Thing I learned: if your program accidentally sends you 1,000 text messages, your cell phone provider gets REAL pissed.


Python 2 ➡️ Python Classic

Python 3 ➡️ New Python

I’m tempted to write a companion talk to’s “Practical Cryptography”

I shall call it “Impractical Cryptography”

Assembled my PiDP-11!

Total time: about 5 hours

Some of the LEDs stopped working when I put it all together, so I get to take it apart later and debug things.

Just what I need to make me feel better: inhaling lead fumes for 6 hours

Tired: Call in sick because new video game came out
Wired: Call in sick because PiDP-11 kit came in the mail

Buying a bunch of stuff from lately means my ads are getting much more relevant

... until this morning, when I got an ad for "dental bone expander kit" 😱

Simple, but brilliant
Early prototypes of reviziting the receipt, one piece of a larger question I want explore: how can viz be integrated into everyday experiences?

Glad to finally stop being sick. I had that taste in my throat that I can only describe as “The Price is Right”.

Keynote 1: Shadeed Wallace-Stepter (Sha), starting off with a question. “How many people here are on probation or parole?” There are no hands.

Sha is an entrepreneur and OSS enthusiast who’s learned through Python.

PyCoooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ✈️

Me: Look! The neighbor put a 30” Trinitron CRT on their porch for free! I bet I could mod it to accept RGB inputs.

Also me: Do not let me take that home, and never let me open up a CRT to ‘mod’ anything.

I am packing *all* of my microcontrollers and stuff for PyCon!

Sometimes I'm just all about the cheese, so I made this GIF of

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