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Does anyone know of (or want to write) a tutorial for querying JSON in postgres for people who know SPARQL..? rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/query

slow down federated timeline u go too fast

wait, i made a bot that said 'butt' once and honestly that was when i peaked at art

Probably one of the saddest parts of leaving birdsite was that I’d spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to add and follow a lot more women in tech, and I miss hearing from them.

Help me balance my follows out and suggest some awesome #WomenInTech to follow (cis/trans, it’s all good). Boost this, maybe even reply with yourself, maybe we can get a good list of voices.

Finding computer things very boring today.

I thought.. 'what made me think I wanted to be a programmer?'.. then: 'did I ever think "I want to be a programmer"?' I guess not explicitly.

*looks at database*
*looks at couch and kindle*
*looks at github*
*looks at couch and kindle*


how does anyone do any work when all those sci fi and fantasy novels are RIGHT THERE

Posted 20 photos from Tallinn this weekend: parks near the National Library, and food: rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/photos-ta

Posted 88 photos from Tallinn: Stroomi beach and the incredible Paljassaare conservation area rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/photos-ta

Posted 97 photos from Tallinn: Linnahall - an enormous Soviet concrete structure; dystopian abandoned Patarei sea-fortress prison; the culture kilometer and Kalamaja hipster district. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/photos-ta

Posted 46 photos from Tallinn: The closest beach is a small one called Russalka beach. A little further around the coast is Maarjamäe Park, with a big obelisk, some Soviet-looking concrete statues, and lots of open space. This leads to hilly and wild Paekalda. On the way back towards town is Kadriorg, with Kadrioru Park containing a vast palace estate with fancy buildings hundreds of years old, and beautiful grounds; also home to various museums. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/photos-ta

Posted 65 photos from earlier this month: Arrival in Tallinn. A walking tour, and getting locked in the City Library. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/photos-ta

Posted 106 photos from earlier this month: A few days in Tartu, walking all through the old town. Including the university campus, botanical garden, Toom hill with cathedral ruins, a swim in Anna Kanal mini-beach, and Supilinn, the Soup District. Tartu has lots of statues, sculptures and ancient houses, all well signposted with the history and interesting facts. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/08/photos-ta

So I see a lot of new people on here interested in ActivityPub who want to explore it but don't know where to get started.

Actually a great place to get started is the ActivityPub spec itself! We included a little "tutorial" in the Overview section of the spec that should help you get your feet wet. w3.org/TR/activitypub/#Overvie

Posted 76 photos from July: A few days gently exploring Sofia. Food and cafe-working from some nice veg*n places, a walking tour, and general wandering before boarding a bus to Istanbul. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/07/photos-so

dudes your settle down / have a family joke is not funny and maybe you didn't realise because you haven't been bombarded your whole life with the idea that this should be your sole purpose for existing but seriously shut the fuck up

If at any point you feel like joking about settling down / having a family to someone you know expressly doesn't want to settle down / have a family then take a second and try just not.


Who is going to in Helsinki at the end of the month? mydata2018.org/

It's horribly expensive for some reason, and I'm too lazy to volunteer, so I won't be at the conference itself but I'll be in town for a couple of days if anyone wants to hang out.


Thinking about going to a library, but compelled to buy supplies beforehand in case I get locked in again.


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