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Christ this class. Watching videos of kids suffering stress of separation, remembering my own pain as my mom told me every day about her anger at my dad. The instability and lack of resources which led to my own abuse.

None of the other losers in here are crying so they can go fuck themselves.

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Born to shop work is a fuck kill em all 1917 I am a proletarian 410,757,864,530 dead burgeoise

Good to see Marx's teachings getting traction with the youth

In the shower today started Jerpen Peppersmush and how... there might be something advantageous in writing terribly and having an annoying voice. The only people who are sticking with it are people who have never read any philsophy before ever.

If you have enough knowledge to know why his thoughts are... inconsistent *and* unoriginal, you probably can't stand to read much past page 5.

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"strum with me if you want to live"

So, I have a skin disease. NF-1 is a genetic disorder that causes these lumps to appear on my skin. There are now four on my face, dozens on the rest of my body. I could get surgery but more will appear for the rest of my life.

But what’s funny is: i feel so beautiful now. Two years ago when I looked handsome in a photo it was someone else, a handsome dude, an illusion, that I saw in the picture.

Today with a fresh haircut, heavy stubble, and a bunch of new skin bumps, I feel beautiful.

I consider cyberpunk dystopias hopeful, not because I want to transcend my assigned my body, but because it's never sunny and you can always get ramen.

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It's pretty hard to believe in the world of Grand Theft Auto because there's affordable health care.

My new keyboard is unlabeled so I'm trying to memorize what punctuation is under each number. So far I have $4 foot-longs, I h8 looking for the * key, 7&7, and 5% of all cops have killed and will kill again.

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toblerone jumped in here and he is living

Screen tests for the new Avatar series

Can a trebuchet throw the world’s supply of microSD cards ?

If you fantasize about seeing a prominent nose and side-shaved haircut pressing through a distended belly, that’s