Anarchism and BDSM 

Since some month we've got running #freifunk nodes.
It is activly countering classism, since it gives everyone around that node access to internet.

But freifunk is more then that. It's not only a connection to the internet, it also builds a network by itself.
ISP shutting down service, freifunk will continue to run between all nodes that are connected as a #meshnet.

Once those nodes are connected over a wide enough area, communication shutdown becomes nearly impossible and is community controlled.

Feral catgirls roaming your neighbourhood at night
Knocking over trash cans
Scratching at your window
Yowling at your door

Let them in

2019: Sophie Labelle's Assigned Male comic making a damn good point

Call to join Tweebosbuurt!

Tweebosbuurt is a neighborhood in the Afrikaanderwijk district, which is mostly inhabited by descendants of migrants from North-Africa, and situated in the South of Rotterdam, nearby the city center. It's being evicted to knock it down and replace it with fewer shinier flats, but we are occupying it. There is plenty of space if you want to come and open a house. :)

Imperialists can't bomb innocent civilians if the bomb makers are on strike :marx:

I'm the signal angel for the current talk in chaos west . I can ask questions for you.

hi, I'm the signal angel for the upcoming talk in at - The Internet of rubbish things and bodies. You can send me questions to ask in the hall.

Hi, I'm the signal angel for the next talk at about Hamnet. You can ask questions through me.


Do you have a Then I have some pre-xmas, pre-#36C3 gifts for you!
Here's a thread:


looking for a recent study on spiro 

One for #OurCheats:
Loudly play copyrighted songs over Nazi demos so videos of their speeches can be reported for copyright violation.
(Also, so many hilarious options)

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