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Hey there folks!

I've just moved my account to a new username. I hope it's not too obnoxious, but I figured better sooner than later.

Since posts don't come over, I'll repost my once more, this time with CamelCase for accessibility

I live in with my partner, our , and our (my) . For money, I do , and spend the rest of my time doing , , , and stuff, such as sitting down & looking at a wall.

Loves: em-dashes, hair color
Loathes: terfs, cops

Other include

Me, probably, after I give my hairdresser twenty different and conflicting requests fueled by boredom and too much time on the internet.

The postal gods loved me today! Guess I know what I’m doing with my evening!

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Pocket friends! Who are the writers, activists, and scholars you like to read/listen to about diet culture and fatphobia (especially as it relates to the food and eating aspect)? #boostsAppreciated

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what all cis people need to know:

"cis" is not an acronym. it should not be capitalized like "CIS". it is a Latin prefix meaning "on this side of", like cislunar space, cisalpine Gaul, or cis isomers in chemistry.

please i'm begging you. tell a friend. yours, a trans pedant

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Introspective question for my fellow neurodivergent people:

How much of your struggle with non-literal language is innate and how much of it comes from being taught to distrust others' implicit meanings?

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when finallyfantasy bunnyboys get angry they should thump their lil feets on the ground

boost if you agree

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I have decided to begin using formal and familiar pronouns.

My formal pronouns are they/them, and these are the pronouns I ask everyone to use unless otherwise invited.

While many folks know my familiar pronouns (I've been going by them for a while after all), please try not to use them. Right now, I will only be sharing my familiar pronouns with folks I regularly talk with one-on-one -- folks I can call on the phone or chat with on Discord or something.

Read more:

I am but a humble technical writer, but as far as I can tell, "we don't need QA, the devs can just do it" doesn't actually work.

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In case you didn't know, I maintain a list of space opera novels by cisgender women, non-binary, and trans authors!

There are hundreds of books to read, and the list is not complete (use the form to suggest missing works)!

Share the resource :)

When you spend three days researching 4-shaft table looms and then in the last hour say "screw it" and buy a floor loom instead.

I ordered a Leclerc Compact, 24" weaving width, 4-shaft with room for four more later. And now the waiting begins.

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Whenever someone uses the word "lazy", what they actually mean is "doing other things than what I want you to do". It's the peak of control-freak culture.

Is there any thing better than a work meeting that gets cancelled and just vanishes from your calendar?

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NO ONE would survive the apocalypse without a community, No one survived without one until sometime in the middle of the last century.

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