Today is the day that Donald Trump finally unbecame president.

Apparently I applied for TSA Global Entry over a year ago, and they just now got back to me to schedule the interview 😂

I better get right on that for all the travel I’ll not be doing this year.

The best part of being at the vet is getting to see so many adorable floofs 💜

(from inside my car)

The Mandalorian is a great show.

I just wish that they hadn’t gone to the Game of Thrones Season 8 School of Lighting Design.

brb gonna quit my job and fork Elasticsearch pre-SSPL

I am so here for the queering of Star Trek, and @may_wise is freaking awesome!
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My very first story for!

In which @may_wise confirms she's queer...
@N_A_K accepts the death of his character
@albinokid reveals his bond with ...
@ianaIexander has advice for young actors...

I’m super unhappy about the change to SSPL. By all accounts it is a badly written license with massive repercussions.
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With today's relicensing to , Elasticsearch & Kibana are no longer but are instead business risks:

My A1C has five nines
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“Your A1C is in the controlled range so no we dont think you need to check your blood sugar very often”


Finally got my test results. Negative for COVID!

My sense of taste and smell seem to be back as well, and I never got a cough or fever, so I think I'm okay?

I mean, not any more screwed than normal.

My registry number starts with NCC-1701
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Tell me you're an enterprise without telling me you're an enterprise

Celebrating not being (primary) on-call for the first time in 3? 4? weeks by taking a sleeping pill.

Now this is the life.

“I wish I had a few extra days off work about now”

*monkey paw curls*

*loses sense of taste and smell*

“... fuck”

I want to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

Humans are just collections of gross bodily functions

tfw you lay down on your carpet to snuggle with your cats and realize your carpet smells weird

You know it’s been a decent length of vacation when your work laptop battery is just bone dry.

Fun idea: use the IP that entered the public domain to make a game in the Games Made Quick 2021 jam starting Sunday
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oh snap, AGDQ is coming up in just a few days. you know what that means! it's time for...


for once, let's NOT make games! unless you wanna. make levels, make tools, make ar…

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