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Zionist soldiers taking a break from looting & stealing equipment at the office of Defense for Children International this morning in occupied Ramallah. @DCIPalestine@twitter.com is one of the six organizations that were ransacked—legal advocacy orgs, feminist orgs, and agricultural orgs.

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»Der ÖPNV wird kostenlos sein. Außerdem werden Haushalte entlastet. Es wird eine Obergrenze für Mietsteigerungen geben, die Mwst für Strom sinkt von zehn auf fünf Prozent, Niedrigrenten werden um 15 Prozent angehoben. Auch der Mindestlohn steigt.« fr.de/panorama/spanien-ueberge

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Israel extended the solitary confinement of a Palestinian prisoner with schizophrenia.

Ahmad Manasra, 21, has been in solitary since the end of 2021.

A court sentenced him to 12 years in prison when he was 14 for an alleged attack — despite acknowledging he did not participate.

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Wieder wird Pop-Kultur von der israelischen Botschaft gesponsert. Keine Kultur mit Apartheid, kein Artwashing!

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Read @yuval_abraham@twitter.com's piece here, and then send it to every single person you know who still buys into this violent lie: 972mag.com/gaza-soldiers-civil

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The IDF portrays itself as a 'moral army' that takes extreme measures to protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza. @yuval_abraham@twitter.com spoke to a number of former soldiers from the Intelligence Corps who exposed horrific practices that shook me to my core. Here's a thread:

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The recent droughts in Europe once again made visible the "Hunger Stones" in some Czech and German rivers. These stones were used to mark desperately low river levels that would forecast famines.

This one, in the Elbe river, is from 1616 and says: "If you see me, cry"

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Transportation operators are prohibited by Israeli law from separating Jews and Arabs, and to restrict Jews and Arabs from riding a particular route is also illegal.

Then again, so are settlements

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This is an amazing article, well written & argued and so salient to the exact moment for trans rights

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Running lineup for Team Supernova at the Starlight Excess rookie rumble this afternoon

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Ben & Jerry's independent board revealed that Unilever, its parent company, had frozen the directors' salaries as a form of pressure to allow the ceding of the company to an Israeli businessman, which would also essentially force the company to sell its ice cream in the West Bank

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Can't reply, so posting this way signsandwords.com/about/oya-at

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Tweeps, wir suchen für den @transinterdyke@twitter.com-March in am 3. September 1-2 queerkompetente Gebärdendolmetschende. Soll nicht für umme sein, wir wollen und können crowdfunden.

Wer kennt wen? Please do your magic and spread the tweet. Meine DMs sind offen. twitter.com/EinfachFreddy/stat

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In less than 1 month (August 31), thousands of refugees who fled Ukraine will be forcibly deported from Germany bc they don’t possess Ukrainian citizenship. (1/7) twitter.com/bipocukraine/statu

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“We fled the same war. We left our lives behind, too.” In our speech at @iqpberlin@twitter.com last weekend, we demand EQUAL INCLUSION IN SECTION 24!

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