It's cold. But! Someone asked where I got my SEPTA hat this morning because they have a transit nerd friend who would like it. So now I feel cool and "in the know" about the availability of transit system merch.

Overheard someone at the bar mention the band "Dinosaurs Jr". This the Attorneys General of band names.

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here’s a crop of novembers wallpaper for patreon, if you enjoy my comic this is the best way to support it! Sign up to get this and all the other stuff i’ve posted in the past. tell your friends!

I got in trouble once in high school during scholastic decathlon because someone's phone rang and I mimed answering on my graphing calculator and the teachers thought it really was my phone.

After like 4 months of bike shedding css instead of actually doing it, I actually wrote a blog post and published it!

finally getting around to doing we personal web stuff.

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Electronics hardware shitposting 

Disney's Desendents 3 is actually about building light rail to the King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia.

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We're nearing the end of #RustBeltRust, so it's time for a software release!

utf8-norm, a command line tool to normalize Unicode UTF-8 data, inspired by a phenomenal talk by

H&M stands for Ham and Mmm cheese sandwiches.

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studying pure maths is nice cause you have all the romantic inapplicability of a humanities degree but your parents' snotty friends still respect you

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Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of

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I'm inclined to believe the opposite of "influencer culture" is communist, socialist, or anarchist political education

Someone on the internet was asking around for SEPTA (Philly's transit system) ridership numbers going back several years and it totally nerd sniped me. I found anual report pdfs going back to around 2011 with tables of system data.

Now I'm tempted to hand-scrape all the info I can find and publish it somewhere in a nice machine readable format (csv & json?) and maybe make a nice chart.

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