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If you read and enjoy my travel posts through my website or Mastodon* and you are planning to travel to somewhere I've been and you can't afford an actual travel agent and you find travel planning too stressful or time consuming to fit into your life, I would be delighted to share advice.

My specialties are land and sea (not air) transit, especially long distance European buses, and finding vegan food. I'm happy to also help with general stuff to do, and even more in-depth help with planning and realistic budgeting if you want because I actually love wasting away hours and days researching travel stuff.

*or a feed reader you built yourself or another decentralised service

Posted 29 photos: the snow melted; biked and walked into town. Dysart is still so so cute, I feel like I'm on holiday every time I go out. As long as I stick to the coast/port part of the village, I can't even tell I'm in Kirkcaldy..

(cw: photos include one of ice cream)

Week in review: 8-14 Feb. It was cold AF. Went back and forth across town in the snow a lot, but finally got a new boiler and moved to my new place.

Posted 10 photos: Another sunrise start (pictured from Linktown and Dysart) for boiler replacement. And finally moved!

Posted 49 photos: The coldest week in the UK since 1995 or something? It snowed a lot, the sea was furious, and everything froze solid repeatedly. It was a terrible week to not have a boiler, and to have to keep going back and forth between opposite ends of town with every step an icy hazard. But it was very pretty.

food (vegan) 

Posted 16 photos: "no food in the house" last week (according to Dave - was trying not to grocery shop due to move, and the veg stall missed a day) but I somehow made lasagne, pizza and curry (with seitan from scratch) amongst other things.

B*tco*n people are all like 'revolutionising the economy' and in the next breath 'have fun staying poor' like these people don't want to revolutionise shit they want to keep the status quo but with themselves in charge.

(yeah yeah Not All B*tco*n People, I know, but seriously, huge swathes of this community are just absolute garbage.)

People often express concern for my back when they find out I sleep in a hammock. But of people I know with back problems...

* 100% sleep in a bed
* 0% sleep in a hammock

and of people I know who sleep in a hammock (me), 0% have back problems.

Just saying.

My new place is on a main dog walking route, and my desk is by the window, so I'm shouting my brother to tell him about every single dog I see walk past. He's already fed up of it and it's been like, half a day. Should I make a blog just for this?

I just got a surprise Indian food delivery because I pre-ordered on Friday in anticipation of celebrating moving into my new place and COMPLETELY FORGOT. Past me is a genius.

I don't know what's going on with me this week, but I don't think I've been this tired in *years*.

Poll for introverts :boost_ok: 

Do you have "emotional needs"?

Does anyone have recommendations for a good reliable #coop website hosting service?

The one I'm currently using has gotten pretty flakey, but I want to keep it in the co-op economy...

I don't want people to get help just to be "normal" or "productive"... I want people to get help to be happy and comfortable

"emotional needs," please someone explain :boost_ok: 


Could anyone please try and help me understand the concept of "emotional needs"?

It seems as though everybody treats these as something universal, but I don't get it, and I can't find a satisfying explanation.

What confuses me most is that people seem to want their "emotional needs" met by others, but I don't get that at all because feelings are internal.

Can't anyone explains this? It seems to be such a crucial experience for people.

me, hearing my brother swearing in the next room: what's wrong?

brother: it's snowing in the bathroom again.

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