I *think* I've got a fairly straightforward problem here that someone who is familiar with Rails/Passenger/Bundler might be able to answer.

Passenger (or maybe Bundler) seems to be having difficulty accessing the site config files (e.g. database.yml) because it's running as "nobody".

Obviously "nobody" can't be allowed to access files with sensitive information in them -- so I need to change the user that Passenger (Bundler?) is using.

I have no idea how to do this.


@r4v5 That looks like it speaks directly to my query. Thank you! Reading and digging...

@woozle no problem! The odd part is it _should_ "do the right thing" based on the ownership of your config.ru or whatever but doesn't seem to be doing so.

@r4v5 Okay, the file (config.ru) *is* owned by root, because it was installed by root to be used by whatever virtual domains need it.

So I *think* maybe I just need to add that PassengerDefaultUser into the Apache config for the vdomain...


@r4v5 Got it.

PassengerUser, not PassengerDefaultUser.

I'm getting a login screen now 🎇🎇

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