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Choosing a river

Before you decide on a river, you need to decide what it is that you want out of your trip. There are trips available from two to 12 days on different rivers, all offering dramatically different experiences.

First, don't believe that just because it's a river it's going to be wet 'n' wild. Some rivers, such as the Sun Kosi, which is a full-on white-water trip in September and October, are basically flat in the low water of early spring.


Mass production is not environmentally friendly, because, as Einstein showed, it uses a tremendous amount of energy.

My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

A meditation centre sign:

Teaching available. Inquire within.

The expedition
consisted of three rafts, twelve
sailors and three cats

I would like to commend chillies as an autistic special interest. They have many aspects which make them and the subject suitable.

Taxonomy: Research! Collect! Sort! Classify! Label!

Growing: Many variables to optimise and experiments to do. Soils, fertilisers, light, temperature, humidity. Hydroponics for extra nerdiness. Design sensors, measure things, automate, do electronics and software, make graphs.

Eating: Stimmy!

Also generally branches out into learning about: light, photosynthesis, plant physiology, soil: structure, composition, organisms; measurements, sensor design, history, cooking, flavour / tasting, breeding and genetics, ...

I am now onto learning about left-handed metamaterials and getting on for designing a vector network analyser to measure soil moisture and salt content.

New lesbian show on Netflix (coming out in June): a vampire hunter and a vampire falling in love! What more can we ask for? 🧛‍♀️​

"Left-handed materials have
electromagnetic properties that
are distinct from any known

More evidence microwave engineering is black magic.

So today I stuck some VNA probes in a plant pot. Also briefly confused words and thought I was potting plants in potting compound. Which is sort of right I suppose.

I would not recommend using Intel CPUs for compiling Rust. The binary that comes out technically correct, but lacks the warmth and POPCNT that the AMD CPUs can generate. The binary code layering that you can achieve on a 32-core AMD 6969 Ryzen has a completely different level of opcode detail resolution, especially the branching is noticeably smooth (your average amateur might not notice subtle differences when a processor executes 4 billion instructions per second anyway, but true codeophiles will).

Important: make sure you use high-quality shielded gold-plated USB cables to connect your keyboard when typing the code -- no matter how sophisticated the CPU you use to compile, the result will be bad if the input was distorted.

Me: I wonder how wet my plants are.

The Library: "This article presents a time domain transmissometry soil moisture sensor (TDT-SMS) using a dispersive phase shifter (DPS), consisting of an interdigital capacitor that is loaded with a stacked four-turn complementary spiral resonator (S4-CSR)."

And now we seem to be doing RF engineering. It's got edge mount SMAs, VNAs, and looks proper microwavey.

Was down for a bit just now or was it just me?

Chilli plants are rather like cats. They like warms, sunny spots, and don't drink much water because they evolved for dry places. They are amusing to keep in your house, but also they can hurt you.

Ok so see how I'm using Neutraface on a PCB? I need to make something with a mains input so I can do this:

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