Rogers Park, if you see I​C​​​​​​​​​​​​E, call Protect RP and report it (number in link):

my wife, playing Bloodstained, standing in a large pool of .... : "I changed the blood color to white but it wasn't an improvement"

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But right now, I bet “well cyclists can use the road network” kind of makes good connected cycling networks feel a bit less urgent, you know?

Like, yeah, *technically* they can use the road network, so anything else is a bonus?

I don’t know, it feels off.

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anyway, sapphics, remember to rest your head on some tiddies because sappho herself told us to

object permanence does not apply to cats, they are too good at misplacing themselves

it's weird playing FF1 having read 8-Bit Theatre

woo, notice of medical data breach! there's no such thing as private data any more!

need to clean the bathroom before people come over but there's a cat in my lap and procrastination is just so inviting

loving Charon in the astabbins creed dlc. he's like your super-metal uncle who's nonetheless extremely kind

@mym to be fair the genderqueer flag is also ugly but at least it doesn't look like any other pride flags i'm aware of

kinda hate the nonbinary flag b/c it's basically the ace flag but ugly :\

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@mym (sometimes instead a tree of thought but those are fragile and likely to come crashing apart if disturbed)

don't think i have a train of thought; trains run on rails. more a hovercraft of thought, something bumps it and it's liable to skid in a random direction

ugh, twidere is no longer loading twitter replies at all and hasn't been updated in quite some time, what's a good third party twitter+ mastodon client these days?

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Effective immediately, we have replaced our CEO with a Cat Executive Officer, who is directly answerable to employees. Any questions?

"Is the Cat Executive Officer an actual cat?"

*cat wearing a tie leans into the microphone* Meow

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