needed some more hands to baste a thing

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I Weave Flowers Into My Hair And Clothes, I Dress In Loose Diaphanous Silks That Barely Cover My Bosom, I Tint My Lips With Fresh Strawberries And Yet Men Have The Audacity To Look At Me Still

I Do This For Women, You Curs

think i like the Machine more than Florence

@mym (if you're harpy and you know it screech curses to god)

If you're harpy and you know it clap your wings!

nurse comes in to take my vitals, i immediately get nervous about it and feel my heart rate go up. THANKS BODIES

was starting to think it was time for a new purse :(

tfw tempted to tell a roommate "shit faster, i need to leave"

AMAB = All Moths Are Beautiful

stuck a tonic water in the freezer to chill for after i did a chore, got distracted from the chore by the internets, remembered the tonic water just before it was Too Late and now i'm drinking tonic water slushie

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After you beat Cinderella's Castle, you may unlock the Mirror Castle

me: oh, it's Up dog!
wife: what is updog?
me: *pointing* that!

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Question for the Star Wars fandom: Force feminization is a light side power, right?

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“Don’t Mess With Texas” started as an anti-littering slogan, but the truck nuts crowd picked it up as like a “My state’s dad can beat up your state’s dad” rallying cry.

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Mom: "You know my favorite thing about H W Bush?"
@ladyaeva and i, simultaneously: "He's dead?"

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