An 8th grade civics class worked to get the last Salem "witch" pardoned, 329 years later.

CW on the article for a brief mention of the types of violence enacted on the accused people.

Looks like is down. I was hoping to recommend it for folks interested in free software to move off Twitter to. We'll see how long it takes them to get it back up.

I had a dream that I was at a buffet and they were out of plates, so I piled everything on a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Now I want cookie plates.

(joke) How does an ace person eat a banana? 

Anyway they like. It's just a banana.

personal: covid or flu (-) 

My family also didn't understand the network effects of Covid.

They assume that spending time with family is "safe". That because they don't spend time in malls or crowded areas, they won't pick up covid.

But if family works in a job where they interact with a lot of people, you're essentially exposed to all those people.

If your family member works as a store clerk or works with students, they can get covid from those people. And then you can get covid from your family member.

Vaccines don't prevent you from getting covid. They just prevent you from getting a severe enough case that you are hospitalized and die.

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personal: covid or flu (-) 

In truth:

1. Not all people who have covid lose their sense of smell.

2. Covid can have very similar symptoms to flu, including vomiting and diarrhea. You can't tell if it's flu or covid unless you get tested.

3. Both covid and flu can stick around in your body long after your symptoms stop.

Wait 5 days after symptoms stop before you spend time around people. Wait 10 days before you spend time around immune compromised people.

4. Young kids are much more likely to be asymptomatic. The viruses will also stick around in their bodies longer than adults.

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personal: covid or flu (-) 

Well, I got either covid or flu from my family.

There were several misconceptions that lead them to thinking I was "safe" around them:

1. It must not be covid unless you lose your sense of smell.

2. Covid is a respiratory illness, therefore, vomiting and diarrhea must not be a symptom.

3. If you have the flu, you can safely spend time around people a couple days after your symptoms end.

4. Kids' immune systems are like adults' immune systems. Once the symptoms are gone, they are no longer contagious.

People complain about how U.S. government messaging about covid keeps changing. And it's true, science and viruses change over time!

I wish people would treat health guidelines like a weather report. "Oh cloudy with a chance of severe hospitalization? Hmmm, maybe I better put on a mask outside and not meet my friend. We can wait until it's sunny and this omnicron wave passes."

My mom gave me cookies, baked from her recipe in her oven. 💗

I've tried to use her recipe in my own oven, and it just doesn't get as fluffy. I suspect her oven is so old it's baking at a different temperature than the recipe calls for. Or maybe it's the margarine she uses instead of butter?

Oh, who knows? All I know is it tastes like childhood memories and love. Delicious delicious love. :blobcat3c:

When you schedule a Covid test, be on the look out for fake testing sites.

Only go to sites listed on your state's websites or recommended by your doctor's office.

Get the test site's CLIA certificate number.

Ask employees how they report results to the state.

Gonna be super boring on New Year's Eve and pay my Q4 quarterly taxes.

Encanto was the best cry I've had in years. The songs about anxiety and perfectionism are so good. Such family feels!!

Eye roll at this unnecessarily gendered "lady flask"

How do we build teams that move beyond psychological safety? How do we build teams where we trust each other enough to share past work trauma? To work together on healthy coping skills? To apologize when we hurt others when we're triggered?

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We're all walking around work with past trauma. Maybe even triggering others with our coping skills.

Society discourages us from being open about trauma. If you acknowledge you faced trauma at work, you're seen as broken.

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I've been thinking about how work trauma impacts us all.

A negative experience has the potential to turn into trauma if you can't get out of it for 6 months. (At least according to "Unfuck your brain")

Who hasn't been stuck in a shitty work situation for 6 months? An abrasive co-worker, an unsupportive manager, an undermining team mate, a helpless work politics situation?

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