I saw that Petsmart had an adoption event this weekend for shelter animals. Do you think they were celebrating Bastille Day? 🤔

Good day to remember this mantra.
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@mipsytipsy I like to hit the deploy button at 5pm, and then go home without my work laptop.

Then have a nice cup of tea, and wait for all this to blow over.

New Dell XPS 15 (7590) mostly works under Ubuntu 19.04, but I haven't been able to coax the WiFi to work yet.

Swapping out the NVMe SSD for a faster one was only mildly painful.

Possible talk idea: Horrible things I have done in production

I once created a “packaging tool”
to get Python code, deps, C libs, whatever
zip it
append as a # base64 comment to a Python prog
which reads its own source code
unzips everything
adds it to sys.path
and runs

I had to do some truly *terrible* things to make a web page use websockets to talk to Python to talk over a file socket to talk to a C program that thinks it is 1996 and is running in 16-bit DOS under MajorBBS with a 32-port modem.

All running on @glitch@twitter.com.
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Play Lords of Cyberspace here lords-of-cyberspace.glitch.me/

It's buggy, but playable. It will probably break. Have fun. @gli…

Play Lords of Cyberspace here lords-of-cyberspace.glitch.me/

It's buggy, but playable. It will probably break. Have fun.

TIL that MITM attacks are now "monster-in-the-middle" attacks and I am very happy with this

"Private browsing is permitted exclusively for our subscribers."

Not sure you know what "private browsing" means @washingtonpost@twitter.com

I'm using netcat with a UNIX file socket to simulate the modem connection.

I've got the Lords of Cyberspace door game compiled and running pretty well, without its host MajorBBS.

... I may or may not have investigated how hard it is to integrate honeycomb with this DOS BBS door game port.

This is apparently what I do on vacation.
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your quarterly reminder that honeycomb has...

🐝 free tier (low storage, no history/sharing features)
🐝 self serve tier (plop down a credit card, no talking to sales)
🐝 paid/guided trial for enterprise folks who want a high touch experience https://twitte…

It is kind of fun to port a DOS door game to not require a BBS to run, and to run on MacOS and Linux.

... I just realized that “The Beatles” is a pun

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