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tonight someone suggested "licorice witch" as a career path and damn if i'm not interested

* Who do i want to talk to?
* Do they recognise me
* Who do i not want to talk to?
* Do _they_ recognise me

at Carnival, someone vaguely familiar goes by: do i know you or do you just look like some random acquaintance from 14 years ago

hanging out in the airport lounge again? it's weird

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I often wonder why Hypercard had to die.

It was because Jobs wanted the Computer to be an Appliance. A thing only used in prescribed ways.

Letting people build their own tools means letting people control their own destiny.

If I can make what I want, or if someone else can make what they want, and then I can take it apart and improve it, why would I pay for an upgrade? Why would I pay you to build something that doesn't meet my needs?

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@guerrillablack Traffic signs and roads are designed for cars by traffic engineers who pretend that cyclists and pedestrians don't exist.

If you really want cyclists to obey every sign and traffic law, we can. You won't like the results.

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trying to motivate myself to stop reading twitter and get up and get on the exercise bike but actually experiencing existential dread

Vivi should've been the protagonist

Freya rulez Steinur droolz

my old server is shutting down, so now i'm here!