ah, so is like the kubernetes of security
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I gave y'all , so now I'm introducing the concept of in this missive about infosec's disconnection from business needs (featuring no less than 59 citations).

The hot takes in it overflow the Scoville scale & give me root in your ideascape swagitda.com/blog/posts/on-yol

I just want to use the @Twitter website but it is completely unusable. @TwitterSupport

This is me not moving my mouse or scrolling or touching the keyboard. This happens *constantly*

What kind of ridiculous crap is this?

And I say this as someone who has a full sleeve of watercolor rainbow video game tattoos.

I realized that I haven’t put my phone in airplane mode in over six months

I just bought a 19" CRT monitor in this year 2020.

I now have 3 CRTs in my office. This is more than I've ever owned in my life at once.

(I will make a list of books in a follow-up series of tweets, but I want to take some time on it)

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As an Old Programmer (though not a Boomer), honestly my eyes glaze over trying to read Design Patterns. The pattern names sounds like bad 90s marketing terms, and I just fall asleep reading their descriptions.

It was always overrated.

I could list a dozen better classic books.
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Design Patterns as evangelized by Boomer programmers are mostly dead though.

No tech interview screens for it. When was the last time…

My sincerest apologies to all who can hear my cat adorably snoring in the background of my calls

Ah yes, my famous, extremely expensive book I wrote on *checks notes* January 1, 1893

good reminders that I need to heed more
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Hang on y'all, this needs saying. (topic: work life balance / burnout) 1/x

Can confirm. This is brilliant.
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Ok so N and I just found a new movie on Amazon Prime called "Space Captain: Captain of Space" and we are 100% watching this

TIL there is a Batavia, Ohio in the US, because I was sent a package from there. cc @PyBeeWare

Is it just me, or is the Twitter web app hella buggy this weekend? (macOS, Chrome)

Lots of stuttering and jagged movements, posts disappearing and reappearing more than normal.

Your version control software has failed you if you find yourself editing a 50,000-line patch file by hand because it is the easiest way to solve your problem.

I am a

☐ man
☐ woman
☒ cupcake

I want
☐ a man
☐ a woman
☒ to be a gay space programmer

I love musicals. Though I was *slightly* disappointed that @thelindsayellis didn't sing the entirety of this episode of It's Lit youtube.com/watch?v=d1ZU6EFDda

Looks like I'm possibly being targeted by anti-BLM folks, so I'm locking everything down for a little while.

Factorio just left early access and it looks like this is how I am spending my vacation.

I need a Go Pro for my extreme action sport of petting cats.

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