Fantastic Time Zones and Where to Find Them

I’m just a normal programmer. I put my debugger on one NullPointerException at a time.

Instead of "story points", I will now be grading my JIRA tickets based on how many musicals I have to listen through to get the job done.

"Oh, ticket 734? That's probably 1 Aspects of Love."

This gives me an idea. We could deploy by changing an Excel spreadsheet, and then the infrastructure adjusts itself to match the spreadsheet.

Nothing could go wrong.
The world is run by Excel

... except our infrastructure. That’s run by bash scripts.

To compare, imagine if Nintendo only ever made the original 1989 GameBoy and still sold them today exactly like they were and still expected everyone to pay the same price, if not more?

Funny enough, the original GameBoy has very similar hardware specs to calculators sold today.

I'm guessing that companies own a ton of patents on these things and sue anyone out of existence if they even try to bring one of these to market.

It seems such a shame that people pay more now for hardware that has almost not changed in 25+ years.

This is great. I can't help but ask why isn't there a graphing calculator out there that:

* costs less than $20,
* does all the things that standardized tests require, and
* has a similar enough interface to the marketplace leaders?

An all girls, public school is teaching & they need graphing calculators. This is a big 1! But don't you want a future filled w/ women engineers, mathematicians, &a…

I hate everything this weekend and just want to sleep the weekend away.

The PVM I bought doesn’t do YPbPr, but does have RGB. It looks like I can build my own converter with a few op amps? Really wish I took more EE classes in college 😂

While my team is away, our engineering channel is just filling up with my pull requests.

You're welcome, team.

Since cars have had a lot of electronics the past few decades, do people replace all of the capacitors in their cars periodically, like with old consoles and computers?

This is one of those moments, like when trying to solve difficult CAPTCHAs, that I am starting to doubt my own sentience.

Portland ballot thread
In Portland? You probably received your ballot this week. I read a crap ton of voters guide and made my own, in case you want to skip all the reading.

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