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reading things on my phone, want to see what time it is, do i check the convenient little digital clock in the screen corner? nope, gotta look at the old analog one across the room

i don't watch the gay rocks show but i did click that quiz out of curiosity. i got "this doesn't work in your mobile browser"

@mym trying to convince myself to half-ass it

not so headachy i can't exercise but headachy enough i don't want to :p

want to take a selfie with my new sunglasses except feeling bad about my face :(

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i get up out of bed to use the toilet and my wife and my cats all flop into the space i've left behind

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OH: "gotta throw a brick through this Overton Window"

ugh i wanna play Octothorpe Travesty but it doesn't come out for two more weeks

@mym 6 squared, specifically

today i am a square

not what i expected in my thai food but okay

@mym i'm lactose intolerant why do i do this to myself

@mym (lasagna with heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, roasted red pepper, and spinach. and three different cheeses)

dinner tonight: mostly nightshades and cheese

someone's running a pair of shoes or whatever through the dryer downstairs and it sounds like the worst popcorn

@mym it's fine! it's fine! weirdly crunchy but i can eat it. fine!