hi folks

trying to phase over to kitty.town, more than toot.cat anyway so if you see my account (almost same profile pic) follow you, that's what's happening!

medical terms 

bigeminy is a strange word

some interesting smells in this house: scented candle, flowers?, cooking from next door

level of chill in this foyer is such that everyone is slouching in their seats

I feel less bad about being so ridiculously sleepy now

Given the number of times I've spam-watched Brooklyn 99, I'm surprised I haven't watched Die Hard

housing help needed, England 

so my landlady just told me I'm getting my week's notice on Monday, so I need to be out of here by the 8th of July.

Currently in Northallerton, Hambleton, North Yorkshire.

I don't have a car, I don't know how to use public transport here, my only income is donations from you lot.

"Close your eyes and picture the last holiday you were on"

...reader, I couldn't.

spammer news 

Hi you might like to block @BabyBitch8@im-in.space for spamming along the same lines as the other guy

aahahah I have an ipad with a trade-in value of £23

what do I do with it?!

lecture slides from our lecturer has huge watermark all over it

dude, your students don't want to steal your slides

girls on the same table at the canteen talking enthusiastically about property shows

Rescued from a horrible no-good week by a weekend of music and being surprised by hospitality

ok I sure haven't checked out the *formatting options* on this version of masto

I'd use a onenote alternative if it allowed me to export multiple pages as pdf

basically more exporting options

re: livetooting 

how is the dude having dialysis??? like what's his access

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re: livetooting 

I'm surprised how they just give IV injections without a cannula

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re: livetooting 

I'm so glad they're at least at wikipedia level accuracy...


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re: livetooting 

cos that would tell you straightaway if it was symptomatic hyperkalaemia, or uraemic pericarditis

at the very least

even a fingerstick BM would allow you to increase suspicion of

are thy not going to

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re: livetooting 



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