lovely anniversary evening with my boo having dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date and talking about Terrible Math

@mym my goth phase is old enough to drink

@mym (tbh mostly going for one of the local openers, i:scintilla, but excited for all)

@mym was gonna be the Cruxshadows, it'd be like college again except my tits are real this time!

concert i was looking forward to tonight got cancelled. headliner's van crashed, no one injured but eep

@mym this message brought to you by "no i do not want to open a tab"

the more i learn about consumer tracking the more i pay for things in cash :\

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So there's this absolute scumbag in North Carolina who hates gay people, and also happens to be blind.

In the last few days I've seen a ton of people mock him for not looking at cameras, or 'the weird way he moves his eyes.' It's a textbook example of why focusing criticism on someone's physical traits is never a good idea.

Most folks I've pointed this out to are suitably chagrined, and I appreciate them <3. A few try to defend themselves. He's a scumbag, so there's no holes barred on insulting him, right? No.

When we mock a bad person for being blind, or fat, or trans, we're telling everyone with those traits that we secretly think they're less than wholly human. Maybe we won't admit it so long they remain "good," but we've admitted that it's there under the surface.

Dear Chicago,
Not everyone in the city needs to run for mayor. Just a few would've sufficed.

@mym for it to be useful for crowding we'd need to have settled all available land no matter how inhospitable and also the shallow oceans

further unpopular opinion: for a space colony somewhere without a biosphere to be a useful "backup" we'd need to be facing a disaster that would totally destroy the biosphere here

unpopular opinion: manned space exploration is an expensive boondoggle driven by fiction, robots do it better

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The kinds of things which the Russian government is now doing to its internet I expect the UK to be doing within five years to ten years. That is, to try to lock everything down into a "national internet" with only approved systems running.
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blessing of cats be upon you, and upon your clothing

more soup tricks! dark miso for flavour depth in beef-with-guinness-without-beef. worked *really well*

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