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ich bin rhiaro @rhiaro

Hey people with ties to Poland, I'd like to rent a room or a flat for approx the month of May (totally flexible dates). Anywhere really, but starting to think Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia would be pretty nice.

Any leads and retoots appreciated :)

(it would be amazing to find a place on here instead of a f***b**k group)

cc @rysiek @czesiekhaker

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@rhiaro @rysiek
What kind of support do you need? I haven't got a flat to rent but can support you with finding one.

@pfm That's very kind! I don't know anyone there, so if you're in a position to ask around I find tends to be more effective than hoping to find a good deal online. I'd also rather do short term rents from someone needs the money more so than agencies / vacation rentals etc. Obviously this also tends to be cheaper. My email address is amy@rhiaro.co.uk