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I recommend all local users follow it to receive announcements of planned server outages (hopefully few and short) or issues that may affect them.

Remote follows are also fine.

new tootcat domain blocks 

new as of this update: in the web ui if you go to App settings -> General -> Layout options on a computer you can change it to mobile view which will now be the enhanced 3-column layout ported from upstream :)

we're back! there were some issues starting redis for a little while there, because i had just disabled ipv6 (it was misbehaving badly). this caused redis to be unable to start as it was trying to bind to an ipv6 loopback address. all fixed now!

gonna need to go down for upgrades in 5 mins

gonna need to go down for upgrades in 5 mins

preemptively suspended and only is currently hosting a mastodon instance, but there may be one in the future on


hey fuzzies, we're back n stuff! now running glitchsoc commit 1b0ce85e3da4b5c1941f65da7d73258da6eed6d0

direct any problems to @kity (that's me!)

what's up cats, we're gonna go down for a little while soon! gettin some of that good ol upgrade juice :3

cya on the other side

and we're back! now running the latest glitchsoc commit.

please direct any technical questions to me @kity, this account is not monitored consistently.

going down for upgrades in a few minutes. in the meantime, feel free to read through the list of changes since the last upgrade:

be advised that will be down for upgrades shortly

@jamey also, 1 calorie is defined as the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C -- so because ice cream is colder than your body, it's negative calories

@jamey also if the ice cream is green, it counts as a serving of vegetables

So if I use gummy vitamins as an ice cream topping, that makes it healthy, right? I'm pretty sure that's how nutrition works

we should be back!! that was less brief than i hoped, but we don't have a very powerful server

notable additions in this update include multi-line image descriptions


tootcat going down briefly for upgrades soon

new instance block 

I just thought I'd draw attention to the latest upgrade, which now lets you edit the names of your Lists(!) -- as implemented by our very own @kity (ash) in less than a day and now part of the GlitchSoc distro.

I mean, like, wow -- how long has it been since Lists were introduced, and they couldn't be renamed until now? dafuq.

Anyway, I sent ash a tip for adding that leetle oversight; please feel free to contribute to ash's future work on this and other projects (see @kity for links).

actually gonna reboot real quick while we're at it

hi holy hell we're back!!!! that was much smoother than expected, direct all issues to me at @kity thanks!!

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