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I still can't get over the fact that Apple puts Spaceteam in a list of "road trip games". Like… no? Absolutely not? There's shouting and screaming and stress involved and I don't want any of that happening while I'm trying to drive.

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$ help needed, pls boost 

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$ help needed, pls boost 

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Apropos of nothing, now that it's properly the Christmas season, please enjoy one of my favorite LoadingReadyRun videos: youtube.com/watch?v=eOROSEkrqQ

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GW2Efficiency is doing a gigantic lottery this month


Free to enter; nearly 47000 gold worth of prizes.


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Speaking of cursed foods 

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Holy hell. #db2019 just wrapped up with just a shade less than $865,000 raised for Child's Play.


See you all next year! ❤️

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"So, are you guys, like, a couple?"
The unicorn and Pegasus looked at the stranger.
"We are. Why?" Pegasus asked.
"So, which of you is, you know..."
Pegasus and the unicorn looked at each other.
"One of us has a horn, the other has wings," the unicorn said.
"Uh. How-"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Anyone who says that a system built on suffering must continue because they also suffered and turned out fine did not, in fact, "turn out fine".

Sun, as seen from the PNW in November: "Oh look, it's 4PM. Guess I'll die now."

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Hi, awhile back I spent a week on a road trip with my friends and a production crew. They ended up making this full on SHOW, which we are all genuinely proud of. I’d appreciate if you’d give Road Quest a look.


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"What a wild ride," said a passenger.

"But not too wild," said another passenger.

"Just Wild Enough," agreed yet another passenger.

"I'm so tired I can taste what sleep used to and could be," wobbled yet ANOTHER passenger.

"But did we win?"

"In a way yes, but in a way no."


"The real winners are the kids we helped along the way."

"Too right."

"Until next year then?"

"Comedy Gods willing."

Gentle snoring rose from the floor.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #DesertBus

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Also if you're not reading Dungeons & Doggos, it's adorable and you should. dndoggos.com/

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Geologists have reconstructed the history of a lost continent in the Mediterranean, Greater Adria. It crashed into southern Europe about 100 million years ago and began to subduct under the larger continent, and its scraped-off surface crumpled together to become mountainous terrain throughout southern and eastern Europe, notably including the Apennine mountains in central Italy.


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financial help, disability, ACAB 

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This is QWERPLINE, S02E01. It’s an audio show I make with LoadingReadyRun that I am very proud of.

If you like morning radio shows in fictional small-towns, you might like this.


[terrible jokes] What do you call a cup full of micros? 

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This is an absolutely incredible talk by Jon Ingold about how to construct a compelling dialog tree: youtube.com/watch?v=_vRfNtvFVR

He takes a scene from Blade Runner, breaks it down into beats, and shows how to adapt it to an interactive context while maintaining the pace and storytelling intention of each beat.

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I wrote a little fic in anticipation of tomorrow's #gw2 living world season finale, trying to get into my sylvari Commander's headspace. Spoilers for Episode 5.


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