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Why asking students their preferred pronoun is not a good idea

> My most recent experiences in the classroom, coupled with my experiences while conducting research within the transgender community, however, have convinced me that our current practice of asking that everyone state their personal pronoun is not a good idea. My position is perhaps best explained by sharing two experiences.
> In my gender class, as it has come to be known, I ask that students journal in response to readings, class discussions or a prompt on a controversial issue. Occasionally, those entries get personal. In a recent year, a student revealed in an entry that they thought they might be transgender. The next time I spoke with the student alone, with the best of intentions, I asked what pronoun they wanted me to use. Their eyes filled with tears as they answered, “I don’t know.” At about the same time, I asked someone at a …

-- insidehighered.com/views/2018/

#transidentity #queerness #shaarlien

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Trans bodies are beautiful. I'm enjoying the changes HRT is bringing! Ugh, except acne. I could do without the acne.

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Why you're screwing up if you ignore that paper Show more

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The canonical article on how to ask research participants for their gender Show more

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Plant Microbial Fuel Cells let you enjoy both plants and solar energy at the same time!

Plants use light to produce sugars, and some of those sugars get deposited into the soil via the plants' roots. There, the plant sugars nourish soil bacteria, and with some clever use of electrodes, you can steal a little of the metabolic energy from those bacteria.

Essentially, you're using a living plant as a solar cell. It doesn't give you very much electricity but it's cool. 🌱☀️

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My girlfriend made me this for my 2 year anniversary of getting on HRT ❤️ redd.it/9eeixk

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@aredridel The best relationships (friendships or otherwise) that I’ve had have been ones that showed me how to change in some important way, and the worst ones were ones that forced me to change in a way I didn’t want.

I’m not quite sure how to easily tell the difference from the outset

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I fucking love trans people so much.

I don't know anyone other group who do honestly and joyfully pursues *who they are*, what they want, as trans people. I'm not even talking about in gender. So many of us have, in realizing we can break out of our assigned gender, realized that none of the boxes we are forced into have to apply. We patch together amazing, unique selves out of our real, honest interests and desires. Its so fucking beautiful.

In related news, it really sucks that my laptop hangs whenever I unplug the power supply. Dear ACPI or bios SMI writers, please stop writing software.

lewd, Linux joke Show more

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@lady_lumb some personal opinions of mine:
-the posts do not need to be migrated, because i at least do not personally value them
-forcing users to follow a new account is unethical because it removes user choice of what instances they trust
-as a result, this is the only ethical way to actually migrate accounts

posts that do need migration can be manually migrated, imo, after all you can download a full list of your posts and do it manually already

but also im weird in that i dont value my past posts
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@hoodieak okay so for you, it's a migration tool.

my point is that it's not what most people would call a migration tool because it doesn't actually move any data, it just messages all ur followers, which feels... idk, spammy at best, even if it is just a one off and not something one regularly uses to market

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hey so there are actually migration tools now, thanks to my good friend @codl https://migrannounce.tools.codl.fr/

also, @zac has a downloadable alternative as well!

finally, the fediverse can be truly called federated coz people can move account whenever they need

(imo it wasnt really federated until now)
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A shot from the Chinese Gardens in Portland. I was there this afternoon doing silk painting demonstrations, and it was not 100 degrees, so that was amazing. Such a magical spot. Painting demos are great, but I'd just rather sit and stare at the scenery and ponder existence.

Oh hey, this part-time job might be great for some interested in helping diversity in free software! Remote from anywhere in the world. 10 hours a week on a three month contract to help with Outreachy. outreachy.org/blog/outreachy-i

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Critical security vulnerabilities found in Mastodon. Admins should patch ASAP to 2.4.4.



Currently, instances.social shows at least 1476 unpatched servers. (3872 servers don't disclose their version.)

#mastodon #vulnerability #security #infosec #cybersecurity #impersonation #doorkeeper