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ich bin rhiaro @rhiaro@toot.cat

Maybe one day I will have a day where I don't spent several hours staring at bus timetables and calendars.


This week I did yoga for the first time since I cut my hair and oh my god the floor is just so... there.

Week in review: 9-15 April.
, countryside, yoga, meditation.

Web searches for stuff about Celery, Flower, brokers, queue management, yields a really weird combination of results.

"Moderately interested in not entirely fucking things up, some of the time, when I'm awake" is more my vibe

The phrase "passionate about delivering innovative solutions" just overwhelms me with dead-weight exhaustion.

And I'm suspicious of anyone who says it about themselves.


Hey people with ties to Poland, I'd like to rent a room or a flat for approx the month of May (totally flexible dates). Anywhere really, but starting to think Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia would be pretty nice.

Any leads and retoots appreciated :)

(it would be amazing to find a place on here instead of a f***b**k group)

cc @rysiek @czesiekhaker

I've finally got pretty good at cooking for one recently. Which is a problem as this week I'm feeding my sister, who eats for twenty.

Anyone in the business of helping admin Mastodon servers? I'm finding myself rather short on time to handle upgrades, backups, etc.

Week and a half in review: 22 March - 1 April: Vipassana service. Mariazell->Vienna->Bratislava. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/04/week-in-r

Week-and-a-half in review: 12 - 21 March: rhiaro.co.uk/2018/03/week-in-r
Also bye, back online in 10 days

Over the next couple of days I'm moving webhosts. So probably not a good time to expect me to get your email. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/03/moving

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Using Docker:
Step 1: I’m an idiot
Step 2: I’m a wizard
Step 3: no I was right the first time

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Just mention that you are planning to travel between any two destinations in Europe within earshot of me and you will get immediate unsolicited detailed advice about all available bus routes, times and prices, and in some cases the comfort of any bus stations you might need to wait around in. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/03/mention-t