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River @river@toot.cat

I've been stuck in an old people and schoolchildren village for a week and just found working wifi - suddenly 5MB/s torrents and I can stop rewatching everything I've got again.

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Tired: discussing with your partner that you're thinking about trying an open relationship

wired: "Updates to our privacy policy!"

An invitation to use Trustroots, a hospitality sharing network. river.cat/2018/05/trustroots

(cf. )

I wrote several new blog posts last night, first, I present: IndieWeb Camp Düsseldorf - river.cat/2018/05/iwc-d%C3%BCs

Are there any drag queens called Herr Majesty?

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New proverb: May you reside in an interesting hackerspace


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How do you call an inflatable dog? A good buoy

There is a really high concentration of cats here. Also rainbow unicorns and ponies. I like hacker culture. :)


I am at . So far I have goulash, and it is night. I'll do a bit of programming now on my website.

I would like to talk to people. I am the brown eared cat.


I am looking for a place to sleep in Düsseldorf at the weekend, while I go to camp, and then somewhere to visit on the way south to Karlsruhe for . Bonn, Cologne? Please let me know if you can offer a couch to surf for a stray cat. :)

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Broke: Instagramming with your Macbook from Starbucks

Woke: Shitposting on the fediverse with your ThinkPad from that one obscure coffee place nobody goes to

I'm probably going to Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2018 (10 - 13 May 2018, ZKM und HfG, Karlsruhe)

Apparently this is one of the largest CCC events - something like a mini congress. There is vegan gulasch!



I just visited a boat called Moana. She is (one of) the first designs of fiberglass boat and seems nice and solid. The owner didn’t know about Disney’s Moana, so hopefully he will watch and like it.

He did have some Lagavullin though. Scotch whisky seems very popular in Germany.


Pleased to note that my wifi connection is still working after a short drive around the sailing club to a new berth. Mostly it breaks but sometimes it Just Works. :) (river.cat/2018/04/b681 )

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please try mewing today if you have never done it before! it is fun. you do not have to be a catte to do a mew!

:mew: :blobcat:

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