A wee trans (and autistic) boy just got up at open mic and talked about social pressures / expectations and body acceptance. I don't think there is anywhere else that would happen. Also there was at least one other trans + autistic person working there at the time and a third trans person.

@GreenandBlack its true tho. acting like a fucking cat is a dignified way to behave.

The Forest Cafe in Edinburgh is in financial trouble. This is an important space for many people and needs a lot of energy for a reboot. Are you interested?


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I read something about a permit to do crypto research in Australia. In other words you need a maths licence. 🤔

The Forest Café has broken my 23 year record of never taking a picture of my coffee

If you have any means to provide this awesome community space, please check out this thread by @qyliss - mastodon.social/users/qyliss/s

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amazed that people argue online over which megacorps processors are the best. i'll let you in on a secret:

they're all bad. computers are bad. go outside.

tbh we really need to adapt our organising to account for the neoliberal tactic of dividing workers into micro-hierarchies (supervisors who earn maybe a couple quid an hour more than their coworkers and have limited powers)

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This is Jeremiah. Jeremiah wore safety goggles while angle grinding. Jeremiah still has his right eye. Be like Jeremiah.

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