"But how do you know if prod is even working until you break it?"

Wait, Google released a *third* product called “Chat”? Which is also not the same as Allo, Duo, Meet, Hangouts, Hangouts Meet, Talk, or Voice?? And doesn’t have feature parity but they’re still deprecating Hangouts???

Oh right, it’s Google. Of course they did.

2001: WiFi sucks. Time to wire up every room with Ethernet!

2011: WiFi is so great! *tosses cables out the window*

2021: WiFi sucks. Time to wire up every room with Ethernet!

OH: "But are we willing to fork the code and run our own variant?"

Don't threaten me with a good time. 💅

Upon further review and playing around with the actual software, this seems to have a lot more flexibility in destinations for more secure, remote backups.

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Well, that makes my decision on whether or not to use Synology to do offsite backups easy.

tl;dr it uses incredibly outdated SSL/TLS choices

(I’m fine. But I suspect I’ll have a new scar.)

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I don’t think I’ve ever cut myself as bad as I did today trying to trim a 3D-printed thing.

And that includes the time I tried to shave when I was 5.

If someone were addicted to meetings, would they go to Meetings Anonymous? Would it be the only Anonymous group that *doesn’t* have meetings?

I'll fold the laundry later so I can use the basket for actual dirty clothes.

I haven’t coded for at least a week and I’m starting to get jittery. Maybe time to try Twitch streaming?

I'm gonna alias the shell command "lick" to touch a file and change the owner to me.

Hey networking nerds: I'm going to run some networking through underground conduit, and I'd like to future-proof as much as possible.

Current plan: run 2× OM4 multi-mode fiber pairs with 2× Cat 6A cables as backup.

Anything else you would run to future proof connectivity?

Like all complex software engineering problems, the solution was to add 'time.sleep(1.0)' in the right place

Who knew that Snowpiercer would become a documentary.

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