I switched back to my Kinesis keyboard with cherry browns after a few years where I “upgraded” switches and caps several times, and I think all of those upgrades made things worse.

The cherry browns are so much easier to type on and hurt my hands less than all my “upgrades” :(

Hi, I’m Cupcake, and I am an insufferable know-it-all whose productivity is so high that it is a burden.
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Introduce yourself with the wildest feedback you’ve ever received.

I’ll go first:

“Hi I’m Amy. I’m too ambitious 🤝”

Got my @playdate this weekend, which means I spent a few hours writing a demo in Rust!

I’m angry with Roe v Wade being overturned and removing guaranteed rights, but I’m even more angry at the states not stepping up to restore those rights.

Technical regret
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is there a special name for the technical debt that results from the desire to use interesting technologies?

I found a way to print out the Slack threads (turns out there were several), so now I have 40+ pages to read.

Please send my AARP card to ...

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I saw a 200+ message Slack thread I need to read for context, and the old person inside me thought "maybe I should print this out to read it"

I scrambled a hard drive and made MS-DOS 6.22 defragment it and recorded it.

I had to simulate the hard drive noises (which was fun). Maybe I'll try with a real hard drive next time.


Current status: writing a hard drive fragmenter so I can watch the DOS 6.22 defragmenter lose its mind.

I noticed the mastodon server I use hasn't been updated in a couple of years, so I'm thinking of switching. Any particularly cool ones going for tech (+ maybe lgbtqia+)?

Weekend plans

Pre-COVID: maybe a date, go to a party, go out to dinner, definitely go out to breakfast, …

Post-COVD: I might go get laundry detergent. Maybe.

Double Precision Engineer
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staff engineer
principal engineer
distinguished engineer

It's starting to feel like airmiles.
What level is next?
Wrong answers only

I switched to an M1 laptop. Thoughts:

Apple finally decided that the best laptop does not mean the thinnest laptop

The 120 Hz display and new keyboard are amazing

Running amd64 Docker images is unreliable at best

Teenage mutant ninja turtle pie
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Age yourself by replying with your favorite sandwich

A reality show where 13 cats move in to a house together where they have elaborate competitions and trials to determine who will be My Next Cat.

… but I’m the end I just move into the house and keep all of them.

I tried to hook up my ~2006 iPod Video to my car but the car can’t interface with its protocol — too old. And it turns out my car doesn’t have aux in?! I feel betrayed.

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.