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If you read and enjoy my travel posts through my website or Mastodon* and you are planning to travel to somewhere I've been and you can't afford an actual travel agent and you find travel planning too stressful or time consuming to fit into your life, I would be delighted to share advice.

My specialties are land and sea (not air) transit, especially long distance European buses, and finding vegan food. I'm happy to also help with general stuff to do, and even more in-depth help with planning and realistic budgeting if you want because I actually love wasting away hours and days researching travel stuff.

*or a feed reader you built yourself or another decentralised service

Posted 26 photos: Have I mentioned how beautiful Edinburgh is?! Of course the sun only came out on the days I had to stay inside and work, but I did manage to have lunch and go for a run around Holyrood.

Posted 48 photos: A couple of days looking around flats in Kirkcaldy. The beaches are gorgeous. The high street is a bit tragic. But overall a really nice town.

Weeks in review 31st Aug - 13th Sept. 2 weeks in Lincs, with my Mum, brother and J; crochet, food, work. Even ran and read.

Posted 14 photos: I spent as much time as possible in my dinosaur onesie, and J thinks this is kawaii. So I made her a tiny version of myself to take back to Japan. It's been a while - years - since I did and then I only dabbled. The dino was quite complicated but I followed a fantastic video at and it took about 2 hours (twice as long as the video).

Posted 16 photos: I went on some nice evening flat Lincolnshire runs. I taught J chain and single , and by the next day she was churning out masterpieces. I made the cat butt coaster, for my brother.

food (vegan) 

Posted 22 photos: It has been amazing to have J cooking for us for a couple of weeks. We were treated to vegan Japanese feasts, night after night. Aubergine with miso sauce, inari, fried tofu in shiitake sauce, mapo tofu, Japanese curry, okonomiyaki, nikoman, yaki udon, and more.

I chipped in a few times with doughnuts, apple cake, lemon drizzle cake, hummus, lasagne, pasta, curry.

The grey days in Scotland make the sunny blue ones sweeter.

I wouldn't object to fewer grey days though, if that was, you know, an option.

One thing I love about travelling on a monthly cadence is that if I stay in a place that is unpleasant or uncomfortable or annoying in some way, it doesn't matter cos I'm not there for long. So I'm thrilled to find Scotland have encoded this in their tenancy laws! There's no minimum lease period now, you just pay one month's rent ahead and have to give 28 days notice. This is so empowering for tenants, and makes flat hunting a lot less stressful.

The sun just came out, pointed itself right at my face. I can't see my computer screen any more, so this is a win all round. I'll just be basking until it goes away again.

That feeling of not-having-a-migraine after a day of having a migraine is almost worth the migraine. Almost.

uses alsoKnownAs for account migration, but it's not officially in the vocabulary. Does anyone have opinions on a formal definition and adding it as an extension?

I'm in another WG who want to use it, so we can define it in a W3C Rec. But we want a definition that the community is also happy with.


Web hosting types: is whitelisting IP addresses for FTP access a normal practice these days?? Surely this is not at all practical for people connecting from residential networks with dynamic IPs? tsohost are doing it and it strikes me as deeply ridiculous.

Like I need to not be contacting support to get an IP address whitelisted every time the computer is restarted between file uploads. Right??

You know that feeling when you're on top of everything and know exactly what needs to be done but when you open a text editor (or whatever the tool is you need to work) it all sort of dissipates?

Week in review: 24-30 Aug: Another week in Edinburgh, eating and wandering, working, crocheting and reading and hanging otu with friends..

Posted 65 photos: Misc Edinburgh from just over two weeks in Bruntsfield and Newington. This place still takes my breath away, in all weathers. Featuring Holyrood Park, the Meadows, the Union Canal, random bits around town. Food from Seeds for the Soul, many ConsiderIt doughnuts, Biff's Jack Shack, Holy Cow, Black Rabbit, Sora Lella, Noor, Beetroot Sauvage (that vegan fried egg!!)..

food question 

after talking about it with my friends yesterday, i want to know if your family had a specific name for the lazy dinner of 'bread plus cheese and pickles and cold cuts and other things you can put on or beside bread'. specifically those part-baked baguettes you buy then warm up in the oven. its the sort of light dinner you'd have in the evening if you'd had a big lunch. or maybe you have your christmas leftovers like this on boxing day. let me know

Posted 71 photos: Seven and a half mile walk along the best part of the East Lothian coast, from Seton Sands to Gullane Point. Very windy, but no rain. The beaches are epic.

Posted 9 photos: I made more mandala squares and slip stitched them together in two pairs. Then went back and forth lengthways to make them into hand warmers, with shells on the ends. All improv, but worked pretty well! They're kind of chunky, so good for winter. A present for J.

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