Testing out a CST trackball in the neverendjng quest of not-destroying my thumbs and wrists.

It’s pretty.

Got a new power brick for my Blu-ray player. Now I can watch this DVD I just found in a dusty box

It was finally warm enough for porch floof Peanut to come hang out!

I have learned that Peanut is a terror in the neighborhood and is known to the local vets. I still love him 😍

You don't need MySQL or Postgres to power your blog.
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"I think it would take several years of effort to do the whole language. This is not worth mine or anybody's effort..."



xpra is a game-changer for macOS. Remote X11/XQuartz sessions had a major speed regression that made them unusable, but xpra offers similar functionality with acceptable performance.

Tag yourself I’m Basic
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These are my favorite two shelves of my bookshelf, and yes that’s a slug Jerry. Show me your bookshelves, doesn’t just have to be tech books :)

(most of these are from my grandpa :)

The bathroom remodel is complete

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