I just spent, uh, at least 20-30 minutes reporting spam accounts here on ; I kind of got behind when Firefox kept losing my tab setup. I'm on my laptop now, where the tabs are somehow still set up properly and thought I should check up on that...

Aiee. So many spam accounts.

Masto/Glitch really needs a better account review UI. The way I'm doing it is entirely a kluge made possible by the auto-follow feature.

Does anyone happen to know where in the Masto or GlitchSoc code the instructions shown at the top of this screenshot are kept, so that they can be modified? I need to put in a link to our new warning about Microsoft's email servers being chronically rude to me.

There's also a "re-send confirmation" page, to which it would be nice to be able to add a brief note and link as well.

Instance silenced: social.hendrixgames.com/users/ -- TrΓΆmpism (user is the instance admin)

Maybe I should have done a hard block so they can't follow people here? Advice welcome.

Given all the commercial signups we get (probably mostly by bots operated by social media promotion agencies), I kind of feel like it'd be worth trying this plan:

  1. Instead of just suspending accounts automatically, send them a bill for hosting -- say, a year for $5.
  2. If they don't pay the bill within X days, then suspend them.
  3. In the meantime, they'd get moved over to a separate instance, so other instances that want to block all commercial traffic could do so without blocking us.

We could call it purr.toot.cat ("purr" for PR).

instance block: pleroma.gnusocial.club 

This twerp @louis made a veiled death-threat towards one of my users.

We don't tolerate that kind of nonsense around here.

This post will stand as a record of the incident, and will be blocking louis's instance, gnusocial.club.

archive.org archive.is

cc: @news @dthompson

Happy 4th Birthday ! πŸŽ‚ 🎈

Our first toot was on this day in 2017.

It was confusing as fork, but I think I finally managed to get ownership (rather than just having some admin control) of the toot.cat domain -- just in time for the 2nd anniversary of my adminship. Woot!

What would be cool is if every time someone (or some bot) sets up an advertising site on , we shunt their account over to an instance specifically for commercial stuff and send them an invoice for, say, one year's service.

All the frozen-fruit instances would have to federate with it, because freeze peach and capitalism.

can now accept donations via LiberaPay πŸŽ‰ -- so now there's an alternative to Patreon for those who are able and willing to contribute to expenses.


I also need to set something up on OpenCollective, when I have the headspoons.

OMG, almost forgot!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOOT.CAT! πŸŽ‚ 😹 :kestraglow:​

She be 3 years old today, and still totally adorable... even if she gets into everything now.

cc: @news

Please welcome @xenon to the admin team! :scipio:​:kitty_trans:​

We're hoping that her experience running dialup.express* will enable us to be more proactive against spam and more responsive to abuse reports in general.

Thanks also to those who responded to the poll about advertising accounts; we will be generally taking a more active stance against them. ⛔​ πŸ’° πŸš«β€‹

Happy Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing Day, and we hope this season finds you with pleasant company that sees you.

* dialup.express/about/instance

Fedichive has been blocked. mew.toot.cat/mw/Pub/toot.cat/b

(on my wish-list for a long time: automatic blocklist-sharing among friends, be they instances or users)

cc: @kity @dredmorbius @eryn @alexis @zoe

Welcome to our humble instance, @malweene and @EugeneGBruno! Also a belated welcome to @cinnamon!

Please let me know if you have any questions. ^.^ :scipio:​

Also -- @meghanmarkle448, are you an actual person, or a name generated by a spambot? Thanks.

I really, really want a mod interface that allows for more dialogue between mods and involved users (both the reporter and the reportee, but mainly the former).

I just had an idea for keeping track of users who have been reported but we want to just keep an eye on them rather than blocking or silencing:

Have an account specifically for following problem-users, and give all mods access to it. Name it something that lets people know we're keeping an eye on them. If they take action against it, we can reciprocate.


cc: @kity

Would this make a good t-shirt? Is it funny, or is the cueing not right?


After intensive negotiations (via advanced technology specially engineered to allow communication both into *and out of* the Google Dome) we are pleased to announce that has acquired all assets and IP associated with the "Google+" social network service.

The exact details are secret and subject to NDA and press embargo, but it was in fact sold for $12.95 and some leftover potato chips.

...ha ha, just kidding!
No really.
<hides the G+ assets>

I just thought I'd draw attention to the latest upgrade, which now lets you edit the names of your Lists(!) -- as implemented by our very own @kity (ash) in less than a day and now part of the GlitchSoc distro.

I mean, like, wow -- how long has it been since Lists were introduced, and they couldn't be renamed until now? dafuq.

Anyway, I sent ash a tip for adding that leetle oversight; please feel free to contribute to ash's future work on this and other projects (see @kity@kity.wtf for links).

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