I found that I can save a lot of time by, rather than watching a new TV show, just waiting for one of the showrunners to be caught up in a sexual harassment scandal. This way I will never have to watch it.

I think that we’re missing a huge opportunity here. We should start a new conference:

Test in Prague

I haven’t shaved my face in over 10 years. But Gillette’s ad was so positive I almost want to go buy a razor.

Apache Spark Joy is the new compute framework where the jobs never terminate and you can never get rid of them.

Are there any cliff bars that don’t taste like sticky cardboard and sadness?

I got an email for a JIRA issue on my non-work email address and I am just DEEPLY OFFENDED. Like, I have to deal with this all day at work, no one gets to assign me tickets in personal life. 😂

I saw a raccoon at the bus stop today and I am going to take this as a sign that today is going to be great. 🦝 💜

Is the Linux subsystem on Windows good enough?

With my laptop hodor dying, I'm digging around looking at options, and thinking real hard about a Windows or Linux laptop.

Welp. It's been good knowing you, hodor the laptop.

There are a large collection of white vans outside my house.

Either the bathroom renovation is starting, or I am about to be kidnapped.

Thinking about modern clone consoles, flash drives, RGB mods, etc... you basically just get a bunch of FPGAs talking to each other at that point, right?

Gender was invented by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms.


This is shirt is by the amazing @theyusetools@twitter.com

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