i'm gay and there's too much internet

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I offer Public Universal Friend, reborn genderless in 1776, as a counterpoint to people who think non-binary identities are a new thing. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_U

OH: "curse your wretched snorcery!"

if we make enough noise the band will come baaaaack! they're probably planning it anywaaaaaay! i kinda hate this dyamiiiiiiiic!

i used to do student theatre and house crew in the early aughts and now all the lights are LEDs and the sound guy wandered into the audience with a tablet to check levels and i'm SO JEALOUS

there are too many people! i can't dance like this! i am a goth and i need my personal space!

if i dance hard every other song can i skip intervals tomorrow

@mym I APPARENTLY AM NOT they only have cassette and that's too much trouble

there was also a pre-opener. the guy playing laptop really didn't match the tone of the band. i have no idea who they were because they DIDN'T SAY when signing off

conformco has immediately hit the industrial standard of saying your own name entirely too much. will they cover headhunter? wait and see!

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boost if you also automagically meow back at cats

Chicago mutuals! if i make it to the the i:Scintilla / Thrill Kill Kult show tomorrow, anyone else going to be there?

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tired: leaving the house
wired: never leaving the house (become a hermit)
inspired: carry your house with you (become a hermit crab)

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Eventually the primary form of communication of any married couple becomes stupid noises

the hardest part of luigi's mansion is deciding which wife gets to be the slime girl

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