packers - what to do with unwanted ones? 

I tried several different types of packers. Now I have two packers that I don't want. I wore them for a week at most, in packing underwear.

Packers have a no returns policy, which makes sense given worries about STDs. So what do I do with them?

Ship them to someone? Art? I hate to throw them away.

One is a banana prosthetics model (5" or 4.5", not sure) and the other is a reelmagik uncut 5". Both are a pale tone color.

I've discovered the open source NewPipe app doesn't show ads from YouTube videos, can subscribe to YouTube channels, and even show new videos *in chronological order* from those subscription lists.

Awww yeah, my ASMR videos will never be interrupted by horror film adverts again!

crit role major spoilers (c3e33 and c2e26), musings and processing (~) 

So a bunch of characters died last episode. At first, I really wanted the whole thing to be a dream sequence. The sandstorm suddenly rolling in is certainly reminesent of Imogen's dreams. And it would hurt so much less if some of my favorite Bell's Hells characters weren't dead.

But the DM (Matt) has been clear from the beginning of campaign 1 that permadeath is possible in his games. Plus, I got so much joy out of Caduceus (the character Tailesin literally threw together in 3 days after Mollymauk died).

I realized I ended up loving the characters that specific actors created. I've loved every character Liam and Tailesin have made. I loved both Beau and Laudna (Marisha's characters). Sam is always designing his characters to be comedic, but you have to love their heart.

I want to see the character's stories through. But most importantly, I want to see this group of friends have fun with each other and explore and roleplay.

So I'm seeing it through and continuing to watch the campaign, even though it might hurt.

After all, that is how relationships in life work. We can love deeply, knowing that someone might break our trust, move, or yes, even die. It may take time for critters to process (whether these are a true death, or Imogen's dream), but I trust Matt and I trust the cast.

I comissioned an artist to make a fursona icon for me!

It's my first one so I'm both excited and nervous. Been pondering what it should look like for a while and I think I finally have a good idea of what I want.

spider picture - darkly beautiful 

Fall is coming, and the spiders are gathering.

dream about pet dog fish 

Woah, I had a dream about adopting two dog flounder fish as pets!

They were playful and labrador-like, with big giant puppy-fish eyes. They just wanted to cuddle on my lap. Their fins spread out like mana rays across my legs and they just stared up at me adoringly.

And they had such gorgeous multi-colored scales! One was pale with opal-like rainbow hues. The other was dark like onyx, with an oil-slick rainbow sheen.

What Is a Gender?

As a versatile and valuable tool, a gender will crush and blend ingredients for countless different recipes.

(I misread blender as gender)

moving gif, random thought 

TFW you've had a stressful week, laundry didn't get done, and then you find a stash of clean clothes. :blobcatrainbow:

Hooray, laundry procrastination can continue!

Of course this is the cat who ate the plastic strings off his carpeted cat tree...

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Online resource: "As the cat chews the plant, crystals penetrate the oral mucosa and throat, which causes intense pain. In most cases, immediate pain will result in the cessation of chewing."

Cat: "Hold my beer"

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I accidentially left my bedroom door open a crack on Sunday.

One cat snuck in, explored, and then came to snuggle with me (which is how I discovered the door was open).

The other cat snuck in and ate my pathos house plant, which is toxic to cats. 😱 Based on online resources, it's usually only mildly toxic. And since this happened two days ago, I think he'll be okay? I didn't notice anything wrong with him at all.

Episodes for a diabetic diet... a low inflammation diet... a vegetarian diet but they're allergic to soy... so many happy smiling people and chefs working together to show them how they can find joy in their food again.

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I would like to see a reality TV show where chefs are given a medically approved diet for a client, and have to make a five course meal together.

And the client just eats all the delicious food that was carefully prepared for them and smiles and cries.

I would watch the shit out of that.

I've been enjoying reading the manga "Sorry for my familiar" by Tekka Yaguraba.

When a sweet-hearted demon girl (Patty) can't catch a familiar, she strikes a deal with a human to be her familar.

The human (Norman Volcanello) is a demon researcher, and is fascinated by all demons and creatures. He continuously tries to sketch creatures, even if he's being beaten up or eaten by them. And somehow he always manages to survive.

Patty is kind and determined. Patty takes Norman with her as she searches for her missing father.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes. It's very light-hearted and made me laugh or smile many times.

food (vegan) 

Braised kale, leek, and apples.

Paired with wild rice with dried mango, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

The lovely cinnamon and cardamom flavor from the wild rice goes great with the apple-kale mix.

Modified recipes from:

"The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook" by Debra Daniels-Zeller
"Everyday Indian" from Parragon Books

food, mh (-), ask for advice about anxiety around dietary changes 

I'm switching to an anti-inflammatory diet to see if it will help with arthritis pain.

It seems so complicated and I get so overwhelmed by all the changes I need to make. I end up spiraling into "oh god am I going to have to hand-make everything I eat?" anxiety.

I also blame myself when I get too hungry to make good food choices.

I also find myself feeling defeated everytime I look at something I bought in the past and see an ingredient I should avoid. I keep blaming myself like, "Dang, I was putting that in my body?"

I'm also feeling grief at losing foods that are familiar.

None of that is a healthy way to approach a diet change.

Does anyone have good resources for dealing with emotions around diet changes? Not ones focused on losing weight, but instead focused on diet changes to address health issues.

I started playing "Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicals" a week ago. Chill exploration game with no fighting. Beautiful graphics! Some crafting and farming if you like but not tedious at all. I wish the stories were more developed, but the scale and design of the world makes up for it.

I also quickly found spaces I wasn't "supposed" to be. Apparently I'm very persistent at climbing slopes that game devs made "too steep" on purpose.

@anna Remember how I told you about a pink plant my grandmother had? We nicknamed it the rainbow trout plant because it had green leaves with white spots on top, and a pink underside.

I figured out what plant it is! It's a Begonia Coccinea.

As I was trying to find this plant type, I found articles about plants with pink leaves. And I recognized so many other plants my grandmother had.

And then it hit me... She loved the color pink, and *all* her houseplants had pink on them. She had a pink polka dot plant. Even her Kalanchoe daigremontiana plant had pink stripes on it.

It was a great moment to reconnect to the memory of my grandma, and just how much she loved plants and the color pink!

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