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Do you like someone's creative output? Tell them today.

Trust me, they'll appreciate it.

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Please be compassionate to the people who pop up on other instances in the next few weeks asking if anyone knows why is down.

@woozle @LottieVixen Can you two do me (and the entire fediverse) a big favour, and hug the ๐ŸŽบ ๐Ÿˆ server(s) for me, please? update (--~), birdsite link Show more

Hey! You know what it's time for?

That's right, it's time to download an archive of your profile!

If you're on Mastodon, just head on over to your Preferences ยป Data export > Request archive. While you wait for that, go ahead and download your Follow list, and maybe your mute and block lists if those are important to you.

If you don't see "Download archive" show up within an hour (may require refreshing page) or don't get an email with the link, let your admin know. :-)

for glitch soc people, if someone marks their profile as having migrated, their profile on the page is grayed out + lacks follow options.

this makes it impossible to follow them w/o doing a remote follow.

please fix.

(To c&p something I said over on twitter because I think y'all will appreciate it more)

When Github goes down, FOSS effectively stops right now. It's tragic that we've allowed a single company to gain such control over the open commons.

I recognize that we are in this situation mostly because the 'distributed' side of git is only usable by experts. And I recognize the niche that GH fills (ticketing and PRs in lieu of emailed patches)


I just dropped Mykola a DM on the twitters to offer assistance with recovering if they end up getting access to the server.

Remember, download a copy of your backups on a regular basis, my fellow #mastoadmin folks. They're only helpful if you can get to them and restore them, potentially somewhere other than the hosting company you usually use.

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