this week i am taking care of aila and she is SUCH a good dog

Posted 23 photos: A daytrip to Vienna from Bratislava to run some errands and watch the sun set over the Danube. And also to eat food at Gagarin (a super chill pay as you want anarchist cafebar), Veganista, and Swing Kitchen.

Week in review: 8 - 14 April. Eating and cafeworking around Warsaw; nightbus to Bratislava.

Posted 102 photos: A week or so in Warsaw, experiencing squat life. Cafeworking, and revisiting my favourite vegan food places, and a bit of touristing as well

Sure, sex is good, but have you tried repairing a disposable consumer trinket beyond its planned obsolescence?

Open Data Services workers is hiring python devs at any level of experience. Deadline this weekend!

We work on standards and tools for open data for public good.

Remote team, full or part time, flexible working, supportive work environment that promotes healthy worklife balance.

(needs right to work in the UK; includes EU)

meow. What is the deal with tickets for cccamp? Do you need a code? When are they on sale? Seems to be no official info yet.

we... we’re receiving a transmission! from the black hole!! Show more

Hi, if you are interested in hanging / out organising to start a , we're meeting in a pub tonight. Ask me for details. (in ).

But worst of all I can't eat for 3 hours before the vaccine and an hour after, so obviously now all I can think about is the really great seitan salad baguette in my bag that I didn't finish at breakfast and will not get to eat for at least a few hours from now ;_;

Wish me luck in these trying times.

All the google reviews for this hospital say it's better to die at home with dignity than go here under any circumstances, but the lady on the phone was nice.

So I found a clinic I can walk into without an appointment and wait in line for an unspecified time for a cholera vaccine, this very afternoon...

I have a big list of medical clinics to call/drop into tomorrow, but does anyone happen to have any handy insight about where I could get a cholera vaccine in Warsaw on short notice?

Places.. coworking spaces, restaurants, hostels.. that play music in the toilet.. give it a break. Don't you know people need to go hide out there to get away from overstimulating environments? Why you gotta take away one place for peace and quiet, for empty undistirubed space to think for two fucking minutes?

Posted 77 photos: A bit over a week in Krakow. Touristing, cafeworking, but mostly eating. Also a trip to the Salt Mines, and a couple of nice runs by the river.

Week in review 1 - 7 April. to Krakow, then to Warsaw, touristing, eating, cafe working.. Made plans for the rest of April, and half of May. Surprising plans. But leaving space for this to take shape explains why I was blocked on figuring out what to do after Warsaw for so long.

I consider air only for emergencies and I generally have my own travel agenda, but what's the point of having me as your attachment-free friend if I'm not going to drop everything and fly half way around the world to see you sometimes?

Week in review 25 - 31 March: Budapest -> Krakow; eating and cafe working and wandering in Krakow. <3 Poland.

Week in review 18 - 24 March: Time in Nice.. daytrip to Monaco. Slow transit through Ljubljana and Budapest

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