Past me signed up for more than present me wants to do. Again.

this feels like more uncertainty than I'm mentally built to withstand so...argh. Moody withdrawal from reality time

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all of the news is very depressing and my work assignment is going to be in flux for the next year (still have a job and a paycheck, just the actual tasks are up in the air)

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My grocery pickup time has been delayed and I don't know until when and I won't literally starve if I don't get it today but I want to eat a sandwich again. So much.

my parents talking about the restaurants they're visiting in florida on vacation, second sister talking about wanting me to take her to a restaurant where we live. They watch tv constantly, why is tv not telling them to stay home?????

ah ha, the exec board was working on it (and presumably others were waiting in silence for them to speak first?)

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I still don't understand how all the council list messages were senior members all saying "we're so scared, we want to stay in touch" and none of them advocating to organize about it.

Maybe because so many are admin and constrained in what they can do by their bosses? But not all of them, surely? IDK IDGI

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i hope this cements in people’s minds the power of a planned economy. you either seize the means from capital or capital seizes you

so far tswift is the only artist i've skipped (didn't know who was singing, just didn't like the vocal quality and then realized it was her when I went to hit the skip button)

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when did i become a halsey fan? this playlist spotify created for is weirdly delightful and that was an extra delight

not posting this on birbsite because I don't want to deal with the response, but everytime I see the blurb about this forthcoming book I want to cringe at the white-dudeness of it. Social justice hippie white-dudeness is still white-dudeness and this title, ugh.


so tired... stomach feels weird... checking calendar and... yep, that explains it

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Bad brains 

Therapy visit helped, and also not being so sick helped, but probably because hormones I'm getting intrusive thoughts and ongoing impulses to just start crying for no reason. Also, I keep walking into rooms and there are no cats in any of them so maybe I do have a reason.

Bad brains 

The whole cat thing has triggered a depressive episode and prolonged my cold and the only coping skill that's working right now is apathy. Yay that I had already scheduled an appointment with my therapist?

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Just had to say "it's not you, it's structural" about 3 or 4 times before the person I was talking with actually heard me

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