regular reminder that you don't have to be good (tm) at something to like it, make it your hobby, be excited about it, etc

"The innovation of Al/ML is its ability to “do” things without “doing” things because they were “done” without a “doer.” Proxy discrimination (or algorithmic pricing) has the same real effects of discrimination (or collusion) but without any explicit human decision being made. The effect still happens in the world, but nobody is responsible. Nobody did anything. Nobody knows for sure how it happened or who was affected. The designers and users are granted plausible deniability. Al as alibi."


Was looking for something else and found @hugh's piece on libraries, blockchain, maintenance, memory, tech ridiculousness...

Still extremely 🍵

"Blockchain solves the conundrum of how to turn ransomware into accelerated climate change." 😅

"Wireless Sensor Networks a.k.a. "The Internet of Things" (IoT) solve the problem of no longer being able to simply add radium to to your uninspiring product in order to make it seem modern."

seeking academic articles :boost_ok: 

Any JSTOR wizards here? We are looking for a couple articles that we can't get through any of our usual methods (& yes, we tried sci-hub). Here are the links:

Information needed: trans people in the UK with NHS care and a GRC 

This one’s a long shot, but if you’ve got your diagnosis from a GIC and you’ve applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate then a researcher in the Cabinet Office working on would like to hear from you. It’s proper anonymised research with consent, and they’re OK - this isn’t the EHRC or anything connected with them. DM me for details. Boosts encouraged

Request for help for @Posty:

Please send me links to silly, possibly pop-culture related colouring pages for adults that I can print on our home laser printer.

We can only know how healthy a FOSS ecosystem is in the UK if we tell others about our companies and projects.
RT @openuk_uk
OpenUK's #StateofOpen 2022 Survey is now live 🎉 . 👉🏾 👈🏾
Please contribute to help understand economics and investment, journey to open source and maturity, governance, security and sustainability in #opensource software in the UK. Report launches July

"Just follow this README"

The README has git merge conflict markers in it.

what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

rant, closed-source apps 

I really am surprised at how many open-source apps have very useful issue management (just using GitLab or GitHub or similar) yet so many closed-source apps have almost nothing except a forum that no staff respond on, or an email form.

I've fixed so many issues by simply searching for old (resolved) issues with similar error messages.

This message brought to you by a Zoom bug, the solution of which was found on a Linux distro forum and not on any Zoom site that I found.

The idea behind polyamory is seeing relationships as relations, not mere functions.

xkcd, map projections 

I know it's been done plenty of times, but this seems a decent way of highlighting to people how the common Mercator projection can mess up landmass sizes depending on where you put the "poles"/"equator"

Me and Tess have been playing this on and off to each other throughout the day

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