Y’all. I just figured out. AWS’s identity and access management service’s name. Is a pun.



Raising kids sounds like having the same interns for 30 years.

Need new @zoom_us filters to touch up my appearance more. We can call them

* “full night’s sleep”
* “pre-epidemic”
* “kids back in school”

Built this brand new-ism “modern” 8088! And then realized I don’t have any VGA input devices to plug it into...

*hooks up mirrorless camera for video*


*switches back to shitty webcam*

Does anyone else have "lucky USB ports"?

Like, webcams only work for me on this computer from 1 particular USB port (out of 7).

It’s been a while since I’ve compiled the Linux kernel. ⏳

I made a script to add aliases for these (along with a few extras).

Though I thought 'retcon' should be a 'rebase'. Feel free to change it and make it your own in your own fanfic of my gist. gist.github.com/swenson/ee0bd9
RT @tesseralis
My suggestion is we name the main branch "canon". Consider:

* "we'll add it to the canon"
* "we've updated the canon"
* "oh is this canon?" "no it's fanfic (anothe…

Who would have thought that the revolution would not be televised, but it would be TikTok’d.

Microsoft released the source for GW-BASIC (1983) and reading it is a wild ride.

This code has everything

* Double-precision floating-point library
* Kanji support
* Leftover code from the Altair 8800


The first rule of cat ownership: if you think you smell cat pee, then there is definitely cat pee.

Things I always google:

* how to do any time formatting and conversion in Python (or really every language)
* which of >& or &> or 2>1 etc. redirect stderr to stdout or to a file
* anything involving sed
* jQuery AJAX functions

And basically everything else.
RT @IanColdwater
I can absolutely guarantee you that all the experienced engineers you look up to still make mistakes and have to look things up too

Doing these things does…

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