social software which doesn't allow you to enter a reason when requesting contact with another user (like, how you know each other, or what made you want to follow them -- so that they will have some idea of whether or not to accept the request if they don't recognize you off the bat).

(I have mainly been on the other end of this -- receiving follow or friend requests from people I don't recognize, which sometimes turn out to be people I want to allow and sometimes don't.)

This applies to pretty much every social application ever, to the best of my recollection. whyyyyyy??

web apps with hard dependency on PostgreSQL... or any specific database engine, really, but PostgreSQL's GUI is still difficult to work with afaik (did not support ssh tunneling, last I checked).

I mean, just, why??

: reference manuals that don't include examples. ...especially for stuff.

Is there any way to disable Firefox's "drag a tab out of the window to open it in a new window" feature? I'm forever accidentally doing that when my mouse-pointer drifts just a bit too much.

Okay, it's official: I really hate Mastodon's post-length limit. No other social network software has it. Why do we? ...except for being more like Twitspace, which doesn't really seem like a laudable goal tee-bee-queue-aitch.

Our home server is off today because of the power outage. I have @nextcloud set up to auto-upload photos to two places, however, our home server and a remote -- the latter of which is online and accessible -- but the local uploads are sitting in the queue ahead of the remote uploads, preventing the remote uploads from going.

I suppose I could delete the local uploads and that might unlock the others -- but dangit, I should be able to tap on an upload and tell it to go ahead without waiting for the others. (...especially since I'd probably forget I needed to manually copy them over once the power comes back.)

So, like, it has USB ports, but neither the BIOS nor Windows seem to know what to do with the keyboard and mouse I plugged into them.

So I went looking for some PS/2 peripherals, and... I *do* have more recent stuff somewhere, but what I found was a Model M and a ball-mouse.

The keyboard I dug up works, some, but some of the keys don't -- so I used ALT-numpad codes to type in the missing letters in the username and password. (Why can't Linux do this. )

It has a gig of RAM, which was pretty awesome for 2003 (looks like that's when it was set up)... and, like, 7 card slots... and, um, plenty of disk space, as you can see from the screenshot below! :battery_full:

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Who, when they were designing , thought it was a good idea for certain controls* not to return a value at all when not selected? Just sayin'

  • type=checkbox, I'm lookin' at you :scowl:

Why isn't there a standard format for résumé data? Like, 90% of job applications I run into ask the same questions. Some of them try (usually badly) to pre-fill the answers based on the résumé PDF I may have already uploaded.

There should be a Work Experience Markup Language (WXML) microformat for this, so I can just maintain one document and not have to recreate every past job (a process involving many clicks and much typing) on each site.

any file scanning app (in this case Filelight, but I've run into others) which, when it encounters a single problem file, gives up without offering any opportunity to fix the problem or ignore it.

This is especially annoying when a scan may have already been running for 20 minutes before it encountered the problem. It renders the software effectively useless for the task at hand.

Bonus gripe: Filelight removes the URL I had painstakingly typed (because I'm scanning an sftp connection, and those aren't included in the browser even though they could be).


Maybe there are some situations where they are necessary? Most of the time they aren't, and they actively get in the way. Two recent examples:

1. I'm saving a credit card statement. The web site doesn't automatically give the file a useful name that has the statement date in it, so I need to see the date on the statement -- but the date is scrolled off the screen and the dialog prevents me from scrolling the statement.

2. I'm sorting some columns in Calc, and I need to select which columns to sort by, but some of the columns I want to sort are scrolled off to the left, and the "sort" dialog won't let me scroll back to see what they are.

Making the dialog always-on-top is fine. Making the background window darker is fine. Just don't prevent interaction with the background -- mmkay??

Desktop applications which default to hiding their menus. Firefox and Vivaldi are among the guilty. Don't Do This.

"File Save" Dialogs Edition

1. when there is no "save as" option, and the "save" button doesn't confirm where it's saving the file (MATE Screenshot is guilty of this)

2. when the drop-down list for where to save the file just shows the name of the folder, and not where it is (MATE Screenshot again)

3. when the app doesn't remember the last place you saved a file, and makes you navigate there again each time

4. when the app defaults to saving the file in a different folder from where it was loaded

sites that won't let you see what the password is as you're typing it, even as an option.

Web sites that won't let you paste account numbers or passwords

What end do they think they are accomplishing by doing this, anyway?

mention of grocery meat 

When someone is searching for "turkey ham", DO NOT return items that have one word or the other but not both.

Better yet, provide a taxonomy to browse.

Cheese used to be a good webcam application, but someone did something to it and it's now unusable.
- can't turn off or set the countdown
- can't set the resolution
- new images no longer appear in the gallery until you close & reopen Cheese
- there is in fact NO OPTION MENU ANYMORE (I don't even know what version this is, because there's no "About" dialog) (Synaptic says it's 3.34.0-1)

All of these features were available IN THE PREVIOUS VERSION.

I have to wonder if Cheese has been a victim of the mindset @xj9 is talking about here:

This mindset baffles and infuriates me.

I usually don't bother to about mobile UI stuff because it's mostly just so bad, but... truly, there should be a way to set how long you want to defer an alarm, at the time it goes off, without affecting other alarms or future recurrences of the same one.

Browsers which show a little speaker icon (to indicate media playing) in their task-manager thingy should give you some way to find out which tab(s) are playing media.

Yes, they generally also show the icon on the tab in question -- but I'm not seeing it, so I have to wonder if it's in a tab which is hidden by the treeview because it's under another tab which is hidden. The parent tab should show if a tab under it is playing media.

Also, a "stop all media" option would be... really good.

This is important because playing media (especially video) tends to overheat my CPU.

What is it with file managers only showing *some* of the files, with no indication that it's not a complete listing?

I don't like it when software LIES to me.

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