controversial take on rationality 

Science has apparently shown that most of our decisions are made irrationally.

The implication drawn is that we aren't fundamentally rational beings; we think we're being rational, but we're ruled by emotion and intuitive connections we can't explain.

I maintain that the first sentence is only true because most of the time there *is no clear right or wrong answer*, and we fall back on feelings and intuition to break the tie -- a rational coping mechanism.

controversial take on rationality 

@woozle I think another part of this is to realize that there are a plurality of rationalities rather than just one. Science brings good techniques to the table, but I don't think it's as clean a category of inquiry as it's often presented as. You might like feyerabend's epistemic anarchism if you aren't already familiar with it.

controversial take on rationality 

@anarchosaurus This looks like what you're referring to --

Ima hafta read that.


controversial take on rationality 

@anarchosaurus After reading a bit, I think I disagree with him -- though not strongly, as he has some valid points.

The institution of science often does slip into dogmatism, especially around certain customs. The customs emerged to serve a purpose, but can too easily become shibboleths used to maintain power-structures.

Some of the software governance ideas I'm working on are arguably re-engineering of the scientific process to reduce problems like that.

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controversial take on rationality 

@woozle I can see that. I want to read his full book tbh. I think some forms of reasoning are clearly better than others, so even if I accept that boundaries between science /not-science are unclear there still has to be some metric for what constitutes good work. Though I don't think he's trying to claim that every form if human knowledge is the same.

I have to wonder what his commentary on the reluctance to publish negative results would be. I see it as kind of another manifestation of the shibboleths you mention.
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