last day in a row tomorrow after which I am going to *sprint* to the train station to join my family on holiday arghhhghhh

I was going to get a gift for someone who's hosting me

but the box broke open in my bag ;___;

mutual aid/work request, medical 

Still haven't gotten my refund for my copay :/

so i need $30 for the appt tomorrow, $10 for the meds. also have a dr appt next week to get my SSRI's so that's like, $50 IIRC

also owe someone money. if anyone needs anything done or like,
just has $5 bucks laying around

paypal is

cashapp and venmo are xenocat

one odd drawback of the Faber Castell Grip so far appears to be a leaky feed/nib??

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my netflix rec list: "exciting tv programmes about friendship" :blobcatthinkingportal:

loool compared to the jinhao 991 it's so much more comfortable

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Initial fountain pen thoughts re the Faber Castell Grip

- two cartridges got stuck in the barrel lol
- the nib is so smoooooth :blobaww:

So: behold the jinhao 991

Very lightweight, sturdy metal clip a la Uniball eye, comes with a converter

I don't 100% like how the nib feels tbh, it was uneven and dry to start with. F nib writing like an M, but also after I pressed on the nib to separate the tines a lil

Information needed: trans people in the UK with NHS care and a GRC 

This one’s a long shot, but if you’ve got your diagnosis from a GIC and you’ve applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate then a researcher in the Cabinet Office working on would like to hear from you. It’s proper anonymised research with consent, and they’re OK - this isn’t the EHRC or anything connected with them. DM me for details. Boosts encouraged

turned on to organ music thanks to organist Anna Lapwood and her instagram

code switching 

it is an absolute joy to relax my "for the british people" voice with some of my colleagues

re: fountain pens 

am looking at faber castell grip, twsbi swipe, or possibly a lamy safari

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fountain pens 

I'm looking for a pen I can bring to work and/or a pen with a nice broad nib to show off cool inks and I am deeply conflicted what pen to gettttt

*blows dust off this thing*

so it's been a while since I used this account

hello! 👋

medical terms 

bigeminy is a strange word

some interesting smells in this house: scented candle, flowers?, cooking from next door

housing help needed, England 

so my landlady just told me I'm getting my week's notice on Monday, so I need to be out of here by the 8th of July.

Currently in Northallerton, Hambleton, North Yorkshire.

I don't have a car, I don't know how to use public transport here, my only income is donations from you lot.

aahahah I have an ipad with a trade-in value of £23

what do I do with it?!

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