I have spent a lot of my quarantine trying to finally beat Crypt of the Necrodancer. Most of that has been trying to complete the Aria play through. No hits, no missed beats, dagger only. It’s a wild difficulty curve.

I attempted to move two monitors home from my office and managed to drop both of them. :(

This is a bad time to try to get new monitors.

OH: "I don't use Chrome because I don't trust Google", followed by "I stopped installing security patches from Microsoft on Windows 7 years ago".


Watching Star Trek: Generations. The plot requires that gravity travels instantaneously, but gravity travels at the speed of light (according to long-time theory and recent experiments). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_of

🎶 I am the very model of a modern major monorepo 🎶

What have you been up to this weekend?

Oh, not much. Just strip mining other islands to feed the Tom Nook capitalism machine.

I finally defeated the final (?) boss in Crypt of the Necrodancer. That game is so much fun, so challenging, and so different from anything else.

I stayed up drinking cider with Tom Nook last night and now I wake up with a 49,800-Bell mortgage. 😭

I want to make the opposite of Pascal's wager. Getting a bunch of tattoos taken from mysterious bog mummies or ancient Athenian curses sounds like a good start.

This is going to make a sweet tattoo
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30 lead tablets, engraved with curses, that invoked the gods of the underworld in order to cause harm to others, have been discovered at the bottom of a 2,500 year old well in Athens.

Joke's on you virus: I've been socially isolating myself for months, nay, years, so this week is just like any other!

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And because @theyusetools understands how I operate, she also made a bigger and shinier version of her “You don’t have to do what Thursday tells you to” sticker for @chris_swenson to give out

If you’re new to working remotely and have trouble getting the hang of it, that’s okay. Try a bunch of things out. This is what I found works best for me, but it took years to figure it out.

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The cost is higher than I’d like, but still cheaper than what most companies pay per desk in an expensive city. (Though I still pay out of pocket.)

The productivity boost and mental separation of work and home are worth it for me though.

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