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Week in review: 9 - 15 July: and bus drama Sofia -> Istanbul -> Batumi -> Tbilisi rhiaro.co.uk/2018/07/week-in-r

I made it to Tbilisi a little late (it should be a 6.5 hour bus from Batumi), because the bus stopped for a few silly reasons.

Little things like cows in the road.. roof is leaking rain.. side of the bus opened and suitcases flew out and had to be rescued from mountainside..



The thing I don't like about hostels is, somebody elses's alarm just went off for a full ten minutes and it was like an industrial siren sound. GOOD MORNING. rhiaro.co.uk/2018/07/hostels-2

The thing I like about hostels is that it's equally socially acceptable to talk to any person about anything as it is to completely ignore everyone who crosses your path.

There's also an eggplant with walnut paste salad and I for some reason I ordered it and it was super delicious and today my walnut allergy (or whatever it is) - a very specific head pain - is manifesting in my left ear.

Totally worth it though.

Since 80% of veggie Georgian dishes contain walnuts, maybe I can use the next couple of weeks to desensitize myself.. if it works like that.. I hope it works like that??


There's this Georgian dish - ojakhuri, "family meal" - of potatoes slow cooked with mushrooms, and sometimes tomatoes, onions and slightly hot green peppers. I mean. They know what I like.

(The mushroom version is the weirdo alternative to pork, obviously, but common everywhere.)

On a related note I have extreme potato bloat right now.


I made it to Batumi [...] after the bus from Istanbul gave up at the border and I found my own way by marshrutka [...]

oookay, time to attempt to make it the entire width of a quite wide country without buying any tickets in advance and having only a haphazard knowledge of schedules and probably no wifi. It'll be fine. See you on the other side*.

* The other side is Georgia. I'm going through Turkey.


is deciding what I'm going to wear this morning based on the fact I'm going to be wearing it for the next 2+ days, through 3 countries with different climates and cultures.


Week in review: 2 - 8 July
Sleep, yoga, food, Iz -> Zadar -> Zagreb -> Sofia

You know how some cities just make sense? Shortly after you arrive, you just kind of get what's going on?

I'm 24 hours into Sofia and it doesn't make sense yet.


It's confusing. But I like it.


Is there a way to install Signal on Android without Play yet?! I'm reading that there are not, but haven't found any threads newer than 2016 yet. This seems weeeeiiird..? cc @rysiek

Croatia won and the FERRIES are honking their horns WTF lol rhiaro.co.uk/2018/07/croatia

On a related note, I may have this dorm to myself but it contains the only TV in the hostel apparently and there are people in here watching the world cup.

how long do football matches last why is this taking so long argh


I'm walking along the edge of the land in a residential part of Zadar. The sky is stained pink and orange by the sunset, clouds paint wild shapes, dramatic and peaceful at the same time. It's so beautiful I can hardly breathe. The street I'm following is called 'Karma'. The ocean laps at the rocks, providing the only sound for miles, and I scramble down some stairs to dip my legs. The water is almost warm.

Suddenly the air is alive, a roar [...]


Who wants a top-of-my-head rough aspirational some-fantasy-involved draft of plans for the next year? [...] rhiaro.co.uk/2018/07/plans

So when I want a 'private' / 'solo' place to stay, I'm actually fine with sharing a dorm with other people for sleeping. And fine with sharing a bathroom. So long as these are people I'm not obligated to socialise with (hosts, friends..).

What I *really* want, is a private kitchen.