if my name is a palindrome, am i already a dragon?
(the sleepy, hoarder of tea and cats)

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French Billionaires Pledge €700 Million to Restore Two Vast and Trunkless Legs of Stone

@mym apparently i got one that doesn't mean forsaking grapefruit!

the inevitability of statins :p

pondering with Aeva what Pamela's hiding under her enormous skirt
"riding a unicycle, or maybe a hoverboard"
"several orphans, ones she doesn't want you to see"
"a spider torso and a bunch of legs"
"she just has a really big dick and the skirt is so she doesn't have to tuck"

the square-cube law is grossly unfair to trans women

"why is her maid outfit slit so high?"
"so she can reach the knives in her garters!"

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guess i can remove from my saved searches now, huh

anyone have game recommendations for the vita? trying to decide what size of grossly overpriced memory card to get

sit down
cat climbs in lap
"oh right i needed to do ...."

*spins crucifix around and sits down*
Okay kids so you know about long bois but are you familiar with the original Long Boi in the Garden, our Lord and Master Satan?

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kicked out of the all-gender restroom for not having enough gender

@mym also i have a sinus headache. would probably help to vacuum but that's only gonna irritate my nose more in the short term

should get up and Do A Chore but there's a kitty twitchy-sleeping in my lap

think i might have a migraine and a sinus headache at the same time :((((

tfw thinking about my boo so i put enough water in the kettle to make tea for us both, except she isn't home oops

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