Been in denial for a few days but I think it's official: I'm getting sick. I think that run in the drizzle last Friday did it.

Once again reminded that my business plan still mostly hinges on me not getting sick, ever.

Still planning to ship that episode this week though. *grits teeth*

Me: "I'm playing around with Overtone"
She: "Is your music online somewhere?"
Me: "When I press here it goes boop"

I seem to have this "trying too hard" switch that's stuck on the on setting

Decided I needed a break and finished Thimbleweed park. Such a special game. So many things in the ending that made me smile!

Made it to thirty days on Headspace. Also the first day I didn't feel like it, but I'm not the type to break a streak :)

Last week at Emacs Berlin I gave a demo of Synaesthetic (image glitching tool) and of Mastodon.el (toot from Emacs). Here's the video

A little language fact to make you smile, in Dutch cloves of garlic are called "toes" of garlic


That was a fun party. I'm going to regret the drinking.

Every now and then a successful woman developer decides to fight me because I support initiatives like Rails Girls and ClojureBridge. "I didn't need that stuff, it's patronizing to treat women different, ..." I'm never sure how to react.

I'm never sure if this hair wax is an improvement or just looks silly. At least it smells good (≧▽≦)

Bought another 45 liters of soil, a pain to carry up 4 flights of stairs but worth it considering the veggies I'll be harvesting this fall.

Got a call from my brother who's sailing with a traveling circus festival and just arrived in the Azores from Madeira. It was *so nice* to chat and catch up.

Corrolary: give your sibling a call. You might make someone's day.

morning macrology

reduce-for: easier-to-understand nested reductions

This has become essential for me when constructing (admittedly maybe unwise) deeply-nested transformations over loom graphs

Good idea used in the Emacs source tree: add a top level .dir-locals.el to enforce consistent styling.

[screenshot of .dir-locals.el]

What better garb to wear to an Emacs meetup than a pink John McCarthy t-shirt?

More Mastodon.el testing 

More Mastodon.el testing

Does this have a content warning?

Tooting from

"GNU Emacs 25.2.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.18.9) of 2017-04-26"

(insert-char VICTORY HAND")

Mastodon.el looks pretty cool. Biggest gripe so far is lack of OAuth support. I was mildly shocked when it asked me to enter my password.

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It's clear the Mastodon.el author is a spacemacs user. j/k for next/previous, rather than the emacs convention of n/p

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