State Farm wanted to know how I'm using each of my vehicles.

I decided to be completely honest, since none of the options they gave (top part) matched how we actually use them.

Under each car, I've pasted:
1. My answer to the question about how the car is used
2. My answer to another pair of questions on the back of the form, about mileage.

selfie with eye contact 

in the car with Mel
at the rest stop halfway to Asheville
waiting for the Pokémonners to finish

A question about @nextcloud --

Is there any way to copy a list in the Tasks application?

I want to adapt my 6-days packing list (for Big Flats) for our 2-night trip to Asheville tomorrow, but I don't want to get rid of the Big Flats version cuz I expect we'll need it again.

Seamus says goodbye the morning the leave to return to Durham (aka yesterday morning)

Currently reconstructing our in-house @nextcloud instance after yet another Seagate drive abruptly died.

It was already a stressful day *before* that happened; .

(Why aren't there instructions for how to rebuild when you have the data and the files, but not NextCloud's file structure. None of the obvious stuff seems to work; it looks like I have to start over with an empty fileset and then synch all 600+ GB via the client. :-/)

The page about our Subaru has now been updated with the story of her decline and fail:

...and Daisy's page now has a story too:

tfw you're shown a pop-up ad which includes (along with many other cars, most of which are out of your price-range anyway) the car you bought yesterday.

Unfortunately, it stopped showing it after I clicked on it to make sure it was the same one, so I don't have a screenshot.

Here's the listing, though:

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eye contact, plutonomy 

We art hoam for the everning.

Photo: not quite midway through the trip, before lunch. (It's ok, I was able to extinguish my hair.)

relationship tangles; road trip (1/3) 

Went to grocery store, got a bunch of stuff and two large bottles of kitty litter. Everything else fit in the bag I brought, but was carrying the kitty litter.

Got distracted by all the complicated steps (some social, some machine) involved in checking out, and left the kitty litter there.

Pretty sure this is not the first time this has happened, either.

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