I'm trying to do video editing again.

Someone please talk me out of it. There just isn't any good FOSS software.


@turion I've tried OpenShot, Kdenlive, and Pitivi. Each of them have serious issues. I think I've managed to get some work done in both OpenShot and Kdenlive, in the past.

I tried Pitivi just now, and it locked up after a couple of minutes (I seem to remember this being a problem before) -- but I *think* it's the only one I've been able to get web-compatible output from.

Trying OpenShot again, on a machine with more RAM.

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@woozle Sorry to hear that :( I've used kdenlive in the past, and managed to get decent output. I don't remember if working with it was painful. But yes, #linux is definitely missing a professional video editing suite.

@woozle @turion

Blender is good, even through last I used it still didn't support webM last I used it. The render feels a bit slower than pitivi but that might be the encoding I don't know. Either way it is really stable even with big files and a lot you can do with it.

Pitivi is really good for simpler edits. Each version is more stable it seems although crashes are still a thing now and then..

Kdenlive apparently has improvements coming up but I am not sure if those are on devel yet. *hasn't tested the latter*

@eylul @turion

Rendering is always slow, so that's ok.

I hadn't realized Blender was good for basic flat-video editing; I thought it was mainly for CGI stuff...? A couple of people have suggested it, though, so I'm installing it. It certainly gets credited for a lot of good stuff, so it must be usable.

@eylul @woozle I had no idea you can edit videos with #blender! Always thought of it as a 3d modelling engine. Must take another look. (This reminds me of hours of trying to recreate faces and bodys of friends and favourite webcomic characters with #makehuman)

@turion @woozle believe me, that was my reaction too first time I was told this.

the following video series is a good introduction to it:


there was a few others but I cannot find them :)

@woozle @turion wow... my use of the english language today... XD

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