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Follow this account for Toot.Cat site news.

I recommend all local users follow it to receive announcements of planned server outages (hopefully few and short) or issues that may affect them.

Remote follows are also fine.

We have domain-silenced , in response to user input:

My understanding is that this still permits explicit following of discussions there, but prevents their posts from ending up in our public timelines.

-- @woozle

Is there any reason not to instance-block

If you don't have an opinion, please vote "abstain" just so I can get an idea of how many have seen this notice. Thanks.

-- @woozle

new domain block (Non-moderation, fascist content, transmisia, racism, etc.)


new domain block (Pro-Trump content, defending fascists, spreading misinformation that the US white supremacist coup attempt was done by antifascists, seemingly inactive staff, etc.)


I'm considering setting up a Masto instance specifically for political discussion.

It would not, repeat not, be a "free speech" instance. I would still expect users to obey the spirit of the TC CoC -- basically, no harassment or microaggressions -- but it would be ok not to CW political posts, and some language would be acceptable there which might be considered unacceptable here on TootCat!classic.

I'm inclined to also have firmer strictures there against spreading disinformation.

TootCat!classic (i.e. here) would probably silence the instance, just to keep pol stuff out of the fedi timeline.

(n.b. all of this is only necessary because Masto/Glitch somehow still doesn't support discussion groups. :kestraglow:​)

I'm interested in hearing thoughts on this, from both TC and non-TC folk.

cc: @news

new domain block (Hosting fascists, COVID denial, spreading the "voter fraud" myth of recent US elections, lack of actual moderation, etc.)


Mew, the TootCat wiki, has been fixed and upgraded.

It must have broken when I distro-upgraded the non-Mastodon server, but I've been so busy fixing all the other problems this caused that I hadn't noticed yet.

Still working on HubCat.

-- @woozle

I've had to take HubCat ('s Hubzilla instance) down temporarily to make room on the server (different server from the one that runs Mastodon).

I'll be resurrecting it as soon as other stuff is fixed (the server upgrade broke all the WordPress installs, and I didn't notice until yesterday).

-- @woozle

new tootcat domain block (Non-moderation, Soapbox instance, etc.)


Belatedly blocked, instance belonging to noted transphobe Graham Linehan
-- @woozle

new tootcat domain blocks (Racism, harassment, kinmisia, run by the former admin [skeleton/socialskeleton]) (COVID-19 conspiracies, racism, nationalism, etc.) (Racism, ableism, etc.) (Racism, nazi symbolism [Pepe], etc.)


I have unblocked, mainly because the original block was poorly documented and I therefore can't confirm whether the conditions which led to it are still applicable.

More details here:

If anyone has trouble with that site, please feel free to use the reporting feature or contact me directly.

Thank you!
-- @woozle

new tootcat domain mute (Fascism, slurs, etc.)

new tootcat domain blocks ("This instance stands for Freedom of Speech...This instance stands against politically correctness and censorship in any form") (Reports of scraping by r000t again) ("...we do not censor based on ideas or political views," racism, queermisia, etc.) (Queermisia, kinmisia, etc.) (Praising FSE for being "What wishes it could be," along with listing itself with fascist instances and instances containing sexual imagery of minors) (Nazism, fascism, slurs, etc.)


Does anyone have an opinion on whether we should block

It is technically a state-run instance, but it appears to be of educational or informational intent -- and we haven't made a habit of blocking instances originating from US public universities as far as I know.

There's a line in there somewhere, between education and surveillance, but I don't know if this crosses it.

Here's the agency's web page, translated to English.


-- @woozle

Does anyone have any experience with, positive or negative?

We're revisiting a domain-block, by request from their admin.

-- @woozle

new tootcat domain block (Racism, harassment)

didn't realize i never got this one over here, sorry


new tootcat domain block (Ableist slur in /about/more, "Respect free speech, but do not abuse it.")


new tootcat domain blocks (Hosted by fascist platforming company 'Epik,' "To allow people to upload their content without censorship.") (Monetized by "...the new attention economy..." cryptocurrency, financial and cryptocurrency instance) (Nazism, etc.) ("[translated]...we are not interested in censoring you for political or philosophical opinions.") (Instance for what appears to be a cryptocurrency clothing shop/hosting company) ("[translated]...any type of political video is accepted regardless of political orientation...")


new tootcat domain block (Spam instance)


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