WE ARE BACK! If you're seeing this toot via toot.cat, then you're on the new server.

Note that the timeline may be a bit wibbly-wobbly for a bit but should settle down. Please let me know if you encounter any substantial issues, though.

Much thanks to @LottieVixen, our new sysadmin who did the overwhelming bulk of the work with great panache and finesse and who has earned many hugs.

...which reminds me... (cont.)


I'm pleased to announce (finally!*) that @LottieVixen has now joined as a sysop, specializing in the care and feeding of cranky servers and Mastodon arcana.

I've been very happy with the working relationship we've developed over the past couple of weeks, and I'm seriously looking forward to further collaboration.

(* the migration was more involved than I expected, else I wouldn't have waited. Mastodon is... quite a beast.)

Thanks, everyone, for your patience!

-- @woozle ^.^


I *just* changed the config and reloaded Nginx -- is that still what you're getting?

cc: @LottieVixen

@LottieVixen @woozle we're connecting from an ipv6 address, if that helps troubleshoot (this is on behalf of @mattgen88 as well, who can connect via Tusky)

@dconley @mattgen88

I *think* the last thing I did fixed it -- I have one report that it's working now over IPv6. Is it working for you?

(I have only IPv4 on our home connection and am not yet tech-savvy enough to know how to force it on my cell connection.)


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