Watched Deutschland 89 last night. Love this clip from the first episode as one of the top Stasi guys reacts to people breaching the wall

Twitter is down. Democracy is saved!

ranting about macOS 

Using my work MBP again because zoom is terrible on linux and the AV setup is better... but the UX on macOS is so hard for me. I don't get it at all. Why do we need a desktop? Why must windows be a specific size? Why don't fullscreen workspaces count under the other workspaces? Why the hell must a workspace only be on one screen, and I can't fluidly move it to the other screen?

Is it really just me, or have macOS users just put up with all this? I wonder what would happen if someone were to come out with an actually user friendly operating system with the benefits that i3/xmonad users have had for years. Throw in some emacs style features (a universal M-x to run everything, and the ability to jump into any subroutine) and you'd really have surpassed every other OS on the market imo

Doing B2 prep for a test in 20 days and I've never been more sure that I'm not B2 level /o\


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