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If you read and enjoy my travel posts through my website or Mastodon* and you are planning to travel to somewhere I've been and you can't afford an actual travel agent and you find travel planning too stressful or time consuming to fit into your life, I would be delighted to share advice.

My specialties are land and sea (not air) transit, especially long distance European buses, and finding vegan food. I'm happy to also help with general stuff to do, and even more in-depth help with planning and realistic budgeting if you want because I actually love wasting away hours and days researching travel stuff.

*or a feed reader you built yourself or another decentralised service

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Posted 28 photos: featuring nachos with bean chilli, lemon drizzle cake, bean burgers, banana pancakes, moar doughnuts

SOCIALIST REALISM: Before the cosmonaut can take their first step, an army of workers must crunch numbers, fabricate parts, draft blueprints, and test and design rocketry.

CAPITALISM: uuuhh Elon Musk makes the rockets go.

I have discovered the JavaScript spread/rest syntax [], and reluctantly admit, it is quiiiiiiite cool.

(I still hate javascript tho)

Found out I can stay in my flat for another month cos the next people aren't coming, which is a weight off cos trying to move this week would be stressful. On the other hand, as someone used to moving approx every one month, really starting to feel the 'how can people live in the same apartment/house all the time' feeling. For years? Seriously. It's weird.

I mean, I understand it, I don't need anyone to explain to benefits or appeals, it's just if I try to imagine committing to any one space for a long period of time... shudder.

CFP for ActivityPub Conference ends Wednesday! But why wait? Get in your talk proposal today!

Week in review: 29 June - 5 July. Tried and failed to get into Greece. Not a very productive week.

Storm!! Thunder, lightning, rain! Big waves! Actual breeze! Long overdue after the last stifling, still, sweltering couple of weeks. Opening balcony doors all the way to welcome it in. I feel better already.

Week in review: 22-28 June. Distracted myself from border-related stress and extreme heatwave by swimming, crochet, and watching lots of movies. And a bit of code.

: Still in Albania.

All the border guards were very nice. The Albanian side let us go double check with the Greeks if they'd let us across before they stamped us out which was good of them. The Greeks said they'd love to let us through but Angela Merkel says they can't. They were just letting Greek citizens over at the moment, not even EU. It's very frustrating that with an EU passport I could fly to Athens from Albania, but not cross the land border. I'm not sure what to do next. Going to take a break from thinking about it for a few days.

Posted 20 photos: update... Finally took a photo of everything I made during lockdown. Started an improv cardigan with some stitch combinations I like. Finished a yellow summer top.

I don't want to jinx it but ~ there's a rumour ~ that they're letting people across the border anyway today so apparently we're gonna try?!

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It's not looking good. Albania dropped from the EU's official 'safe' list, and a minister saying Kakavia land border is not ready due to incomplete disinfectant tunnels..

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On Friday the Greek Deputy Minister of Civil Defense said the Kakavia land border with Albania will not open. Today a "spokesperson for the Greek government" said the Kakavia land border with Albania is on list of border crossings that will open. I still feel like it's sort of a complete 50-50 chance if I'll be leaving Albania this week. Makes it hard to adequately buy groceries. And plan my work schedule. And.. maintain my sanity.

I did waste like 3 hours this morning researching alternatives. Or maybe it won't be wasted! Who knows at this point.

Why doesn't crocheting furiously while staring at my text editor cause code to be written???

Either I've got a lot better at since I last tried this, or a chainless foundation row is not as difficult as I remember it being..

I honestly don't have the brain space for github to be looking different just now

Modern javascript is the most alien shit I swear, I can't read any of this

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