I am definitely able to talk to the device ( through the LAN -- can access web UI and ping it. That's a start.

I can also see the router's web UI at

But the router cannot ping the device.

Maybe this is an address-space issue? The phone and the router are both providing DHCP, and they're both using 192.168.x.x -- but that's same as DSL modem. The router is supposed to act as a client on the portal(?)'s DHCP.

Owait, device can't connect to phone. Ok. :puzzled:

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@woozle both using 192.168.0.x (subnet mask usually used for homes is meaning only the last octet/8bits is used for address that computer, rest is the subnet/network mask

@LottieVixen I just wasn't sure if maybe the two DHCP servers were fighting with each other.

...but access to the phone's DHCP should only be through the router anyway, so it shouldn't matter. I know this works because the DSL modem is set up that way too... oh wait! No it isn't. Aha.

Frontier modem is, and the router's connection to it is

Ok, so I think I need to tell phone to use 192.168.253.x or something.

@LottieVixen ...aand this apparently cannot be done. There are no controls on the phone for setting subnet mask.

So now it comes down to: can I get the device (wireless hub) to connect to the phone, or not?

I mean, this seems like it should be simple enough. Device sees phone in SSID list.

...owait, *I* know what I'm doing wrong.

The device needs to be plugged into WAN2 on the router, not connected to the LAN in general.

I had it that way before, but spaced out when I took it down to reset.

That makes it harder to interact with its UI, but maybe it will actually start *working*...

Router now shows WAN2 "up", though "Disconnected"; this is progress.

IP address obtained from phone! This too is progress.

"ping" through WAN2 works! How about web?...

Hard to say. I think I need to disable WAN1, or make it secondary; it's limping along just enough that the router is trying to use it first...

The problem now seems to be that the interface for configuring the router's "link backup" feature is incompatible with my browser.

It's needlessly graphical in one place -- something they could have done with checkboxes or radio buttons requires dragging something on the screen.

I was using Pale Moon, but apparently it doesn't work with Firefox 53.0.3 either.

...or maybe the icons are actually greyed-out? Unclear.

Oh, there we go. Can only be 1 rule in the list?? wtf.

Seems to be working.

...and I know it's working because I just heard @Harena's machines come back online.

(...and was giving me a "429 throttled" message for a bit; couldn't post. Am I posting too much?)

...and everything's fine for a bit, but then suddenly the router decides it can't talk to the device anymore.

Tearing hair out in 3... 2....

Got it working again; not sure what I did.

...and then, as I'm getting everything set so I can talk to Frontier tech support, the DSL modem decides it can connect.

At least I'm ready for the next time this happens.

(That was half an hour ago; got distracted before posting.)

@woozle okay check the network mask on the modem, (probably

wait what are you trying to do again,.

@LottieVixen I should draw a diagram, shouldn't I...

I have a fancy switch which can handle up to 4 internet connections (with load-balancing and stuff). It's got the DSL modem as WAN1, which seems to be providing a trickle of internet despite the modem insisting it's still "connecting...".

I want WAN2 to go through the phone via this WLAN hub here.

I also want to pause the cats until I'm done. Just, you know, put them into suspend mode so they won't keep having Needs... >.<

@woozle why not just teather the phone and use a computer as a bridge (allowing internet access to everything else on the network)

@LottieVixen (a) because I have only the vaguest idea how to do that, (b) would mean dedicating a laptop (presumably -- needs wireless, right?) to being a bridge, (c) I have this device here which is supposed to be able to do that, and has a nice UI for it.

I am tethering the phone, yes. The only reason I have usable internet (as opposed to the trickle through DSL) right now is because I'm going directly from my laptop to the phone via tether.

@woozle okay well you are half way there that laptop can act as a bridge

@LottieVixen I *should* learn how to do this some day.

I think I've got the core problem solved, though; router is able to talk to internet thru phone. Now I just need to tell it to stop trying to use the DSL (at least by default).

@LottieVixen Actually, what I'd really like to learn is how to set up cheap hardware as a Linux-based router, so I can do more complex stuff with logging and filtering.

I did have a box serving as a router, several years ago, but it was a maintenance headache. I have since forgotten even the name of the DNS software.

@woozle dnsmasq most likely your laptop can do logging also btw

@LottieVixen That was it! Yes.

My laptop is overloaded. I know routing is probably pretty lightweight, but...

Also, I think I'd have to plug it into the LAN to do routing (we have at least 2 desktop users here, can't access WiFi) which would be annoying.

@woozle ah...that's not been an issue for me before (i dont move much sometimes)

@LottieVixen I like to take it off the place I keep it and sit with it on the couch to work (though right now I'm using it on its shelf... and it's making my back hurt, but I need to be able to access my desktop PC as well; it's my lifeline to the LAN).

Shorter: cables are annoying.

@woozle see when i've not been able to use wifi for some reason, or i've needed to teather, I just bought more ethernet cable than i needed signal is good for a long distance anyway :p

@woozle wait you have two desktop users, plug the phone into their desktop and teather, you can use ethernet when you need it other than that there isn't a solution (that I can currently see) without buying a usb wifi dongle

@LottieVixen If it comes down to it, at THIS point (having solved the basic connectivity problem) I think if I just unplug WAN1, the router will go "Oh, that seems to be down..." and failover to WAN2.

I guess I'm just obsessively trying to do this Right. I don't like using tech I don't understand...

...and there are times when it would be nice to use those failover features properly -- e.g. an upload is clogging the DSL bandwidth, so use the cell connection until it's done.

@woozle you can probably configure that, i hope it works out

@woozle also dont obsess over it, might stress yourself out...I just lazily try things until they work (unless its teaching <3 that )

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