I will also join in and match any donations for the next $1,000. Please RT.
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I am one of twelve known victims of a serial cyberstalker who has been catfishing, threatening, terrorizing, doxxing, and posting revenge porn of women for over fifteen years. this fund is to pursue legal action against him.


me: *writes a big pull request and a 70-line instruction set on how to merge it including multiple large database migrations*
also me: "This is a trivial fix. 1 story point."

Just reminded of this thread. We are now *all* the person who tries to talk while muted.
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Thread of all the people at your startup, Mean Girls style. If you think you don't have one, it's you. One person can be several

Person who talks All The Freaking Time

Person with inconsiderately loud keyboard

Person who won't shut up about keyboards

Person who likes the dark

To be more on-brand I’ve switched to Kailh Box Pink switches for my keyboard. So far I like the sound better than the Box Whites and they feel just about the same.

Sometimes I install Windows updates just to feel something

This is a powerful way to introduce StackOverflow bugs into your code even faster.
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Welcome, @github Copilot — the first app powered by OpenAI Codex, a new AI system that translates natural language into code.

Codex will be coming to the API later this summer. copilot.github.com

Kind of my feelings as well
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Pronoun ambivalence🧵

I'm a nonbinary person over 40, who just figured out I was nonbinary in my late 30s.

I've used she/her pronouns my whole life until a couple years ago, when I realized I was nonbinary & told some close friends I was also okay being called "they."

libs out there canceling network maintenance now?! what next

I am the golden retriever of Principal janitors
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I love how some folk are like "Principal engineers would never sully themselves with fixing a small bug! Their time is reserved only for meeting heads of state and other distinguished people!"

And Principals are like, "I am a janitor LOL! Can I clear your lunch tray? I gotchu!"

Love to hear that my bank, @allyfinancial, is not only storing my username and password in the clear, but has shared them third parties.

Look what I got in the mail. Quantum Christmas came early! Thanks @crazy4pi314 @cgranade!

I can hear honking outside this door so I think there must be Kubernetes out there.

Feels real weird to book travel again, even if it is for Sep/Oct

@strangeloop_stl, here I come!

You can tell I’ve decided to abandon shared offices forever because I’m finally switching to clicky key switches.

Capitalism is a giant game of prisoners’ dilemma where it’s always more lucrative for each person to be unethical and exploit everyone else, even though it’s worse for everyone.

Does it stress anyone else out when they see someone sharing their screen with the angry red "Update" Chrome button in the upper right? 😂

I ripped out three WiFi routers from my house and I’m so happy about it.

I feel personally attacked
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You: I code in C because I want to control exactly what the CPU does
The CPU when you write
if x {
} :

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