Wake up Wall Street, I think I got somethin' to say to you.
It's late September and it really should be getting cool.
This weather has got me confused
And I feel we're being used
Your megacorps just don't work anymore

You said they would give us wealth
But they're bad for our mental health
Our future's sold, and that's what really hurts.

The morning sun melting icebergs tells you that something's wrong
But the CEOs won't change 'cause it might spoil their fun.
Any progress, they just refuse
with propaganda on the right-wing news
Those megacorps just don't work anymore.
They said they would give us wealth
But they've taken away our health
Our future's done, and that's a loss we could do without.

[ guitar solo ]

[no room for another verse]

I applied for all of their jobs
But they're always crowded out with mobs
Oh megacorps just ain't workin'... anymore...
They'll never admit the truth
They blame our problems on our youth
They've blown their chances and blown all ours as well.

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