@dredmorbius I remember you tooting about G+ "circles".

How would you describe them as an organizational form? Or compare to @GuppeGroups or git.ondrovo.com/MightyPork/gro ?


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@bhaugen @dredmorbius

Yes -- though it sounds like you're talking about Communities, rather than Circles.

A "Circle" was basically a list of users which was kinda overloaded to serve two functions:

  • by viewing the circle, you would see a stream of content from just those users (kind of like "lists" on GlitchSoc)
  • those users would be notified whenever you posted something to the circle

Admin duties for a circle could not be shared, to the best of my recollection. The second part, then, was a bit like a hashtag that someone else creates and can uniquely curate (good) but from which you can't unsubscribe (not so good).

A "Community" was more like a Facebuck group or even a Discord server:

  • shared space -- any member can post to it
  • opt-in -- you decide which ones to join, and you can leave anytime
  • moderated -- admins can boot people out
  • privacy options -- a Community can be
    • invite-only, join-on-admin-approval, or join-immediately-on-request
    • publicly-viewable or members-only

I haven't used GuppeGroups or Pleroma Groups, but I am now intrigued ^.^

GuppeGroups sounds like it might be doing a thing I suggested awhile back, of layering Group functionality on top of ActivityPub.

(sorry if the delete-and-reposts were annyoing WHEN CAN WE HAVE POST PREVIEW ON MASTO i know, the answer is "never")

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Thank you very much! From your description, G+ Circles must be like the Fedi "group actors" like @GuppeGroups

I don't remember G+ Communities. Might not have participated in them..

I haven't seen Pleroma Groups, either. Will need to find some doc or something. Do you know if they federate, like can be seen in other ActivityPub software?

P.S. I did not notice the deletes and reposts, was eating lunch...

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@bhaugen What Guppe doesn't offer that G+ Groups (or Reddit subreddits) do is the notions of:

  • Controlled membership (who can post to a group)
  • Private groups (visible only to a specific set of people)
  • Moderation (removing content from a group)

Note that once you have modaration action you'll also want a moderation log so that multiple mods can at least see what the hell happened.

Note that a specific account that curates content on a specific topic ... behaves in some ways like this. Ello created a number of topical channels like this, though a problem was that only one person could control them, unless password(s) were shared, which is generally a bad idea.

Moderation turns out to be a pretty complex mess itself, for technical and social reasons.

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@bhaugen At a quick glance, it looks like a decent start.

A "reflector" bot is a pretty good group distribution mechanism. (That's effectively what a mailing list was back in the day. Or even today.)

There's some rudimentary modration capability.

A hold-for-approval feature could provide even stronger moderation.

An administrative back-end and logging feature could provide for multiple moderators and keeping tabs of who did what. Neither exist right now but both could be added without too much work.

@organizingInFedi @woozle @GuppeGroups

Enlightening discussion thread,
@dredmorbius and @woozle !

Thank you very much!
Now I need to look into those pleroma groups....

@GuppeGroups @organizingInFedi

@bhaugen @GuppeGroups @dredmorbius @organizingInFedi

FWIW - I belatedly discovered I had already put up a wiki page about Circles, and I've now made one for Communities as well -- htyp.org/Google%2B/features

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