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If you read and enjoy my travel posts through my website or Mastodon* and you are planning to travel to somewhere I've been and you can't afford an actual travel agent and you find travel planning too stressful or time consuming to fit into your life, I would be delighted to share advice.

My specialties are land and sea (not air) transit, especially long distance European buses, and finding vegan food. I'm happy to also help with general stuff to do, and even more in-depth help with planning and realistic budgeting if you want because I actually love wasting away hours and days researching travel stuff.

*or a feed reader you built yourself or another decentralised service

“For subjects of white privilege, discomfort can... cause a moment of hesitation and potentially, of questioning and critique. Subjects of privilege are not used to hesitating – they are used to being at ease in the world – and so they can react to hesitation in ways that close it down. This means that hesitation is a necessary, not a sufficient condition to change perception. There needs to be a willingness to dwell in situations of discomfort and not immediately try to get out of them.”

food (vegan) 

My brother has a genius habit of putting coconut cream in tomato-based pasta sauces. You don't know it's there, but it absolutely levels up the sauce.

I like to run at sunset, but that's now so early I'm still full from lunch. Winter's timing is appalling.

The four-person tech team at the FSF delivers a huge range of services for the free software community. Learn how you can support their work, and share with #UserFreedom!

i have been in my comfort zone FAR too long to be fair

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don't mind me, just being dragged kicking and screaming from my comfort zone

(itsgoingtobefine deep breaths no panic really this is all good)

tax (not -ve) 

HMRC "do you need help with your tax return" emails are so passive aggressive.

Okay okay okay I'm getting around to it, jeez

Week in review: 16-22 November.. wrote lots of javascript, time on the beach, good cooking, one long walk, a bit of work

There is something extremely cursed about an ice cream van going past blaring its creepy music at 8pm in November.

Posted 30 photos: Walked to Burntisland today along the coastal path to pick up supplies from Grain & Sustain. Rain swept along the coast at one point, but timed it (totally on purpose of course) so that it was going in the opposite direction to us and we just passed through it for a few minutes. Almost got wet feet on the tramp across Burntisland's enormous beach. Then, because it's Sunday and the train schedule is silly, also walked back. Glad to have Dave along to carry the groceries. A lovely sunset and bright moon.

Posted 31 photos: Weather was extremely indecisive yesterday, but I managed to make it out to the beach at Seafields during a gap in the rain in the evening. Pretty windy though.

food (vegan) 

Posted 32 photos: various pasta, noodle, rice dishes. Keto-friendly cauli rice with tofu; Dave is better at bread than me; chocolate blackberry coconut cake

Posted 26 photos: This week has had bright clear mornings and rainy grim rest-of-days.

Except for Thursday, which was clear all day, though freezing, and in the evening the sky and sea were vivid, almost glowing. I've never seen it so intense.

Posted 28 photos: Walked to Burntisland from Kirkcaldy the back way. I was scoping it out as a cycle route, but the last third is completely inaccessible to a bike (at least with my level of ability) even when the paths aren't completely flooded (which they were). Stopped for a nice lunch at The Fix, and wrote for a bit, then picked up groceries from Grain & Sustain. Train home with a full backpack.

Posted 129 photos: Hike along the beach from Leven to Upper Largo, then inland, up Largo Law which was a slippery muddy vertical lurch. Said hi to sheeps on top. The sun came out at the perfect time, then disappeared for good. Lundin Links and the Largos are really cute. Nice beaches, cute holiday cottages. Lots of golf courses.

I have written an uncharacteristic amount of javascript this week.

Been in one place for almost two months and getting that itchy feet thing.

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