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Choosing a river

Before you decide on a river, you need to decide what it is that you want out of your trip. There are trips available from two to 12 days on different rivers, all offering dramatically different experiences.

First, don't believe that just because it's a river it's going to be wet 'n' wild. Some rivers, such as the Sun Kosi, which is a full-on white-water trip in September and October, are basically flat in the low water of early spring.

We need Anarchist Logistics because capitalist logistics is collapsing.

Support your neighbors. Rely on each other, because the systems we are forced to live within will do the bare minimum to keep us from rioting.

Everybody hates FB, especially FB users. The point of high switching costs, after all, is to increase the pain of leaving so FB can dole out more abuse to its users without fearing that they'll quit the whole enterprise.

FB's mission is to increase the size of the shit-sandwich they can force you to eat before you walk away. But they're not mere sadists: shit-sandwiches have a business model: the more hostages they take, the more they can extract from advertisers - their true customers.


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Hm, if I do vipassana does that make me a cat scanner?

"Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs." is going to be something i say obnoxiously too many times for the next five years, i can feel it

Remember folks, if you don't sin, then Jesus died for nothing.

"worker shortages" 

What's happening with widespread complaints of "worker shortages" is that this is what a general strike looks like.

People throughout society have determined, independently, that they don't want to be a part of the meat grinder wage labor system as it exists.

And because there is no central organizing body to present demands, considering how worker organization has been systematically dismantled since the 50s and 60s, the massively out-of-touch managerial class has no idea how to solve the problem, when the problem should be obvious.

We could have had worker orgs and unions that would have pushed the system to improve before it reached this point.

But instead we have collapsing logistics networks.

This doesn't only apply to low-wage jobs like customer service and retail and hospitality.

I read a post from someone explaining why, paradoxically, every single company is hiring "URGENTLY" but somehow no one is good enough.

Because corporations have taken on this attitude over the past few decades of workers being expendable, and being incredibly inflexible to improving compensation for existing employees, workers in these corporations have caught on, and it's become commonplace for someone in an industry to hop between corporations for improvements to compensation and working conditions.

Well, now corporations have caught on that employees have no "loyalty" and any smart employees will leave the company as soon as something better comes along because it's self-sabotaging to not do that.

So the hiring standards for employers have increased because these corporations know that anyone they hire on probably isn't going to stick around very long. These corporations need an immediate "return on investment" of the new hire. They need to squeeze as much benefit out of any new hire as possible in the short-term, before that new hire leaves for a better employer.

This vicious feedback loop is what has led us to being in a position where, somehow, simultaneously, there aren't enough workers, and also people who are putting a lot of effort into finding jobs can't get them.

I started using nixos because all the cool kids were doing it and now I'm trapped and don't know how to software. Just say no.

A dying basil leaf fell into the succulents pot a whiiile ago.
Today, I found... A small but healthy basil plant growing fiercely :blobaww:

Vipassana nyanas are the nyans you make when you are hyperactive and not concentrating on what you are trying to meditate on.

Trident missiles are made in Sunnyvale. Sunnydale is the hellmouth. Hm.

Is there a name for VNV Nation style lyrics? Flat pitch, but rhythmic, actually extended passages of meaning rather than fragments, tells a story. It's a bit like plainsong.

I went for a walk and there was a big floof and I floofed it!

in america, we call it an elevator, but in britain, they call it a lift 

i guess we’re just raised differently

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