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Follow this account for Toot.Cat site news.

I recommend all local users follow it to receive announcements of planned server outages (hopefully few and short) or issues that may affect them.

Remote follows are also fine.

I have finally started a list of cat-related Mastodon stuff (especially on ).

Suggestions are welcome! Other cat domains, cat accounts...

(Would also consider adding pages for other topics.)

OS upgrade complete.

Oh, and we got a Mastodon upgrade too.

And apparently that wss:// issue is now fixed?

Also, please welcome @kity back to the team, after a much-too-long absence! :scipio:

The server is about to undergo a system upgrade; there will be some downtime.

Please stock up on treats and extra scritches for use while you wait.

cc: @woozle @LottieVixen @kity

We are currently undergoing a spambot onslaught -- new accounts will be silenced until I arbitrarily and capriciously judge them, in my opinion, to be real users.

I finally got around to updating the favicon, but it may take a random portion of forever before your browser-of-choice starts to show it in the tab. Science has yet to determine why this is.

Direct link:

There was a server config issue causing some folks to get full-page 403 errors on visiting

The problem seems to be limited to visitors accessing the site via http without having recently accessed it via https, e.g. if you just typed "" in the URL bar.

That's been fixed now.

I've also been seeing sporadic 50x errors pop up inside the Mastodon UI; that seems probably unrelated.

As always, please let me know if you know of any issues using .

After some hunting around, I finally figured out that I needed to bump a couple of parameters *way* up -- like, from 25 to 100.

Latency is now back in reasonable territory and outgoing toots should be going through in a matter of seconds or single-digit minutes, not hours.

Let me know if this is not the case.

Technical stuff here:

Rebooting to apply a config change and also because the server keeps asking me please can I reboot it because of a kernel upgrade a little while ago.

Normally I'd just reload or restart the daemon or whatever.

Fasten your seatbelts...

So, umm, sorry about that SSL outage that maybe you didn't notice.

It turned out to be an IPv6 problem.

I've had this exact same problem so many times, I don't know why it took me 4 hours to figure it out.

Very tired. All for now.

I think I asked before, didn't get any responses, and then didn't do anything.

A bit more time has passed, this account is a bit more connected to the actual usership, so I think this time I might actually do it..

Does anyone have any objections to one of these becoming the site's favicon? (It would replace the standard Mastodon m-fist.)

Any prefs of one over the other? Comments?

I think I kind of like the wider one, but it might not work as well at icon size.

GitLab open sourced push mirroring and added it core. This is a great win for #decentralization!!! You can now run your own canonical GitLab instance & easily mirror to GitHub for findability.

Read more here:

Another reason why GitLab is #1

#federation #fediverse #decentralize

founder @polymerwitch has returned as a moderator to help out with the spambots we've been dealing with recently.

General technical issues should still be reported primarily to @woozle , with @LottieVixen as backup.

Welcome back to the team, Briar Rose! 🌹

Spammers may now witness the firepower of this fully-armed and operational instance. :battery_full: :kestraglow:

In with all the spambots I see a new account called @townler, apparently intended as social media presence for an Australian dating site.

At minimum, they should agree to link to their account on their home page and toot something about what drew them to this site -- just so I know they're not apamming every instance they can manage...

...but I'm more than halfway inclined to suspend without further review, even though commercial content is not against our current CoC.


More new accounts silenced; alert @woozle if you were silenced in error.

Also, don't worry about spamming us with reports -- it saves work on our end.

Thanks again for your patience while we weather this annoyance ^.^

Any new accounts that posted spam have now been suspended, and new accounts that haven't introduced themselves (<waves hi to zac>) have been silenced.

If you have been silenced but are in fact not a bot, please ask @woozle to un-silence you.

We'll continue silencing new accounts that follow the patterns I've noticed.

Everyone else: please do report any spam you're still seeing.

Thanks, everyone, and sorry for the nuisance!

NOTICE TO RECENT SIGNUPS: I'm going to give new accounts a minimum of 24 hours to show some signs of not being bots, and then suspend any that seem unlikely to be anything else.

So, as I said earlier: at least say hi or something. Give me something checkable in your profile. Do something non-botlike. If you're not sure, ask me and I'll personally give you a short Turing test.

Thanks again.

I'm noticing a suspiciously large number of new signups with names that look like they were generated by an algorithm.

Can the new folks within the past 48 hours or so please introduce themselves? Thanks!

We're back, I think... need to see how federation is doing.

Tentatively, the problem isn't on our server -- but I'm going to go ahead and reboot now, just to get that out of the way.

If there are problems, I'll post updates on Mew (which runs on a different server):

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