One thing that really helps me stop my info-dump, unsolicited "helping" tendencies is having so many librarian mutuals on birbsite do it to me 😅

The fail whale experience isn't quite the same without the whale imagery. Sorry, little robot.

Not because they don't deserve it, but because they don't understand it and get really angry when I point that out

Nondisabled white women talking about self care will never not annoy me.

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you can pick your pronouns
you can pick your friends
but you can't pick your friends' pronouns

Why do so many Ithaka SR people follow me on Twitter? I have meh at best about most of their products, to the point I don't even talk about them anymore. IDGI 🤷‍♀️

Bad brain 

Bodies, menstruation 

I think I'm going to nope out of my last day of meetings? I just feel emotionally DONE already and will still have many hours of travel time before getting home.

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why hate on yourself when there are so many nazis and TERFs?

I think my body no longer enjoys lentils the way my taste buds enjoy lentils *sigh*

Good lord, library twitter. Y'all are awfully upset about a rando librarian posting something you disagree with.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling twitter like I usually do Sunday night, I reorganized some of my eyeshadow palettes in ways I've been thinking about for a few months. Yay!

(Look up depotting videos, if you're curious.)

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when anti-loitering laws are applied to crows, the charge is upgraded to attempted murder

This trial pack of Farmacy products has finally and truly convinced me that "natural" skincare is an expensive way to make your face feel like it's on fire without actually being clean

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*puts arm on cop’s shoulder*
You know, it’s not too late for you to turn your life around. You’re still young, you can put all of this down and go get certified as an electrician or an RN or lots of things. It is possible for you to make a good honest living.

I think I need a twitter break. People keep responding to my tweets and I'm at 80% annoyance about it, which is silly given what it is 😅

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pdxpol, flooding the office of an ICE lawyer 

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late night reference to early morning meeting = I'm so ready to go home and sleep for hours, and it's not even noon :blobcatcoffee:

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