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Double cat armrests! Achievement unlocked. (I couldn't get them both in to one shot.)

Great post by my coworker Tasmiha in PopSugar today! "How I’m Reckoning With in an Age of "

"First, we need leaders in the Democratic Party, especially 2020 contenders, to vehemently defend Rep. Omar and others being subjected to Islamophobic attacks and smear campaigns from the President and GOP establishment. Second, we need more extensive research on the rise of hate crimes and domestic white nationalist groups, and concrete policies for protecting vulnerable communities from harassment and physical violence. Third, we need our neighbors of other faiths or no faith to take proactive steps to shut down Islamophobia — whether it be in your own home, at the grocery store, or at the ballot box."

"[Python creator Guido] Van Rossum thinks that these exchanges [contributing to open source projects] can be difficult for women because of unconscious bias and male-driven cultural norms within open-source communities...

In his experience, van Rossum sees incompetent men’s ideas gaining acceptance more often than merited because they are more forceful in how they present them."

"Broke white people often think they’re exempt from paying their share. That assumption is indisputably wrong, since ALL white folks still benefit from slavery to this day—even when they’re in denial of those benefits."

Just saw my first firefly of the year. ✨

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Don't use ride sharing apps today! Walk, bike, take transit, or call a real cab (that hopefully pays a living wage).

"Uber drivers plan shutdown over 'poverty wages' as company goes public"

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Happy !

Keep organizing, resisting, and building solidarity. ✊🏽❤️🌹

This is GENIUS. 👏🏽

Brilliant use of cognitive framing as well as humor. And fighting gentrification in one fell swoop.

RT afainatl@birdsite:

Someone is thinking creatively about white nationalist leaders active on the Atlanta property market.

"Posters Urge Atlanta Residents Not to Dump Trash on White Supremacists’ Properties"

Women's entire personhood is under attack thanks to Republicans' cheating (gerrymandering, vote suppression, racist bots) and stealing (supreme court seats).

Conservatives take aim at Roe v Wade with 'extreme' six-week restriction bills

So apparently OvuView is going away. 😣 Anyone want to share their favorite period tracking apps?

Until our government starts to serve *us*, we have to take care of each other. That's why I'm raising money for the Carolina Abortion Fund so that people who want and need abortions don't face yet another barrier by not being able to pay for them.

All I wanted for my birthday were equal rights & a functional democracy. But since I'll never get those, I would appreciate some donations to help ensure that North and South Carolinans who need them can get abortions.

Lack of money is a terrible reason to become a parent, or to have another baby when you already are a parent. Please help me support the Carolina Abortion Fund which provides small grants to people who need abortions but can't afford them.

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