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Just for giggles, I loaded the Bevin scene file from Uru into the mockup of the Cavern I've been working on. This is the 1st person view from the balcony, as well as an overhead shot.

Keep in mind, the Cavern is 6 miles by 10 (this is a big scene), and Bevin is twice as far away from the Great Zero point here as it is in Uru. Vertical offset from the GZ and angle are the same.

I like this view a lot better.

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Today the Event Horizon Telescope project released its first images and sets of papers in an attempt to directly image a black hole and the material falling into it.

There it is: surrounded by an ultra-hot cloud of gas and dust falling into it lies the event horizon of a black hole several billion times the mass of our Sun. It lies about 53Mly away in M87, and the event horizon is just slightly larger than our solar system.

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Hey #Myst fans, Cyan has added Mac, PSVR, and expanded language support to their #FirmamentGame Kickstarter as a $1.4M stretch goal! If you were holding off because of platform limitations, give it another look:



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Cam and Cori were playing Detroit Become Human on Talking Simulator yesterday, which led to the greatest clip in the history of literary game critique:


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Hey all y'all at #PAXEast, you should go to the Kickstarter area and check out Firmament. Then go back it!


Hey folks, my friend and amazing VA Illya Leonov/Morgan Freepony needs some help. We almost have the copay raised, but the cost of the surgery will be another thing entirely. If y'all don't mind boosting this even if you can't contribute, it'd be a huge help. Thanks! gofundme.com/surgery-is-magic

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Hamster Dance, but with porgs.

That one's free, Internet.

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My good friend Curio Draco (who makes the awesome Telegram stickers of my 'sona I've posted before) has started a Patreon. Please check her out: patreon.com/curiodraco

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So it's been a while since I updated about Widget. She's been doing pretty well lately! She's been more playful than ever, and hasn't had any more wobble attacks or possible seizures. She's very itchy and sneezy lately, but that's about the worst of it. Thanks everyone who's been keeping an eye out for news from her. <3

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Also this girl loves her kitty gogurt omg. She kept going after the wrapper for ten minutes after it was empty!

She’s been doing pretty well since the last attack. She’s been sleeping a lot, which isn’t surprising, but she’s eating and drinking fine, and she’s been cuddly as all get out. She even played a little today! Photo today is of her Claiming my lap. She’s been getting spoiled rotten - she’s going to be getting (spiked) gooshy food twice a day for the next two weeks. Upping pred to .5mL 2xdaily.

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So many of us are so hard on ourselves about not doing enough to make the world a better place.

Seeing these kind of conversations in my timeline, I've suddenly just recalled something Jocelyn, a 90+ year old suffragette, said to me a few years ago:
You are no good to the revolution if you don't look after yourself first.

She is so right. And under capitalism, self-care is truly one of the most radical acts you can take.

Look after yourselves.

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Widg is doing even better today! She’s not as skittish about being picked up, hasn’t been hiding from me, and didn’t go hide when my hubby got home tonight. (She hid yesterday because oh no the driver is home aaaaa) she played some last night, and has been walking around being a pain today, which is a good sign. XD

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