Open Data Services Co-op is hiring developers for python backend and web visualisation frontend.

We do open data for public good - standards, publishing, data use, tooling - and are worker-owned, fully remote, UK-based with lots of part time and flexible working options, have good benefits and are continually improving our policies to support life-work balance whatever your circumstances.

I've been there for 4.5 years now (really?!). Happy to answer questions!

Skills-based, anonymised application process (no CVs or questions about past experience).

Closing on the 18th of July:

@c @somarasu You need the right to work in the UK, but we all work from home in different places. Some people who have the right to work in the UK work from other countries.

@rhiaro I think its the third time when i go across something very neat and friendly but it is barred behind UK employment laws. A bit sad, but I wish you good luck.

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