amazingly bad?

So... here's the thing with
(Well, okay, one of many things.)

New tabs like to open at the end...

...unless they're from a link in Roundcube or Mastodon, which I have pinned at the top, in which case they appear near the top.

There used to be an extension called TabMixPlus which gave you control over this, and @Harena says that Vivaldi also does -- but as far as I can tell, neither Firefox nor the Tree Style Tab extension I use (despite all the control it does give you over how tabs are positioned relative to tab-trees) offers any.

I kind of feel like "user-controlled fork of Firefox" should be a top contender for major projects for Software Uprising to tackle, if we ever get enough funding to tackle some major projects.

(...which is never going to happen if I don't ever get around to setting up some basic infra for Software Uprising.)

Is it just me, or is the way that handles permissions kinda messed-up?

It wants you to run it as a regular user, so it won't create stuff that has permission problems for that user, but it also needs to do stuff as root, for which it will ask you for that user's password in order to invoke sudo.

...even if that user doesn't and shouldn't have sudo privs.

...and it doesn't give you the option of changing to root instead, or to another user who does have sudo privs.

I mean, shouldn't those two types of operations -- (a) stuff that affects the system and (b) stuff that's supposed to remain under the user's control -- be, like, separate operations??

When connecting to a new IMAP account that's full of folders, apparently it doesn't automatically "subscribe" to any except the inbox...

...and you have to manually choose all of them, one at a time. There's no way to "select all", and selecting a folder does not select any of the folders underneath that (even if the folder is collapsed).

You can't even use the keyboard to make the process go faster. The ⬇️ key does move the highlight down, but the [space] key doesn't select, and [enter] just submits what you've done so far.

TFW they tell you "this thing is deprecated and will be unavailable after $time" but don't tell you what you should be doing instead.

(Lookinatchoo, apt-key.)

This suggestion for how to change the bookmark color in isn't working for me... nor do there seem to be any tooltips about how the colors are applied, as one person claimed.


Video-recording apps that don't warn you when audio or video or both aren't actually producing any output to the file.

Like, if the file is 264 bytes and never changes, that should be a red flag that the user might want to know about. Also, if the output file is zero bytes and never changes. That's probably also bad.

Lookin' atchoo, 8.6.1.

devs: "Oh hey, we gotta tell you about this really cool feature we put in! it's so simple to use that we decided you should have to create the config files by hand, because otherwise it would be too easy! And the menu system won't give you any clue as to how it's supposed to work, just so you don't get bored with it right away!"

Apparently still has the "reload closed tab" feature -- you can invoke it with ctrl-shift-T -- but they have taken away the right-click menu entry, which is how I always invoked it.

...or, in other words, "we don't really know what we're doing".

Password must contain 8-20 characters, at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and at least one number. Password must not match the username, contain spaces, 3 or more consecutive letterrs, characters, or numbers (i.e. aaa) or the following characters: " & / < > [ \ ] { | } ~ ^ !

  • Spaces should be allowed and encouraged (it's easier to remember a secure passphrase than a secure password).
  • No 7-bit visible ASCII characters should be disallowed; they increase security.
  • The maximum length should be more like 127 or 255 characters.

The only reason for limitations like this is if you're worried about injection attacks, and that means you're not properly sanitizing your input.

Dagnabbit, , do not move all my windows over to the leftmost monitor just because I make it the leftmost monitor.

Leave things where they are when there's a new monitor.

That is all.

Just don't cache folder contents, . Your dune it rong.

(Loaded up a local folder I hadn't looked at in a long time. It didn't show the subfolder I had just added.)

7 was giving me the ever-popular blank-screen look, and it turned out to be entirely due to a break; which had somehow ended up in the wrong place.

That shouldn't be a showstopper, guize. :kestraglow:

I just discovered that videos on Masto loop automatically.

Can this please not be a thing? Who is this good for except "engagement" algorithms, which we emphatically reject?

Gotta love it when an app sets tight password restrictions but won't tell you what's wrong with the password you've selected.

  • 8-12 characters in length (why only 12??)
  • ≥ 1 uppercase
  • ≥ 1 lowercase
  • ≥ 1 number
  • ≥ 1 character from: !@$%^()_+~ (why no ? or space?)

I couldn't figure out why what I had entered was invalid... and then it turned out it was actually ok: the error message is, like, a one-way toggle and doesn't reset when you fix an error.

You can make throw an error if a function is called without expected arguments, but not if a function is called with more arguments than expected.

I think maybe fixes this by allowing "void" as an argument type? I don't yet have a system with PHP8 on it, though, so I don't actually know.

If it doesn't, then this is a .

"open file" dialogs that hide dot-files/folders and don't give you any option to key in a path manually

I'm not sure whose fault this is, but I encounter it trying to open a ssh keyfile in MySQL Workbench under .

Also... no right-click options at all?? That's ridiculous.

Right-clicking on the desktop should give you access to the display configuration.

(It used to, but I can't remember if this was under a Linux distro or Windows 98SE. Either way, current behavior -- which only gives you access to the wallpaper and other aesthetic stuff -- is a step backwards.)

Also, when you can't copy one file (e.g. because it's a device and can't be copied), "skip all" should not mean "skip all the rest of the files even if you can copy them just fine". That operation is more commonly referred to as "cancel".

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"Cancel without requesting confirmation" should never be the default option when a key is pressed.

(lookin' at you, file-copying dialog box)

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