links which cannot be right-clicked upon so as to open them in a new tab, thereby requiring you to remember to use the browser back-button when you're done if you don't want to lose your place.

I mean, seriously. .

(Yes, I know the technical reason this happens, but it's unnecessary. DO BETTER.)

"Software Boutique" shows NextCloud's icon in its little teaser screen, but it's nowhere to be found when I search or browse for it.

What's weirder is that I'm pretty sure I installed it from the Boutique just a couple of weeks ago on another system (same Ubuntu release, same hardware).

Worse: When I seach for "next", it says "1 applications found" but won't take me to it.

I finally found it in a secondary installer, whose relationship to the Boutique I kind of don't really understand.

Did I already do a about file manager search functions that don't show any indication of progress?

Even if I did, it seems worth repeating. .

Client apps which won't let you see the server settings after you set up the account.

Like, CalDAV works on my phone but not -- using the URL which I thought was correct -- on @Harena's. Am I actually using the same URL? No way to tell for sure. Hopefully I can figure it out from the Apache log, but I shouldn't have to pull teeth like that. :-P :kestraglow:

Is it just me, or is the new WYSIWYG editor in really fragile?

I've gotten it working several times, only to later find that it's not working.

It doesn't work at all on my home server.

Where are the diagnostics?

file-scanning software which somehow find a file which it then decides doesn't exist, causing the scan to fail on that file, at which point it quits scanning. No way to resume.

(How about, you know, just skipping that one??)

Lookinatchu, :kestraglow:

...or is this a ?

When you indent in using lists, and one of the items has a blockquote, you lose all the indentation after the first line-break.

This makes it impossible to neatly indent blocks of text with line-breaks in them.

There may be a way to fix this with CSS, but I don't know it.

Okay, , I got some more bones to pick with you. 🤦‍♀️

  1. "Mix and Render" should not include muted tracks -- by the same logic which respects the mix levels in each track. A muted track is a track with the volume set to zero. "Mix" means "take what I'm hearing and render it to a single track".
  2. "Mix and Render" should include all (non-muted) tracks by default; I shouldn't have to explicitly select them. There should be a "mix and render selected tracks" option, if you think it's really necessary (CoolEdit Pro does it this way). I don't. (...though a way of storing multiple configs for the same set of tracks would be nice.)
  3. The mixer board should include a master volume slider, so you don't have to tweak every track (in equal proportion) to quiet a mix that's slightly too loud.

Can someone plz explain to me why an image scanner isn't an input device that I can configure with the control panel and share over the network??

I was told 15 years ago that Linux, because it separates the back and front end of the scanning process (unlike the way Windows did or does with TWAIN), makes it possible to share scanners over a network -- but every time I've tried to follow the (fiddly, non-user-friendly) instructions on how to do this, it worketh not.

What's the deal with when you search for something on Google, and it finds a couple of matches, but you go to the links and the thing you searched for isn't there?

Ok, maybe it's been deleted since the URL was crawled...


...then you go to the cached version of the page -- directly from the search results showing an excerpt from the page with the text you're looking for -- and even that doesn't have the text.

When you make a selection for cropping in Gnu IMP, why doesn't that also become a selection?

(For that matter, why are there even two different tools for this? I suppose it's convenient to be able to just click-to-crop, but I'd be just fine with a right-click option on the selection tool instead.)

Have I mentioned before, , that it is a serious problem when you cannot find "one or more external files" which are actually right there, just because the project folder has been moved or copied -- and won't even give me the option to browse for them?

(CoolEdit Pro does give this option, when files are moved, and it's not even open-source; what's your problem??)

This basically means that projects have to be manually reconstructed when moved or copied from one place to another.

Ever hear of, like, relative file-paths? It's a thing.

disk-space-usage analyzers that can't tell the difference between local folders and folders that are actually links to folders on another disk

, I'm lookin' at you :kestraglow:

Yes, you can list folders to exclude -- but that's imprecise and also I shouldn't have to.

(mumble mumble reliably work over sftp, too, dang kids get off my lawn)

Linux MINT 17.3 (2017) has an adjustment for mouse double-click timeout. Kubuntu 20.04 (2020) does not.

Neither of them have an adjustment for debouncing (minimum time-interval between clicks before they are counted as separate), which is what we really need because both of our mice have suddenly developed a tendency to emit double-clicks on a single click.

social software which doesn't allow you to enter a reason when requesting contact with another user (like, how you know each other, or what made you want to follow them -- so that they will have some idea of whether or not to accept the request if they don't recognize you off the bat).

(I have mainly been on the other end of this -- receiving follow or friend requests from people I don't recognize, which sometimes turn out to be people I want to allow and sometimes don't.)

This applies to pretty much every social application ever, to the best of my recollection. whyyyyyy??

web apps with hard dependency on PostgreSQL... or any specific database engine, really, but PostgreSQL's GUI is still difficult to work with afaik (did not support ssh tunneling, last I checked).

I mean, just, why??

: reference manuals that don't include examples. ...especially for stuff.

Is there any way to disable Firefox's "drag a tab out of the window to open it in a new window" feature? I'm forever accidentally doing that when my mouse-pointer drifts just a bit too much.

Okay, it's official: I really hate Mastodon's post-length limit. No other social network software has it. Why do we? ...except for being more like Twitspace, which doesn't really seem like a laudable goal tee-bee-queue-aitch.

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